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Author: Gary Voss    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 23, 2001

Are they UFO's, or are they us? Are these orbs from alien craft, or are they reversed engineered from downed or captured alien craft? Are they some sort of "Spy" probes watching and recording us? What are these mysterious orbs?

There appears to be two separate types of these "Orbs" floating about our environment, one belonging to the "Etherical Realm" QSE, (Quantum States of Existence)... and the "Physical Realm" QSE.

Here is what I've managed to dig up over the WWW thus far...

A UFO, Photographic Phenomena, energy fields, orbs, UFO's ghosts, spirits About a month or so ago I was in my yard here in southern Virginia taking pictures of aircraft making chem/contrails. I took several shots, and came in to download them into my computer. I have a Polaroid PDC640 camera, and had no problems...

Earth Lights

The Earth Light - Ghost Light - and Spooklight Resource An 'earth light' is the name given to a mysterious light of no apparent origin other than perhaps the earth. More frequently they are called 'spooklights' or 'ghost lights', as some people believe that these strange lights are actually ghosts... in addition, there are other similar related forms of ALP (Anomalous Luminous Phenomena), for example: Will-o'-the-wisps, ball lightning, & EQLs, all of which are explored further on this site.

Orbwatch Index

The ORBWATCH website comprises written and/or visual reports pertaining to Unidentified Submerging Objects, and, at times, Unidentified Emerging Objects.

--- Gary Voss

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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #62

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