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Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 23, 2001

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NOVEMBER 16, 1974

The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (S.E.T.I.) celebrates the activation of its new "super" radio receiving dish at Arecibo, Puerto Rico with the transmission of a 5,000,000,000,000 (5 trillion) watt encoded, cryptic, pictorial message beamed at a section of the Milky Way galaxy 120 million light years from Earth.

This is the most powerful signal ever to be sent from earth in recorded history.


(4 MONTHS LATER) Farmers in the countryside of Wiltshire County, England begin reporting the appearance of highly unusual, precise / circular, imprints in the fields surrounding Stone Henge. The circular patterns appear over-night. The crops surrounding the effected areas show no sign of human footprints.

The stalks of the plants involved in the formation of the circles are not broken (as would be in the case of a pressured "stomped" depression.) Rather, the stalks are gently bent at a consistent point along the stem. The plants continue to grow - frequently at an accelerated rate - following the formation. Changes in the molecular structures of the affected plants are seen through examination.

Although such oddities have appeared before in the area, the frequency of these circular impressions has suddenly increased dramatically. The media pays no attention to the phenomenon.


A photograph of the first "quintuplet" formation makes its way through various publications.


As the patterns continue to appear, the media begins to take an interest in the phenomenon. The term "crop circles" is born.

AUGUST 19, 1991

Night time video is taken of a large saucer shaped object hovering just above a field near Carp, Ontario, Canada. To the left of the object is what looks like a circular pattern of 6 burning red flares.

This video is reproduced and mailed to a number of UFO researchers, along with photographs of what the sender claims to be an ET crew member of the ship in the film. The word "Guardian" is typed on the tape's ID label.

Examinations of the field on the following day detected no evidence of burning of the plants in the area where the circular "flare" pattern was videoed and observed by another witness.

No more information is given by the sender of the tapes in terms of the objects and beings shown, nor for the purpose of the event.

August 14, 2001


As the "crop circle" phenomenon has continued with ever increasingly more intricate geometrical designs and pictorial impressions - for a recognized 23 years - another such (by now) "pictorial glyph" appears over-night in a field on land owned by the British Ministry of Defense at a base housing an 80 foot diameter radio-telescope.

The approximately 75 X 120 foot pictorial rendering shows what can only be a humanoid face woven into the stalks of wheat, just a few hundred feet from the radio-telescope.

Surveillance devices guarding the base show no activity or movement at ground level during the over-night formation of the "Chilbolton Face".

August 19, 2001


A second pictorial glyph appears, having been formed on the same (Ministry of Defense) property.

This glyph is larger than the first and much closer to the radio-telescope. In the patterns of the woven wheat is an apparent response to the S.E.T.I. "contact" message sent from the Arecibo radio-telescope on Nov. 16, 1974. Numerous variations from the pattern of the engrafted SETI message suggest that the senders of the response are:

1.) 3 - 4 feet in height with heads much larger in proportion to their bodies than humans.

2.) Based on 3 planets of a solar system that also has 9 primary planets.

3.) Of very similar DNA composition, with a noted level of the element silicon as on of their molecular components.

As of today, Sept. 4, 2001, there has been no resolution as to the cause or purpose of the Chilbolton pictorial glyphs, nor as to the identity of their senders.

It is interesting to note the following points.

1. The first-response "crop circles" appeared in about 4 months following the sending of the SETI signal.

2. The patterns woven in the wheat fields in the area surrounding Stone Henge, England have become more and more complex and intricate with the passing of time (in this almost 27 year period) suggesting a gradual evolution in not only their size and patterns, but in their message as well.

3. The "Guardian" tape shows a crop-related phenomenon, but rather than the bending of plants, it shows plants remaining uneffected by a group of flare-like fires that form a "crop circle".

This event is recorded exactly 10 years to the day prior to the discovery of the Chilbolton SETI response glyph (on the morning of Sunday, August 19, 2001).

4. The reported "ET" shown in conjunction with the Guardian tape is garbed in a breathing apparatus-like facial mask. The form of the facial countenance is very similar to the appearance of the "Chilbolton Face" pictorial glyph.

As of this writing, the afore-mentioned events have correlated.

I believe that we can expect more such correlations in what now seems to be an unquestionable pattern of contact with an advanced extraterrestrial civilization.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #62

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