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More Responses to The Call: Lee Koon Wui, Annette, Cassie

Author: Today's Mail    (all articles by this author)
Published on: October 9, 2001

("The Call" is an article by Aldarow, published two issues ago. Below are additional responses to it, including the article that follows later, "That Sweet Longing")

Lee Koon Wui:

Dear Alex,

The phenomenon you experienced is akin to sensitivity to omens, it is related to the teaching "nothing is coincidence". The reason why it feels stronger more inspiring than others is because it is a deliberate attempt by your spirit guides to communicate with you.

At a very high level the spirit guides ARE you... but unless you have attuned to your pre-incarnate self (transcending even your Soul), it is highly useful to consider these beings separate, and short of the fact that they are in possession of Spiritual wisdom (which you too will have when you become Spirit-realized), they are very much your peers.

This is to facilitate working with these beings. You will reach a point whereby you receive these messages on a daily basis and you'll go "Ah yes thank you for that reminder that God is Within Us at all times..." or other similar inspiring messages to, as you say, remind you that all is well.

At a even higher level, you will effectively stop having such indirect method of communication, and speak to your guide/s yourself. You will know his/ her/their name/s, or rather, what they would like you to call them. These beings, together with you, can regulate your etheric, emotional or even mental energies, thus having a huge impact on your life.

At a even higher level still... upon merging or partially merging with your Monad, your mighty I AM, you will realize (not just know or understand but REALIZE) that Life is an illusion... by then you will be in contact with a spiritual Master. One of these most wonderful beings is Sananda Jesus. There are others. By then you are no longer guided by your Soul (or higher self). Your previous guides will "burn away", and you will have attained the spiritual clarity you are looking for.

But it does not end here. Being a direct "disciple" of your Master, you will need to work for the Spiritual "Brotherhood". Only then are you officially one of the True and direct Light workers. All else is given up. EVERY moment is dedicated to God simply because now you realize, really, "all that arises is subject to ceasing", all illusions does not exist for you, and only God exists. This is like saying that when a person is happy for the wrong things (thus not God), he is blind to the harmful things that follow. That it is not Real.

Of course all these take a lot of dedication and hard work. We have been asleep for so long. It is time to awake. There are many techniques out there to serve in this. But they all start with sensitivity to energies. Chakra refinement is a basic must. Just as normal people want to eat and live healthy (physical, emotional, mental), chakra refinement by energy meditation is the spiritual aspect. All great channellers and gurus or masters I know, are experts at some form of this. It is a basic thus important step.

I recommend Ascension techniques, but there are others. Also it is very important to keep grounded. I have jumped many stages of development in my description of the process, so it may sound a little in the stratosphere, so to speak. But taking it slowly, it can be done.

All the Blessed


elohim elohim elohim



You have described what I have felt many, many times but cannot describe. I sit and cry in the bathtub. It's this overwhelming longing I feel. I feel guilty for having it at times because it is not happy. I don't understand it. I feel guilty because I have been given so much grace in this life that I think to myself. What is this longing? And for what? I talk to Ya'shua about it hoping to understand it. But I still don't. I never talked about it with anyone before because I never knew anyone else felt it and because I would not know how to describe in words what it is saying to me.

It is very bittersweet and sometimes completely overwhelming. And yes, it is brought about by music, or a phrase someone says or other things. Sometimes I am so drawn to the music that evokes this feeling and then wonder why I listen to it. Because I end up in tears. I do not think there is an answer to this feeling of what is it? Why am I feeling it?

I thought I was alone in this highly personal feeling that cannot be expressed. It almost feels like yearning, longing and sometimes it creates a feeling of loss?

Please elaborate more on this for me. Thank you for righting about it. I have lost three loved ones this year and I think feelings of loss that come up may be about them too. I don't know. I feel bad sometimes afterward because I have such a full life I think how could you be feeling like you long for anything. It is a feeling of I want to go home. And then I don't know where home is or what it looks like. I feel guilty about this too because I have a really good life here.

Thank you so much for sharing about this.

In love and light to you and a new connection I did not know could exist for me.



I don't know if you're still taking letters about this, but I just had to put my two cents in. I have been feeling a rather extraordinary yearning for "Home" in the last few days, to the point that I feel myself wanting to cry at times with remembering what it is like. It is no home I have ever had here in space/time. It is the place we go between lives. I don't know if it will necessarily require a death to return there, as I have been feeling like its presence in the here and now is imminent. All I know is that it is where I want most to be. I long for it as much as I do the man I love whom I am currently so far away from at the moment. It is THAT strong. I catch myself almost crying quite a bit lately. I realize I am being redundant but then again, so are these feelings... overwhelmingly so!!

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #63

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