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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #62

September 23, 2001

1. Opening Words - Responses to The Call - Alexander Aldarow
2. Contact Chronology - Mark Andrews
3. Viewpoint on the Latest Events - Lady Isis
4. Mysterious - Gary Voss
5. Helping is not always LOVE - Moi
6. Near Birth Experiences (NBE) - Lady Tia
7. Cherokee Angel Of Rescue - Part III - Mark Andrews

Opening Words - Responses to The Call    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

My dear friends,

It seems that my opening article from the last issue, "The Call", has touched something inside of so many. You all have my deepest gratitude - it seems that months have passed since the newsletter produced such a wide reaction. With your permission, today I'm freeing the stage to let The Calls of other people being heard.


My own call, and I recognize it all in your words, is when connecting with what many calls "The other half", our Co-creator, our God-Partner, etc.

This happened to me some years ago and I know for sure we will meet again as we have met so many times before in previous lives. The difference this time around is that some of us "old couples" has to develop to unconditional Love before we are meant to meet. Our meeting is personal BUT also for a higher purpose of being teachers for others by different work for mankind.
I have met this guy... once he was standing near my house... but the feelings and emotions was SO enormous that I felt as the earth moved and I got scared and turned around and went away.
My English girlfriend has met his brother who confirmed a lot of what I already knew from our telepathic connection and from my spirit-guide Kariel telling me about him.
By the way... funny but when I saw his face... it was as I could see myself in him
And I also feel like crying when I miss him... but it is NOT a sad cry but to me a new feeling I never felt before him... Not towards my children or when been in love with my ex-husband or anybody else.

Feeling that are totally NEW and very STRONG.


Who calls us? Nothing more than memories of lives lived before.
We all need to know and understand but this one thing. Because of the increased vibrations of the earth, the atoms and molecules of mass have been highly charged which has awakened the unused portions of our brain. We are NOW relating to something more than this physical world and conscious mind can grasp. A TOTALLY NEW form of receiving information on a conscious level. As that information is received and stored the mass of the brain its self increases.

WHO CALLS?? It is but one thing, MEMORY.
It is That I WAS, "THAT I AM", And THAT I will become.


Calling me to BE me, and you to BE you. To remember... to do our part by BEING and by DOING without giving up energy... to (as Yoda says) "Do or do not do, there is no try." We spend a lot of energy trying, going against our natural rhythm and trying to be what we are not. Maybe? Be the butterfly, the feeling, the song.

Love, Light, and Magic


First off, GREAT topic Alex, this is what we need around here. :)

My 'calling', per se, has been pretty blatant. But I, in my mortal nature, didn't really want to accept it, or perhaps wasn't ready to. I've made a ton of mistakes, none of which I can take back, but in those mistakes I learn, and I grow, hopefully not making them again.

When I realized what it was ... the feelings were beyond joy. We each have a gift that we receive in every life, sometimes it is a lesson we learn, other times it is a person we know. It is up to you to embrace that gift, and do the most with it.


Alex, you said: "So, what is it? What calls me? I have a theory, that it might be my own Soul. Ancient, boundless, connected to the heart of God, it calls my consciousness back, reassuring that we're not limited by the outlines of our brains and bodies, giving hope and faith."

I would say it is indeed your soul, it beckons you to follow that which has been made impossible by that which opposes the good. You can not make it perfect, but you can make it better. It will never leave you, and it will be your guide till death. It will never betray you and it will not confuse you. You are what you wish to be already, and you are untouchable by the forces that would seek to oppose the will of the light. If you can understand what it leads you to, then you are far more that you ever dreamed, for it is the will of life, that which will continue indefinitely.

It calls you.. It is you.. It made you and you made It.

It, your soul, is what makes you, You. There is no way to say what is to be said, and there is no way you can avoid saying it. You are become yourself, and Yourself is become God. There are no questions, only wonderings and wanderings. How can we ask what we are when we are what we are? There are no questions, we simply are. We Are. We Are. You Are. I Am. It is that simple, there is no way to answer questions that have no meaning, questions that were never meant to be asked, questions on the meaning of life. Why must everything have a meaning? What is meaning? Is meaning the basis for existence? NO, it is not. Existence is the basis for existence. We are here, in this time, and we are led, and we lead, and we exist. We are not creatures of death, rather, we are creatures of life. We feel our origins with every breath and we feel our bodies with every breath. There is no meaning in what must be real. It is simply real and we must recognize that our lives are far beyond simple meaning. We ARE and we must continue.

I don't know how to say this. I am become my dreams, my visions, my delusions, my memories, my thoughts. We all must become all that we are and we must make our lives to be beyond what can be said, beyond what can be thought, beyond what can be lived. We are become God. We are not beings of meaning, we are beings of life.


Maybe not exactly the same, but I have longings, feelings, as if I am drawn to something unreachable, usually resulting in an unknown sadness. I feel as if some kind of true calling in which lies happiness attracts me, I don't know what it is, but it feels almost nostalgic... Longing for a past live? Longing for places I have once been? I don't know...


Oh yes, this has happened to me many times. Recently it became even more intense. For me it is a feeling of being home-sick.

I get flashes of images connected to that feeling, and those images are intensely beautiful, beyond what I could see with my eyes. And many times I have cried with longing for that place. As you said, it something highly personal. Difficult for me to even talk about.

I had a dream earlier this week, that I think might apply to that feeling of longing.
Behind a large mirror, I found a stack of folders. Those folders were filled with things I had written, but forgotten about. With this discovery, I was hearing an old song in my head, with the words "Half-heaven half-heartache." Every morning, for the past three days, I've been waking up with that same song in my head. I can't recall all the words to that old song, but at the end of the song, these words came clearly:

"Unless my love is strong enough
to take away the heartache
and make my life a heaven on earth..."


Alex, it was like you were reading my mind. I have never thought how to express how I feel but it looks like you have already done that. I have had the same exact feelings as well. A yearning, an anxiety, that something is calling you but you can't quite hear what it is saying. You feel you are supposed to be somewhere but do not know where, and not knowing seems to drive you insane. Sometimes I break down and cry because the feeling is so strong. It's not like I am sad about it, but the feeling is so powerful and overwhelming, it consumes all of my senses. I get chills down my spine and sometimes it makes me feel like I'm floating. I've always looked to God as well, since I know He holds the answers. But I think that feeling of anxiety, like you almost have a grasp on our Destiny, the feeling that keeps me up all night sometimes, is the greatest experience I have ever had. I know I am here to protect, to help guard something when The Day comes. I'm still not sure why I have these feelings, but I know my answer will come soon.  I'm starting not to doubt myself so much anymore, Alex. :)

Contact Chronology    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

Go to for photos relating to the attached information.

NOVEMBER 16, 1974
The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (S.E.T.I.) celebrates the activation of its new "super" radio receiving dish at Arecibo, Puerto Rico with the transmission of a 5,000,000,000,000 (5 trillion) watt encoded, cryptic, pictorial message beamed at a section of the Milky Way galaxy 120 million light years from Earth.
This is the most powerful signal ever to be sent from earth in recorded history.

(4 MONTHS LATER) Farmers in the countryside of Wiltshire County, England begin reporting the appearance of highly unusual, precise / circular, imprints in the fields surrounding Stone Henge. The circular patterns appear over-night. The crops surrounding the effected areas show no sign of human footprints.

The stalks of the plants involved in the formation of the circles are not broken (as would be in the case of a pressured "stomped" depression.) Rather, the stalks are gently bent at a consistent point along the stem. The plants continue to grow - frequently at an accelerated rate - following the formation. Changes in the molecular structures of the affected plants are seen through examination.
Although such oddities have appeared before in the area, the frequency of these circular impressions has suddenly increased dramatically. The media pays no attention to the phenomenon.

A photograph of the first "quintuplet" formation makes its way through various publications.

As the patterns continue to appear, the media begins to take an interest in the phenomenon. The term "crop circles" is born.

AUGUST 19, 1991
Night time video is taken of a large saucer shaped object hovering just above a field near Carp, Ontario, Canada. To the left of the object is what looks like a circular pattern of 6 burning red flares.
This video is reproduced and mailed to a number of UFO researchers, along with photographs of what the sender claims to be an ET crew member of the ship in the film. The word "Guardian" is typed on the tape's ID label.
Examinations of the field on the following day detected no evidence of burning of the plants in the area where the circular "flare" pattern was videoed and observed by another witness.
No more information is given by the sender of the tapes in terms of the objects and beings shown, nor for the purpose of the event.

August 14, 2001
As the "crop circle" phenomenon has continued with ever increasingly more intricate geometrical designs and pictorial impressions - for a recognized 23 years - another such (by now) "pictorial glyph" appears over-night in a field on land owned by the British Ministry of Defense at a base housing an 80 foot diameter radio-telescope.
The approximately 75 X 120 foot pictorial rendering shows what can only be a humanoid face woven into the stalks of wheat, just a few hundred feet from the radio-telescope.
Surveillance devices guarding the base show no activity or movement at ground level during the over-night formation of the "Chilbolton Face".

August 19, 2001
A second pictorial glyph appears, having been formed on the same (Ministry of Defense) property.
This glyph is larger than the first and much closer to the radio-telescope. In the patterns of the woven wheat is an apparent response to the S.E.T.I. "contact" message sent from the Arecibo radio-telescope on Nov. 16, 1974. Numerous variations from the pattern of the engrafted SETI message suggest that the senders of the response are:

1.) 3 - 4 feet in height with heads much larger in proportion to their bodies than humans.
2.) Based on 3 planets of a solar system that also has 9 primary planets.
3.) Of very similar DNA composition, with a noted level of the element silicon as on of their molecular components.

As of today, Sept. 4, 2001, there has been no resolution as to the cause or purpose of the Chilbolton pictorial glyphs, nor as to the identity of their senders.
It is interesting to note the following points.

1. The first-response "crop circles" appeared in about 4 months following the sending of the SETI signal.

2. The patterns woven in the wheat fields in the area surrounding Stone Henge, England have become more and more complex and intricate with the passing of time (in this almost 27 year period) suggesting a gradual evolution in not only their size and patterns, but in their message as well.

3. The "Guardian" tape shows a crop-related phenomenon, but rather than the bending of plants, it shows plants remaining uneffected by a group of flare-like fires that form a "crop circle".
This event is recorded exactly 10 years to the day prior to the discovery of the Chilbolton SETI response glyph (on the morning of Sunday, August 19, 2001).

4. The reported "ET" shown in conjunction with the Guardian tape is garbed in a breathing apparatus-like facial mask. The form of the facial countenance is very similar to the appearance of the "Chilbolton Face" pictorial glyph.

As of this writing, the afore-mentioned events have correlated.
I believe that we can expect more such correlations in what now seems to be an unquestionable pattern of contact with an advanced extraterrestrial civilization.

Viewpoint on the Latest Events    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)

I have been asked for my viewpoint on the latest events, this will not be a popular view point for many, but then I did not come here to run in a popularity contest. I came to help mankind and helping doesn't always mean saying what you want to hear. And some of it you have heard before, but here goes . . . I believe we have had another wake-up call. I think we need to think "peace" not war. I think if we do choose to go to war it could very well be the end of humanity. Man has created mass destructive weapons that make the atomic bomb look like child's play.

This is a crucial turning point for mankind. Not just the United States, but the entire World. During this time of enormous changes going on in the ascension of this earth it is going to make a big difference in whether we choose the "old patterns" of you do something to me and I will do some thing to you and it matters not who gets in my way, they too will be destroyed attitude . . . the revenge game, the game of war, played out over and over in the history of this planet . . . or if we choose to only bring those "who are accountable" to justice and "harm none" in the process. In other words not murder thousands or millions of innocent people to catch a few. Humanity is at a turning point in history. We can choose love over hate, forgiveness over revenge, compassion over savagery, the Light over darkness. However we choose will determine our destination.

If you have noticed in the news and emails received from around the world Unity is happening. Nations are joining in our sorrow, pledging their allegiance to the United States. As one man said, "World leaders everywhere giving speeches and interviews with tears in their eyes. Millions of people coming to US Embassies  everywhere to pray, leave flowers and show support.  Understand that the world is seeing this as more than an American event but as a HUMANITARIAN disaster that must never happen again. The world is joining hands, even  hard core Arab countries, in their condemnation of this atrocity against humans and humanity saying it can never happen again, that we MUST do life on Earth differently and that we must find new answers."

Nothing happens without a reason. It is hard to see that and to accept that when you are hurting and when you can't see the big picture. It is like you can't see God, but you know there is a Higher power so you take it on faith. The United States was built around God . . . the pledge allegiance to the flag says, One Nation Under God . . . in God We Trust is on the face of our money.  Yet we are allowed no mention of God where it could do the most good with our young . . . they took prayer out of the schools, they even began in recent years refusing to allow Christmas decorations in the schools in some states. Little by little the country built on God was removing God. The only place God was allowed was in the churches and on the money  . . . which became a god to many. Now the country is praying, is singing praises to God and country. And as one person asked, "Now will you allow God back in our schools?"  Let us pray our leaders also believe . . . "Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord."

Last night I heard our president say, "We have heard from the American people. . ." while speaking of war. Have they? If this is truly a country "for the people and by the people" as it says in the Constitution then why isn't a vote taken "by the people" on such matters as whether or not we go to war? Why are we just told? Why is it only those we have put into political office who gets to vote on such things that effects ALL of us?  I love this country!!! I also love "humanity." We are all ONE! We must stop killing ourselves. For each time a life is lost elsewhere it hurts us all. There is no separation. There is but one family on this planet . . . the human family. And as sometimes happens in a family there are those that choose to go down the wrong path and cause pain and suffering for themselves as well as for their family. Yes, I want to see those "who are responsible" take responsibility for their actions and they will, if not in this life then after . . . no injustice goes unpunished. No one gets away with anything.

I read a discussion on the net yesterday on the difference between murder and killing . .  . they were saying that killing wasn't murder. (Look both words up in the dictionary). They were saying, that killing was a necessary evil. That made me so sad, especially because it was being discussed by those who were discussing the Holy Bible. There is no such thing as a "necessary" evil. Evil/Darkness is just that and you can't sugar coat it. You can however, change it into Light. For the darkness can only remain so long before it is overcome by the light. Evil/darkness feeds on fear, thoughts of revenge, killing, hate, bigotry, racism, war. Any and all emotions, thoughts and actions that does not come from LOVE.

What is terrorism . . . The act of terrorizing; using force or threats to demoralize, intimidate, and subjugate, esp. such use as a political weapon or policy. - - - New Word Dictionary

Think on those words and their meaning and ask yourself isn't that exactly what we as a country intend to do?

Two wrongs never equaled a right and never will. You cannot fight darkness with darkness you must fight it with the Light.

In the service of the ONE,
Lady Isis

"War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses." --Thomas Jefferson


Additional note from Lady Isis:

Concerning the energy coming from my Healing Hands Of Light on the web...

I took off the email address of all those who sent me testimonials and now I wish I hadn't, as I have was interviewed this past week by one reporter concerning my hand on the web and this morning I was called from London, England and will be interviewed live on the BBC radio tonight. I don't know where this is going, I know Spirit is mapping it all out. So I am asking anyone who sent me a testimony, or anyone who has been to the site and has not sent me one that is willing to allow your email address to be included, please contact me with your information. I don't know if anyone would ever contact you, but it gives more credibility to the testimonials if the contact information is there.

Lady Isis -
An Emissary of Light
In the Service of the ONE
Healing Hands Of Light -
Visit my Peaceful Place -

Mysterious    (view on a separate page)
Author: Gary Voss    (all articles by this author)

Are they UFO's, or are they us? Are these orbs from alien craft, or are they reversed engineered from downed or captured alien craft? Are they some sort of "Spy" probes watching and recording us? What are these mysterious orbs?

There appears to be two separate types of these "Orbs" floating about our environment, one belonging to the "Etherical Realm" QSE, (Quantum States of Existence)... and the "Physical Realm" QSE.

Here is what I've managed to dig up over the WWW thus far...

A UFO, Photographic Phenomena, energy fields, orbs, UFO's ghosts, spirits About a month or so ago I was in my yard here in southern Virginia taking pictures of aircraft making chem/contrails. I took several shots, and came in to download them into my computer. I have a Polaroid PDC640 camera, and had no problems...

Earth Lights
The Earth Light - Ghost Light - and Spooklight Resource An 'earth light' is the name given to a mysterious light of no apparent origin other than perhaps the earth. More frequently they are called 'spooklights' or 'ghost lights', as some people believe that these strange lights are actually ghosts... in addition, there are other similar related forms of ALP (Anomalous Luminous Phenomena), for example: Will-o'-the-wisps, ball lightning, & EQLs, all of which are explored further on this site.

Orbwatch Index
The ORBWATCH website comprises written and/or visual reports pertaining to Unidentified Submerging Objects, and, at times, Unidentified Emerging Objects.

--- Gary Voss
TAP-TEN Research foundation
627 H. St. Ste. A27
San Diego, CA. 91910
(619) 387-7300 Ext: 4312
* Interactive Forum:

* Website:

Helping is not always LOVE    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Moi    (all articles by this author)

People like us... on the spiritual path... are always eager to help others.

To most people that sounds as the right thing to do BUT in my reality it can cause more damage than good :(

As an example: My ex-husband have some problems with him being weak and can't say NO to people. He has his own business and are having some problems with a person who accuse him of being responsible for things he isn't... and my ex feels guilty, not because he is, but because he feels that way. He got an invoice yesterday saying he should pay for things this guy ordered but thought my ex should pay, as responsible for a machine which broke down for the other guy.
I started to get angry when seeing this invoice and was close to pick the phone up and call the guy to explain the legal aspects on the matter as well as the moral wrong he does towards my ex. I work in my ex's business, so it wouldn't be strange me talking about this business thing :)
There and then I remembered my lessons from Kariel, my spirit guide about our never-ending wish to "HELP" people out. If I had continued by phoning this guy I would have taken over my ex opportunity to solve this, his problem, and nothing would have been gained at all.. It would probably have looked that way in a short term view but I would only have caused another of this situations to happen for my ex until he had learnt the lessons and being released from them appearing in his life.
Instead of him solving it himself and never needed to have this lesson again I would have created another person to meet and another lesson for my ex for learning to trust himself and say: "Enough is enough!!"
So I always think twice before I let myself HELP another person, knowing that in the long run I will only create another lesson for that person by removing his opportunity to grow and take his own responsibility.
To really HELP another person might as well be to step aside and let the person deal with his own problems without interfering out of what we believe is love, but in fact isn't.



Near Birth Experiences (NBE)    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)

Having NBE's is being able to trace back to memories of being inside one's mother's womb, although it doesn't stop there. This usually encompasses memories of being in between lives or even previous lives... though this is where Near Birth Experiences crossover into Past Lives. There have been documented reports of people who remember being in their mother's womb, my oldest brother being one of the undocumented ones.

Seeing as how Scientists don't even see how proving this possibility either way, let alone the ability to prove whether or not some people have actually been able to remember their Past Lives, these are simply theories. Although Scientists can't confirm PL's, it goes without saying that they do give an explanation for why we have particular likes and dislikes (this could be genetic, though somehow I seriously doubt it).

Despite speculations, there are many people all over the world who believe without a doubt that they've recalled past lives and had NBE's. Although I can't ever remember being in my mother's womb, I do recall in between lives and I am certain that I have, indeed, lived many times before; just as the greater majority of the Project X readers have also done.


Cherokee Angel Of Rescue - Part III    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

The Mysterious "Lady In Black".

(c) 2001
Mark Andrews -

(continued from Newsletter # 61)

September, 1995

You could say that it was only by chance that I happened to see the TV columnist's piece in the Indianapolis News that spoke the coming episode of Sightings in which the story of a local EMT and his encounter with a strange "apparition" would be featured. I found it to be an interesting prospect and made a point of watching.
When I saw how the mysterious lady was presented, (and realized the location's proximity to the red brick "school house" that I saw the night that Melvin and I had the ghost / angel encounter) I was elated and decided to look up the central person in the presentation, Randy Neibert.
And when the old school house itself was shown as part of the episode (home of the Franklin Township Historical Society) I was pretty much beside myself with excitement. There were so many lights going on in my mind and "bells ringing" that I began my search to find Randy before that particular segment had even finished.
I should mention that as part of the visit to the old school house / museum, the Sightings crew filmed an old black dress on display as well as a Bible from the 19th Century. Both Randy and his sister, Kim, agreed that those items were identical to what they saw on and with the woman the day of her appearance at the accident site.
After several calls around, and a couple of days, I finally did get to speak with Randy first- hand. We agreed to meet at his apartment and compare notes of our individual experiences.
On my second visit to Randy's apartment, I had a feeling that the Lady would be willing to give us some form of a manifestation. I'm really not much of an artist, but I like to sketch faces. So after dinner, we put out a verbal request to the Lady to guide my hand to give us an idea of how she looked when she was still 'in body".
As I picked up the pencil, some force sent it flying across the dining room. Randy and I took it to be a good sign that she was there and had agreed to our request.
The drawing that developed was a very "other worldly" sketch of a Native American woman in a wrap-around gown. Her eyes were deep and transcending. We both agreed (as much as our memories allowed) that that was the woman we had seen.
One thing that Randy and I realized that we had in common was the fact that we had each been baptized and confirmed in local Lutheran churches. (He at St. John's - I at St. Paul's.) It was an interesting piece of "common ground", but nothing (that we first thought) might have any bearing in terms of our mutual "communion" with The Lady In Black.

As the years went along, Randy and I became good friends and would frequently have "hunches" about our curious angelic friend. It would be impossible for me to give a chronology of our discovered information regarding the the Lady, so I'm going to list it as best I can.

- Just to the North of the red brick school house sits Indian Creek Christian Church. The creek in question was named for the fact that an old Cherokee woman made her home along the creek in the latter part of the 19th Century.
(Incidentally, I chose to be baptized by immersion {my second baptism} at that church on Feb. 21, 1982. My parents were members of Indian Creek at the time.)

- The red brick school house served many functions following its construction in the mid 1800's. It was the site of the first Lutheran high school in the Indianapolis area.
Randy and I were surprised to come across this information on one of our fact-finding missions to the building. I can still see the stunned expression on Randy's face as we looked at each other and said in unison, "Oh my god!" It came to both of us at the same instant that The Lady In Black had been a Lutheran school teacher.
The Lutheran Church was born from the Reformation started by Martin Luther in the year 1517. The break from the Roman Catholic Church lead to many changes in Protestant theology. Among the many discarded practices was the veneration of Saints, and prayers for their intercession. It is now commonly held by standard Lutheran and main-stream Protestant theology that once we experience death, our souls "sleep" until the Resurrection on The Last Day.
The fact that a deceased Lutheran school teacher would so much take it upon herself to cause a "re-thinking" of those theological points (with two confirmed Lutherans and former students of Lutheran schools) was something that Randy and I found to be just too tantalizing to over-look. If you have known many Lutheran school teachers, then you know that they are probably the most dedicated members of their profession, and some of he most "staunch" defenders of Lutheran theology.
And the idea of a deceased Native Cherokee Lutheran school teacher presenting herself as she came in response to the "intercessory petitions " (prayers heard by Saints) offered by Lutheran confirmants!... Well, let's just say that you would have to be very Lutheran to catch the sweetness of that irony.
And to Randy and me, that point was just about as SWEET and wonderfully ironic as any moment in earthly in life can get !
And it is exactly what we would expect from a dedicated, Native American Lutheran school teacher.
After all these years, she's still teaching!

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