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The "Black Sheep" Hero (Visitors From Tomorrow - Part Four)

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: October 9, 2001

A True Story Of Strange Encounters

(c) 2001

If you had seen "Old Roy" walk in to the coffee shop, your first impression of him would most likely have been less than positive.

He seemed to attract dirt to himself like a magnet. He was perpetually garbed in the same (or similar) baggy jeans and sweatshirt. His one set of work boots were always untied. (I couldn't help but notice that he never wore socks.) Roy was heavy in weight and always unshaven. His white hair looked as if it had never been combed. He moved slowly and often seemed unconcerned with the social graces. He had the classic crotchety "old geezer" personality.

He allowed few people to know him beyond a superficial level. Fewer still were granted knowledge of his several secrets. I was fortunate to be one of those very select few.

Throughout the year 1978, I made a second home of a local coffee shop / restaurant close to my house on the South side of Indianapolis. It was at the coffee counter there that I got to know "Old Roy".

I would frequent the shop sometimes two or three times a day. Rarely would I not find Roy already sitting in his "regular" stool. I would often watch with amazement as he would offer very costly gifts of rings and jewelry to his favorite waitresses. Roy was then in his mid 60's, and found such acts of generosity to be his preferred outlet for female approval. Frequently, the waitresses would talk about Roy in his absence. I was able to gather that the gifts were indeed "the real thing". It struck me as odd that someone of Roy's demurer would have the resources to so freely give gifts of such high monetary value. It took a couple of months for Roy to finally strike up a conversation with me.

At first, his topics were fairly mundane; the weather, politics, charming waitresses. (The usual coffee counter babble.)

Roy was a man seemingly void of any forms of creativity or imagination. He was a "hard and fast" Taurus personality. He had no use for anything that he couldn't use in his daily life. He was a "down to earth" as anyone I have ever known.

Then came the evening when I sat at the counter and reflexively asked of Roy, "How are you?" He turned his head toward me, slammed his fist on the counter, and through a face red with anger stated, "They can't do that to us! We're American citizens. We have our rights! They can't just take us out of our homes like that!"

"...OK...", I thought, as Roy turned his face back away from me. He calmed down and began the first of many remarkable stories about the two "men" who had been paying unwanted visits to him at his home in the "wee" hours of the night.

Through the course of these many encounters with Roy, I learned that he had served in World War II with the elite (and highly renown) Black Sheep Squadron. This fact was verified for me by Roy through a scrap book of official documents, letters, and - of course - medals of valor. That part was easy for me to digest.

But then, there was the matter of the two "men".

Roy was retired, divorced, and lived alone. His house was just a couple of blocks from the restaurant. He rarely strayed far from the neighborhood. But as I soon learned, there was no need for Roy to make any effort at long distance travel. That - apparently - was a pre-arranged aspect of his life.

Roy told me that during his "flying" days with the Black Sheep, he was often tailed and "buzzed" by strange craft that were (clearly) not of this world. These encounters happened with such frequency that he came to accept their presence, and to regard their pilots as fellow flyers.

(Although there was never any direct contact with them during the war.)

It wasn't until after the end of World War II that he began having unsolicited visitations from (always the same) two "men".

As Roy related the story, they were friendly toward him, but often eerily evasive as to themselves, their mission, and their motives.

All that Roy could say with certainty about them was that they were citizens of another planet that was conducting a many thousand year research study of humans on earth. And that to the best of his knowledge and perceptions, they were every bit as "human" as we.

The regular scenario that Roy described involved the two letting themselves in through his (locked) back door at an odd hour of the over-night. Roy would be advised that it was time for his "session" and that he would then be expected to accompany them by way of an odd older- model car with darkly tinted windows. (The windows were also dark from Roy's vantage point in the back seat.) This was designed so that Roy would not know the exact rendezvous location of the awaiting "shuttle craft" that would then carry the three of them to the "main ship" somewhere in close space.

They would then lift off to dock with the mothership where Roy would under-go a routine examination and be asked to watch instructional holographic presentations in the realms of science, physics, biology, and of life on his hosts' home world in orbit around a lesser star of the Sirius star "cluster".

In the year 1978, Roy was able to speak to me with authority on the (then) less probable topics of:

1. Test-tube babies

2. Time travel

3. "Magna-drive"

4. The Galactic Federation

5. Reptilian empires

6. Trans-spacial "black holes"

7. Interdimensional "by-passing"

8. Cloning

9. Light-amplitude weaponry

10. Mind-to-mind "direct" communication

11. Collective knowledge

12. Cellular regeneration

All of this coming from a "no-nonsense" kind of a man whose only wish concerning the encounters was that they would stop so that he could live free of the pervasive "intrusion" that took his attention away from the more "earthly", tangible things in his life that really mattered to him.

Why Roy?

Roy was born in Egypt in the year 1910. He was the son of an English military officer and an Egyptian woman who claimed that her blood line went back to one of the royal dynasties of Egypt's latter pharaohs.

This, said Roy, had been confirmed to him by the "Sirians". They told him also that they had been following his DNA through many hundreds of generations, (including the royal houses of Ancient Egypt.) and that it was for the purposes of genetic research continuity that he was so closely under their surveillance.

I was taken a little by surprise one evening when Roy asked me if I had been aware of the fact that the stranger with whom I had had a conversation the night before (at that same coffee counter / in Roy's absence) was, in fact, one of the men who had been visiting him for so many years.

I, obviously, had not know that. Then Roy got an "impish" twinkle in his eye and said,

" And by the way... They know who YOU are."

Written in warm memory of my "Black Sheep" friend, Roy. 1910 - 1998

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #63

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