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Message In the Night

Author: Cassie Zievers    (all articles by this author)
Published on: October 9, 2001

Early last spring, I found my sleep interrupted one night by a sudden need to go to the bathroom. While this is not at all unusual, what followed may be. I had just returned to my warm bed and was getting comfortable when I suddenly heard a voice from nowhere in particular tell me "You have to tell them we are coming." Somehow I understood who the "we" in the message was, the people of other worlds, those we have called 'aliens'. This was not a mission I would have wanted in this life. I balked at the idea, "But I'll be labeled a lunatic! I'll be considered some kind of a fanatic or something... why me??" There was no answer in the stillness of the night. I decided then and there that if the message was indeed genuine, and not some fabrication of a sleepy mind, I would require some semblance of proof for this. I did not question nor specify how that proof was to come, but it was what I needed and, I felt, a perfectly reasonable request.

For ten out of the next fourteen nights running, the message came again and again, just as it had before. In the night, as I was about to return to sleep the same message repeated word for word, "You have to tell them we are coming." Dreams are never this persistent. This clearly had to be genuine. I mentioned to one of my teachers what had happened, and she complimented me on my having thought to ask for proof. But then she asked the incomprehensible "So what are you going to do with it now?"

It took me a great deal of time to think about that. I mentioned it to various people at different times, one on one mostly, but never considered getting the message out to a number of people... that is, until now. I could well theorize on why that is, on why now seems important and any other time didn't, but I feel that would be pointless. The message stands on its own. And for whatever reason, now is the time to make it known. This will not be a small isolated event, not a random individual or small group UFO sighting, this will be known worldwide. There will be many of them. Finally, and irreversibly, contact will be made. I can't help thinking they have been waiting for this for such a very long time... waiting for us to be ready, to finally have come to a place in our collective consciousness where we are inclined to cast aside our differences and see what makes us inevitably one.

It seems we have accomplished this in a very obvious way with the recent events in New York and at the Pentagon... for the first time in our history, we have managed to leave issues of race, politics, religion... anything that would separate us on the back burner. For the first time in my life, these things suddenly made no difference anymore. For one brief shining moment we have glimpsed that beautiful reality that we are all one and there is no turning back.

If we can look past the fearful images of them that have been painted for us by the movie industry and in various books we may well understand that rather than being here to wreak havoc in our lives they are coming to help us transition through a difficult time. They are coming to help us to reach our potential.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #63

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