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Opening Words - The Events Of September 11th

Author: Daniel Valliant    (all articles by this author)
Published on: October 9, 2001

     The events of September 11th were the most horrific that the American people have ever had to face. It is not to say that such things have not previously occurred, but we in the states have long been shielded from the cold reality of our world society. That has changed abruptly, and this door now opened must be wedged open, so that we may never ignore the cruel reality that surrounds us again. I do not seek to dishearten those who read this, but instead I yearn to infuse you with the desire to remain awake and awaken others to the entirety of this world.

     Ignorance. Ignorance is a word used most often to describe a lack of knowledge, but that is not at all accurate. Too often in this language, and beyond that in this civilization we, by silent agreement call a cup a dish and say we are eating off of it, but yet continue to drink our fill as we ignore it's nature. Ignorance is far more truly described as an act, not a state of being. Ignorance is the act (to ignore). We who have, ignore the plight of those who have not. When one does wrong, he must ignore how his actions will effect other people. We, here in America, often ignore social conditions in poorer countries in favor of our DVD players and comfortable cars. Those in said countries often ignore the necessity of dedication and hard work in favor of the cool unthinking embrace of old religions and static, unchanging belief systems that must inevitably find conflict with the unending change which all must undergo.

     My statement, in essence is to all those out there who by simply expressing interest in the paranormal and the unknown, have betrayed your inability to ignore the possibilities that exist in this world. Some are quite far off the track, and others are as close to the truth as any one can be. The important thing however, is that in the ability to question lies the potential strength deal with the conclusion to which you will eventually come. I have so often heard those who say that the "time of awakening" is at hand. I do not disagree. The truth of the matter is that this awakening must be engineered, and not simply left to chance as though it will spontaneously appear in the nick of time. The time for us to ignore the course of our future, trusting in gods and fate to see us through is fading, and its loss will be nothing if not painful. Birth is not pleasant. But it is necessary. Worry less about what might be and focus your powers of perception strongly and with purpose upon the course that we must take to awaken as a whole and direct our future. You are indeed the Chosen, and, as Alex stated so well, the time has come to make your choice. We are humans, Becoming.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #63

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