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Viewpoint on the Latest Events

Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 23, 2001

I have been asked for my viewpoint on the latest events, this will not be a popular view point for many, but then I did not come here to run in a popularity contest. I came to help mankind and helping doesn't always mean saying what you want to hear. And some of it you have heard before, but here goes . . . I believe we have had another wake-up call. I think we need to think "peace" not war. I think if we do choose to go to war it could very well be the end of humanity. Man has created mass destructive weapons that make the atomic bomb look like child's play.

This is a crucial turning point for mankind. Not just the United States, but the entire World. During this time of enormous changes going on in the ascension of this earth it is going to make a big difference in whether we choose the "old patterns" of you do something to me and I will do some thing to you and it matters not who gets in my way, they too will be destroyed attitude . . . the revenge game, the game of war, played out over and over in the history of this planet . . . or if we choose to only bring those "who are accountable" to justice and "harm none" in the process. In other words not murder thousands or millions of innocent people to catch a few. Humanity is at a turning point in history. We can choose love over hate, forgiveness over revenge, compassion over savagery, the Light over darkness. However we choose will determine our destination.

If you have noticed in the news and emails received from around the world Unity is happening. Nations are joining in our sorrow, pledging their allegiance to the United States. As one man said, "World leaders everywhere giving speeches and interviews with tears in their eyes. Millions of people coming to US Embassies  everywhere to pray, leave flowers and show support.  Understand that the world is seeing this as more than an American event but as a HUMANITARIAN disaster that must never happen again. The world is joining hands, even  hard core Arab countries, in their condemnation of this atrocity against humans and humanity saying it can never happen again, that we MUST do life on Earth differently and that we must find new answers."

Nothing happens without a reason. It is hard to see that and to accept that when you are hurting and when you can't see the big picture. It is like you can't see God, but you know there is a Higher power so you take it on faith. The United States was built around God . . . the pledge allegiance to the flag says, One Nation Under God . . . in God We Trust is on the face of our money.  Yet we are allowed no mention of God where it could do the most good with our young . . . they took prayer out of the schools, they even began in recent years refusing to allow Christmas decorations in the schools in some states. Little by little the country built on God was removing God. The only place God was allowed was in the churches and on the money  . . . which became a god to many. Now the country is praying, is singing praises to God and country. And as one person asked, "Now will you allow God back in our schools?"  Let us pray our leaders also believe . . . "Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord."

Last night I heard our president say, "We have heard from the American people. . ." while speaking of war. Have they? If this is truly a country "for the people and by the people" as it says in the Constitution then why isn't a vote taken "by the people" on such matters as whether or not we go to war? Why are we just told? Why is it only those we have put into political office who gets to vote on such things that effects ALL of us?  I love this country!!! I also love "humanity." We are all ONE! We must stop killing ourselves. For each time a life is lost elsewhere it hurts us all. There is no separation. There is but one family on this planet . . . the human family. And as sometimes happens in a family there are those that choose to go down the wrong path and cause pain and suffering for themselves as well as for their family. Yes, I want to see those "who are responsible" take responsibility for their actions and they will, if not in this life then after . . . no injustice goes unpunished. No one gets away with anything.

I read a discussion on the net yesterday on the difference between murder and killing . .  . they were saying that killing wasn't murder. (Look both words up in the dictionary). They were saying, that killing was a necessary evil. That made me so sad, especially because it was being discussed by those who were discussing the Holy Bible. There is no such thing as a "necessary" evil. Evil/Darkness is just that and you can't sugar coat it. You can however, change it into Light. For the darkness can only remain so long before it is overcome by the light. Evil/darkness feeds on fear, thoughts of revenge, killing, hate, bigotry, racism, war. Any and all emotions, thoughts and actions that does not come from LOVE.

What is terrorism . . . The act of terrorizing; using force or threats to demoralize, intimidate, and subjugate, esp. such use as a political weapon or policy. - - - New Word Dictionary

Think on those words and their meaning and ask yourself isn't that exactly what we as a country intend to do?

Two wrongs never equaled a right and never will. You cannot fight darkness with darkness you must fight it with the Light.

In the service of the ONE,

Lady Isis

"War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses." --Thomas Jefferson


Additional note from Lady Isis:

Concerning the energy coming from my Healing Hands Of Light on the web...

I took off the email address of all those who sent me testimonials and now I wish I hadn't, as I have was interviewed this past week by one reporter concerning my hand on the web and this morning I was called from London, England and will be interviewed live on the BBC radio tonight. I don't know where this is going, I know Spirit is mapping it all out. So I am asking anyone who sent me a testimony, or anyone who has been to the site and has not sent me one that is willing to allow your email address to be included, please contact me with your information. I don't know if anyone would ever contact you, but it gives more credibility to the testimonials if the contact information is there.


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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #62

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