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Opening Words - Responses to The Call

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 23, 2001

My dear friends,

It seems that my opening article from the last issue, "The Call", has touched something inside of so many. You all have my deepest gratitude - it seems that months have passed since the newsletter produced such a wide reaction. With your permission, today I'm freeing the stage to let The Calls of other people being heard.



My own call, and I recognize it all in your words, is when connecting with what many calls "The other half", our Co-creator, our God-Partner, etc.

This happened to me some years ago and I know for sure we will meet again as we have met so many times before in previous lives. The difference this time around is that some of us "old couples" has to develop to unconditional Love before we are meant to meet. Our meeting is personal BUT also for a higher purpose of being teachers for others by different work for mankind.

I have met this guy... once he was standing near my house... but the feelings and emotions was SO enormous that I felt as the earth moved and I got scared and turned around and went away.

My English girlfriend has met his brother who confirmed a lot of what I already knew from our telepathic connection and from my spirit-guide Kariel telling me about him.

By the way... funny but when I saw his face... it was as I could see myself in him

And I also feel like crying when I miss him... but it is NOT a sad cry but to me a new feeling I never felt before him... Not towards my children or when been in love with my ex-husband or anybody else.

Feeling that are totally NEW and very STRONG.



Who calls us? Nothing more than memories of lives lived before.

We all need to know and understand but this one thing. Because of the increased vibrations of the earth, the atoms and molecules of mass have been highly charged which has awakened the unused portions of our brain. We are NOW relating to something more than this physical world and conscious mind can grasp. A TOTALLY NEW form of receiving information on a conscious level. As that information is received and stored the mass of the brain its self increases.

WHO CALLS?? It is but one thing, MEMORY.

It is That I WAS, "THAT I AM", And THAT I will become.



Calling me to BE me, and you to BE you. To remember... to do our part by BEING and by DOING without giving up energy... to (as Yoda says) "Do or do not do, there is no try." We spend a lot of energy trying, going against our natural rhythm and trying to be what we are not. Maybe? Be the butterfly, the feeling, the song.

Love, Light, and Magic



First off, GREAT topic Alex, this is what we need around here. :)

My 'calling', per se, has been pretty blatant. But I, in my mortal nature, didn't really want to accept it, or perhaps wasn't ready to. I've made a ton of mistakes, none of which I can take back, but in those mistakes I learn, and I grow, hopefully not making them again.

When I realized what it was ... the feelings were beyond joy. We each have a gift that we receive in every life, sometimes it is a lesson we learn, other times it is a person we know. It is up to you to embrace that gift, and do the most with it.



Alex, you said: "So, what is it? What calls me? I have a theory, that it might be my own Soul. Ancient, boundless, connected to the heart of God, it calls my consciousness back, reassuring that we're not limited by the outlines of our brains and bodies, giving hope and faith."

I would say it is indeed your soul, it beckons you to follow that which has been made impossible by that which opposes the good. You can not make it perfect, but you can make it better. It will never leave you, and it will be your guide till death. It will never betray you and it will not confuse you. You are what you wish to be already, and you are untouchable by the forces that would seek to oppose the will of the light. If you can understand what it leads you to, then you are far more that you ever dreamed, for it is the will of life, that which will continue indefinitely.

It calls you.. It is you.. It made you and you made It.

It, your soul, is what makes you, You. There is no way to say what is to be said, and there is no way you can avoid saying it. You are become yourself, and Yourself is become God. There are no questions, only wonderings and wanderings. How can we ask what we are when we are what we are? There are no questions, we simply are. We Are. We Are. You Are. I Am. It is that simple, there is no way to answer questions that have no meaning, questions that were never meant to be asked, questions on the meaning of life. Why must everything have a meaning? What is meaning? Is meaning the basis for existence? NO, it is not. Existence is the basis for existence. We are here, in this time, and we are led, and we lead, and we exist. We are not creatures of death, rather, we are creatures of life. We feel our origins with every breath and we feel our bodies with every breath. There is no meaning in what must be real. It is simply real and we must recognize that our lives are far beyond simple meaning. We ARE and we must continue.

I don't know how to say this. I am become my dreams, my visions, my delusions, my memories, my thoughts. We all must become all that we are and we must make our lives to be beyond what can be said, beyond what can be thought, beyond what can be lived. We are become God. We are not beings of meaning, we are beings of life.



Maybe not exactly the same, but I have longings, feelings, as if I am drawn to something unreachable, usually resulting in an unknown sadness. I feel as if some kind of true calling in which lies happiness attracts me, I don't know what it is, but it feels almost nostalgic... Longing for a past live? Longing for places I have once been? I don't know...



Oh yes, this has happened to me many times. Recently it became even more intense. For me it is a feeling of being home-sick.

I get flashes of images connected to that feeling, and those images are intensely beautiful, beyond what I could see with my eyes. And many times I have cried with longing for that place. As you said, it something highly personal. Difficult for me to even talk about.

I had a dream earlier this week, that I think might apply to that feeling of longing.

Behind a large mirror, I found a stack of folders. Those folders were filled with things I had written, but forgotten about. With this discovery, I was hearing an old song in my head, with the words "Half-heaven half-heartache." Every morning, for the past three days, I've been waking up with that same song in my head. I can't recall all the words to that old song, but at the end of the song, these words came clearly:

"Unless my love is strong enough

to take away the heartache

and make my life a heaven on earth..."



Alex, it was like you were reading my mind. I have never thought how to express how I feel but it looks like you have already done that. I have had the same exact feelings as well. A yearning, an anxiety, that something is calling you but you can't quite hear what it is saying. You feel you are supposed to be somewhere but do not know where, and not knowing seems to drive you insane. Sometimes I break down and cry because the feeling is so strong. It's not like I am sad about it, but the feeling is so powerful and overwhelming, it consumes all of my senses. I get chills down my spine and sometimes it makes me feel like I'm floating. I've always looked to God as well, since I know He holds the answers. But I think that feeling of anxiety, like you almost have a grasp on our Destiny, the feeling that keeps me up all night sometimes, is the greatest experience I have ever had. I know I am here to protect, to help guard something when The Day comes. I'm still not sure why I have these feelings, but I know my answer will come soon.  I'm starting not to doubt myself so much anymore, Alex. :)

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #62

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