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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #60

July 31, 2001

1. Closing An Open Circle - Rinor Zidran
2. Recent Dino Encounter - Mark Andrews
3. A 3-Step Process For Remembering Your Dreams - Asoka Selvarajah
4. Brain Wave Diary - Doug Lewis
5. Most Beautiful Experience - Tween
6. Cherokee Angel Of Rescue - Part I - Mark Andrews
7. Of Horses and Fields - Fahr

Closing An Open Circle    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)

My dear loved ones.
After so much time I haven't written anything, after a long time I've set in silence, I come here to you and break it for the greater good, for you to know what is happening now to Rinor Zidran.
It's Friday now and it's 8:10 A.M.
I got up off bed at 6:20 and was headed to a beautiful, mystical place, one of my favorites, the dune.
I got there at 7:00 A.M. and started my ritual, a ritual to close an open circle.
A year ago, I met a wonderful girl, which I believe still is, I won't say her name, I'm not sure she's even reading this article, but even if she does, I know she'll understand what I have done.
The dune, morning, crows, birds, trees... and that is all... nature in its full beauty and power, revealed to me once again, and I discover what I missed for so long...
Because I am a Wiccan, I did the ritual as I see feet and learned from the Wiccan ways, and the ritual I did held place in the same place where me and this girl (who later on became my girlfriend) held our ritual a year ago.
I've created a circle on the sand, blessed it, put a black candle to represent the god to the east (Air) and a white candle to represent the goddess to the west (Water), I was ready to call them both and begin my prayer and ritual.
After praying, asking what I've asked... I took this two page poem the girl wrote me when we were together, and told me to read it only when I've felt alone, one page was taken by the god, and the other by the goddess, later I've burned what's left of it there with its high energies to rest in that sacred place.
I've meditated a while, heard the birds and crows, the moon was still seen in the sky and it was right above me... it was the closing of a circle for me that was opened a year ago, and if I didn't feel all this pain and misery I wouldn't have done it... but now as I feel after the ritual, I know the gods will help, will guide me, and I will follow with my pure understanding, and my never ending will to live in with love, and with happiness.
I did not ask for a sign from the gods as I always do, because I doubts are gone, I don't longer need to ask, I just know that they are here, listening, watching, guide...
In my meditation I heard a metal sound, I've opened my eyes and to the east a man took his dog for a walk, it was a German Shepherd, which belongs to the family of the wolves, my power animal, the wolf... and the same kind of dog I'm thinking of adopting, it was the sign for me.
I let the candles burn to end, they were almost done, but I thanked the gods for participating in my ritual and being there, opened the circle, and left... leaving the candles to burn their way to the ground, leaving a specific place in the dune with energies to last for a long time.
So if you'll have the chance to come to Israel, to a city named Ashdod and walk its dune, if you feel all this energy, you know what took place there, and you know you have to be happy to just stand and feel all this power, and admire the beauty of it all, as I thank the gods for all they have shown me, I think so do you... and I thank them for what we hold most dear, life itself.
I end this letter with a blessing I say all, and I wish to you... by the gods and by yourself, if you believe it, it will happen...
And so I wish it to you all my loved ones...

Love, light and happiness...
By the gods let it be,
Blessed Be.

Rinor Zidran (co-founder of Project X)

Recent Dino Encounter    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)



"Flying Dinosaur" Gives Synchronistic Prophecy

"Welcome to Jurassic Park."

It was 10 years ago today that I saw "the bird".

On June 15, 1991, I was on my way home from work at the General Cinema in the Greenwood Park Mall. It was a very pleasant Saturday afternoon. The time was right around 5:30 PM. I stopped for the light at the intersection of Southern Ave. & Shelby St. (Indy Southside).
I would normally have gone North on Shelby to Prospect St,. but instead, made a quick, reflexive left turn to cut through Garfield Park to get to my apartment on Morris St..
I pulled in to the park to the first stop sign. I immediately became aware of a very large "bird" , visible to me through the car's windshield (above and to my right ) flying just above tree-top level.
"Damn, that's a big hawk!", I thought at first.
As the creature was gliding over the clearing of trees above the street, I "instinctively" (?) pressed harder on the car's brake (knees a little shaky). My hand went into a tight grip of the steering wheel, as I leaned forward to allow my brain to better process what my vision (and gut) were telling me.
"Oh my god......" I remember saying aloud.
I was looking at a "baby" pteradon (?) flying over Garfield Park on a Saturday afternoon in 1991... A.D. !
I would estimate that it was roughly 8 feet long from its nose to the tip of its tail. The wings were slightly rounded, but didn't appear to have the light transparency that we so often see in drawings of flying prehistoric reptiles. The wing span seemed to be proportionate to the body length (8 feet). The basic, over-all, color of the creature was that of burnished tan leather, with darker brown areas at the crown of the head and down the spinal column.
The head was also somewhat more rounded than we normally envision, and I seem to remember that its beak also had sort of a downward curve.
The most ominous feature was the very prominent "club" at the end of its tail. I would guess that the (darker brown / kiwi shaped) club would have the circumference of a softball.
For all of its apparent ferocity, it seemed to be having a difficult time when it came to maneuvering in the air. Its glide began to degrade, and it gave 3 very brisk - and powerful looking - flaps of its wings to avoid slamming into a tall tree along its flight path.
Most unforgettable in terms of its movement was the fact that each time the wings flapped down, the clubbed tail would drop in a reflexive, coordinated "jerk". It cleared the tree and continued on its path, and beyond my vision.
And so I just sat there; foot still "squeezing" the brake; hand still "strangling" the steering wheel. It was like I had been suddenly "freeze-dried".
"Oh my god.........."
"Oh my god.........." was the best verbal response I could come up with at that moment. I, somewhat shakily, drove the rest of the way home repeating the "Oh my god" mantra.
I learned ( the hard way ) not to share these facts with too many people. Never has it been suggested that I was hallucinating the event. But what I have found most disdainful have been all of the suggestions that what I actually saw was an eagle; a kite; a remote control plane, ( and even once; a remote control pteradon ! )
My response to such skeptical observations is - first of all - the fact that some innate, ancestral part of my psyche immediately reacted to the creature before my thoughts could process the images and verify to me the reality that this creature was (indeed) a "dinosaur".
An instilled, self-preservation component in my unconscious mind ( honed by my pre-history ancestors ) automatically "kicked in" to lock my muscles in place, preventing any movements that would have made my presence more detectable to a passing aerial predator.
All of this transpired inside of me in a split-second, beyond my conscious awareness; and in deference to all of my then-to- fore assumptions pertaining to possible encounters in reality.
In the course of my 39 years prior to this event - and in the 10 years that have followed - I have never, NEVER otherwise experienced that "jolt" of intrinsic, subliminal terror. ( And I pray that I will never again have to feel the blasting shot of cold chill that petrified my spinal column.)

You just - very simply - do not have such austere reactions to the sudden appearance of a "kite".

The reptilian was flying NE / SW, at an angle that - I later calculated on a map - would have eventually taken it to the Sierra Mountains of Mexico, more than 1,700 miles away. I was able to notice on that night's weather portion of the news that a high level storm had pushed its way into the upper Midwest from the Gulf of Mexico. My best theory is that what I saw was one of the creatures known to the local sheep farmers of Texas and Mexico as "night raiders". These are very large flying reptiles, akin to pterodactyls, that conduct nighttime ( and sometimes daytime ) "air raids" to grab live stock and return them to their nesting areas in the desolate regions of the Sierra Madres.
The creature over Garfield Park that day ( I guess ) must have been swept up into the force of the upper-atmosphere wind currents and carried to the Midwest. Judging by the angle of its flight, I think he/she might have been following its own instincts to get back home. Also, by its size, it must have been still young enough to be a novice.
( Adult versions of this creature have been reported to have wing-spans of upwards of 30 feet. )

On June 15, 1993, I had my first opportunity to see the movie "Jurassic Park". As I was driving home from the theatre ( the same one that I had just left - still in my GC uniform - when I had the encounter with "the bird" ).
In a most bizarre synchronicity, the pteradon over Garfield Park became a harbinger of my future experience of the movie "Jurassic Park". ( Same date / same theater / two years into the future. )
And as Rod Serling might say, this prospect is "Offered for your consideration".

I have heard reactions form several guys (with overly active machismos) who have commented that - if it had been THEM who had had the same encounter with the same creature - they would have tried to chase it down in their cars and then blast it from the sky.

But take it from one who has "been there"....
Providing that your genes and chromosomes are sufficiently attuned to their most basic, inherent programs of "fight or flight", you will do neither.
In that same moment, you will do everything within the capacity of your primal nature to not ruffle any of its feathers.

Or should I say, its "scales" ?

"Happy Bird Day!"

A 3-Step Process For Remembering Your Dreams    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Asoka Selvarajah    (all articles by this author)

Dreams are a powerful tool in developing deep insight about yourself and your life purpose. They are a priceless source of inspiration and creativity, as witnessed by geniuses spanning the entire range between Einstein and Salvador Dali; both of whom worked with dream and fantasy in their work.

In sleep, your spirit is unbound and you touch the subtle realms beyond waking reality. This is the place where the highest part of your consciousness, your Higher Self, can communicate directly to you. The language of this communication is the language of symbol and metaphor.

Everyone dreams, but not everyone remembers their dreams. The following simple 3-step process will enable you to work with your dreams to gain deeper insights into your psyche:

(1) Make a written declaration before you sleep.

Say, or better still, write down a statement such as "I want to remember my dreams in order to receive valuable guidance". If you are already able to remember and capture your dreams, modify this question to "Which direction should I go in life?" or "Should I take that job?" or whatever.

Put the declaration under your pillow before you go to sleep.

(2) Perform stretching exercises before you get into bed.

If you can touch your toes, then do so. At any rate, gently stretch your body so that it is relaxed and flexible. Once you are in bed and ready to sleep, you can also relax your body further. Tense and release each of your muscle groups in turn, beginning with your legs, and gradually working all the way up your body to your face. Take several deep breaths, and feel yourself relax more with each breath.

The fact is that much of our sleep time is spent de-stressing the body, which is why people often do not sleep that well. Much of this de-stressing can be done before you ever drop off.

(3) Write something down when you awake.

It is necessary to awaken gently. If you can use an alarm clock that plays GENTLE music, e.g. chimes, that would be best. Once you are awake, write something down about your dream, even if it is just a feeling.

Sometimes, if you cannot remember the dream straight away, simply lying there in your bed and pondering it will bring a fragment of the dream back. Write that piece down and often, the rest will return to you. If it does not, be content with what you have.

If you really cannot remember anything at all, then still write something down. Often, your physical, mental or emotional state upon awakening is a direct result, a hangover if you will, from the dream you have just experienced.

Be prepared for the need to persist with this process. It DOES work. Like any muscle that has been unused for years, your dream muscles may have atrophied through disuse. If you persist, the spiritual rewards and insights you gain will be very well worth it.

Copyright 2001. Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.
Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is an active writer/researcher on personal development and esoteric spirituality. Asoka's work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their understanding of mystical truth, and find joy in their true soul's purpose.

Subscribe to his FREE ezine, Aspire To Wisdom, and receive his brand new E-Book "Inner Light Outer Wealth" for FREE at:
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Brain Wave Diary    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)

Reference: “Brain Wave Diary” (June 21, 2001)

Vantage is irrelevant, good is simply good.

I credit this piece to the person who replied to one of my notes by saying, "Ancient teachings don't work!"

This may be fair enough comment, although a little sweeping in scope perhaps.

Still, the statement did get me thinking about ancient ideas and teachings.

One perspective, (my favorite), is; EVERYTHING... all possibilities of matter and energy are all the same age originating simultaneously at the moment of "creation".

Therefore everything absolute, virtual or envision-able is old as old can be.

There cannot be anything new. There is only ancient, or at least original! There are "newly" created things resulting from ongoing ancient processes but these are the natural result of original ideas working, not new possibilities at all.

"Newly discovered" is as close as we humans can come to claiming anything as "new". Whether a human did or didn't discover "new" things, the nature and content of the discovery always existed. There are only ancient ideas, newly found. Gravity slept right through Newton's discovery of it, relativity yawned at Einstein.

Even the substance of YOU is of timeless age. Sure, you have been recycled many times in many forms and guises but still, your substance is as old as creation and lasts until eternity, in some form or another.

I expect what was meant by the comment, "Ancient teachings don't work", refers to applying a human thought solution concept to a particular human manifested, perceived issue. If there were no humans, ideas and teachings of any kind would not be needed at all. Therefore all human ideas, notions, thoughts and visions exclusively support the benefit, need wants, desires or preference of humans only and have no good relevance to anything else.

Without humans the oak tree knows how to package young oak trees in a cunning nut. The fishes know to swim and the birds to fly. Blades of grass and posies know the ropes. The moon knows to circle about the earth... as the earth in concert with the moon... knows to circle about the sun.

All but one in creation harmonizes, synchronizes, gives and takes with equal hand since ancient times. Regardless of period, a good human thought is, “Let's fit into what is, to become one with all, to thrive and survive harmoniously”.

This is an ancient human thought and teaching, and it is GOOD.

Good ideas don't work, through choice! This is not a reflection on the idea; it is a reflection on our will to want it to.

Ancient ideas can work very, very well... we must be new, and want good – NOT!

Why not?

Now there is THE question. Takers, anyone?

Love Light Laughter and WONDER

Doug ~(WW)~

Most Beautiful Experience    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Tween    (all articles by this author)

I just made an offhand wisecrack in a response that used the term "brain dead" lightly. It triggered this memory of the so-called reality of the expression, which is anything but light.
Some years ago, I went to a sales appointment at a home totally unknown to me previously. A ten year old boy, we will call Javier, answered the door and explained that his brother, aged 16 had set the appointment but he wasn't in. But he invited me in, I thought to reschedule at the moment. He introduced me to his mother who spoke no English. She wanted me to go on with the presentation. Hum.... I speak no Spanish. Javier said no problem he would interpret. Of course, he didn't know what he was getting into and I was surely wasting my time from a sales perspective. To shorten the story, let's just say, I've seldom enjoyed myself more than when I presented and he translated back and forth. His mother was wonderful. He was one of the most delightful bright eyed kids I had ever been around.
Okay, call back tomorrow after they had told father and brother about my presentation. Yeah, right, but I had a great time. The next day when I called a daughter-in-law said the rest of the family was at the hospital. Javier had had a stroke in the night and was in a coma as she understood it. NO! This isn't possible.
Against all my best judgment I went to the hospital. You got it, intensive care, family only, etc. Even though I mispronounced the last name, I got instructions to his room. When the family turned to me standing in the doorway, I had to ask myself what I was doing here. Mrs. Q saw me and dragged me into the room, arms around me, to Javier's bedside. Only after she told me (in Spanish) her unimaginable pain of this and her joy at seeing me (why?), did she turn and introduce me to the rest of the family standing there. Their reaction to me seemed to interpret all she had just said. They were all so glad I was there. Why? At the time I didn't care as there was something going on with me inside that was indescribable and could not be denied.
The next day I went back. His mother was alone with Javier and even more glad to see me. While she slipped out to the bathroom I stood beside the bed and held Javier's hand taking in all the ominous tubes and monitors connected to him. I blocked it all out and said, "I need to know if you are still here." The answer was affirmative. No doubt, whatsoever.
That evening I asked the All should I butt out. What I had in mind would be terrible if he would only be a vegetable at best. The next morning, as often happened after a question, the answer was waiting when I awoke. Go ahead. I spent most all of everyday at the hospital. Each time I was alone with Javier, I took his hand and asked him to come back. Weeks passed, when nurses that might send me away came in I pretended not to speak English and they left me alone. A Spanish community representative and interpreter for the family visited and asked how Mrs Q and I communicated all day long, often alone together. I could not tell her it was the same way I communicate with Javier when we are alone together. The daughter-in-law was the one to confess that she knew I knew something. So, I told her Javier would come out of the coma, but I made no attempt to explain how I could know. She accepted that I knew and told the rest of them.
About the third week they moved him to a less than intensive care unit. They were writing him off. I and the nurses who paid the most attention to him had seen movement, only the tiniest in his fingers and toes. Soon, I caught the neurologist in charge when he came by the room. I asked that he order physical therapy for Javier. He wanted to assure me in his most condescending superior way that Javier was "brain dead". They had tested him repeatedly and there was no brain wave activity indicating he would ever come out of this. The movements were meaningless reflex twitches. Then told me I should leave as I was not family.
Mrs. Q let him have it (in Spanish). He got the message. I therefore was allowed to present to him that there could be no harm in the therapy, just in case. I thought it fell on deaf ears until I returned the next day to find they had begun the physical therapy. When the doctor came by he explained that the nurses had pleaded the movement may not be twitches. He still thought it was a lost cause. So, being shy as I am :), I went for one more. Told him if he believed nothing mattered then he should cut Javier's seizure medication. No way. Period.
After another few weeks they moved him to a regular room. The family spent a lot of time in the lounge one door over and I was allowed to spend more time alone with Javier. By this time another of Javier's brothers from Los Angeles had shown up and just happened to be a medical doctor, licensed in Columbia but not this country. I discussed my theory about the seizure meds with him and he went to the neurologist and said the family insists the meds be cut. Reluctantly the Dr. went along with it.
Javier came out of the comma almost immediately. We had great times, relearning every motion, speech, you name it. As the medical profession explains it, he had to use undamaged, previously unused brain cells and relearn everything from scratch. The brightness in his eyes was the only thing recognizable in the beginning. There was a day when his mother insisted on feeding him when he had been making wonderful progress. She was holding on to her baby and would try to keep him such as if it would keep him with her. I could not deal with this nor attempt to discourage her. It was time for me to move on.
When he was released from the hospital, walking and talking, the Spanish community had a huge party. I was invited and went. I later ran into the interpreter who had been at the hospital. She filled in the rest of the story to that point some 3-4 years later. Javier had fully recovered, was caught up on school work, the family had moved to LA and he had had another stroke. The family had no hope, this time.

Cherokee Angel Of Rescue - Part I    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

The Mysterious "Lady In Black".

( c ) 2001
Mark Andrews

Aloft and silent she rides the wind. Her wings at length, her spirit at peace.
She can see all from the clouds, but she hears from her heart.
Following the voice of The Good Shepherd, she tends His sheep.
With the force of the hawk and the touch of the dove, she answers the calls of souls adrift in the storm.

To Father God
To Mother Earth
To The Great Spirit
In All.

You have probably seen her story depicted on any of a number of programs: Unsolved Mysteries, Sightings, The Other Side, and most recently on Lifetime's "Beyond Chance". She is the angelic being (dressed in black, carrying a Bible and a silver cross) who came to the rescue of a man clinically dead from a lightning strike. She gave him back his life. She quietly steps into our world, performs miracles of love, and quickly returns to Spirit.
I have been fascinated with her ever since she came to answer my prayer. Following the first re-enactment of the story of Bob Davidson's miraculous recovery from the lightning strike (as told by Randy Neibert - EMT - and his family on Sightings in 1995). I contacted Randy to let him know that he and I have a common friend. Randy and I immediately became friends and began an extensive research into the identity of our angelic visitor. The details of the life that we have uncovered might surprise you. Then again, you may not be surprised at all.
Randy and I have come to know her as "Margaret".
You may know her as "The Lady In Black".

June 28, 1980

Bob Davidson, a volunteer fire fighter from Mansfield, Ohio, was riding his motorcycle Northwest through Indiana on Interstate 74 at about 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
The ferocity of the developing thunder storm caused him to pull to the side of the highway at the 100 mile marker, in order to put on protective rain gear stored in the cycle's trunk.
As his feet touched the pavement, Bob was struck by a bolt of lightning. A passing motorist witnessed the event and called for help.
The 100 mile marker sits almost right on the Marion / Shelby County line. The call was given to the nearest available Marion County unit; the Acton Volunteer Fire Department. On call that day were Richard Neibert; his son, Randy, and daughter Kim.
The three responded to the call in one of the department's brand new emergency rescue ambulances. It was a "top of the line", fully charged rescue vehicle. Nothing about it should have failed.
As they arrived at the scene of the lightning strike, it quickly became clear to everyone present that the victim was (by all measures) dead on the spot. Others had arrived (including Indiana State Police and EMTs from the Acton Department). One of the attending EMTs was getting no vital signs of any kind from the body lying in the rain soaked grass.
Kim reported that blue smoke was smoldering out of the strike point on Bob's body. Randy noted that the force of the strike had literally blown Bob's shoes off of his feet. The rescue team was going to have to report to the approaching hospital helicopter that the victim would be D.O.A..
The intensity of the storm has not let up. Rain continued to fall on top of the already accumulated 2 inches on the surface of the pavement.
Randy prayed silently from his heart for a miracle for the corpse in front of him.
Just as quickly, all power to the fully charged ambulance went dead. There was not even the reserve "back up" power that should have been available. Kim and Randy knelt in the darkness of the battering storm, beside the lifeless body.
Then, they heard a woman's voice as she pleaded with a restraining State Police officer. "I must touch him !" "I can save his life." "You must let me touch him." "I must touch the ground."
Randy and Kim looked up to see a Native American woman dressed in a black, full length dress from the 19th Century. She carried a black Bible in one hand and a silver cross in the other. The restraining officer looked to Randy for advice. Randy said to him, "You might as well let her try, he's already dead. "
The officer complied, and the woman knelt over Bob's body, right next to Randy. She placed her left hand on Bob's chest and with the Bible in her right hand began saying the words to the 23rd Psalm. As she spoke the words of the Psalm, she repeatedly struck the Bible to the ground.
She then began a chant in a Native language that was so powerful that Randy said that the hair on the back of his neck "froze". Even today (when he comes to this point in the story) Randy "shakes" and his eyes swell.
As the chanting continued, Randy noticed that despite the still pouring rain, the woman showed no evidence of being wet. Her long, flowing black hair was perfectly dry; as was her dress, her laced boots, her Bible and cross, and all exposed parts of her skin.
The woman then abruptly stopped her chanting. She raised the Bible to her chest and looked at Randy with a smile. She stood up and just walked away.
All power was immediately and inexplicably restored to the ambulance.
"We've got a pulse!", one of the EMTs joyfully cried out. Randy turned to thank the mysterious woman, but she was nowhere to be seen. And no one, not even the police, had seen her leave.

(More to follow in the next edition of Project X Newsletter)

Of Horses and Fields    (view on a separate page) (more articles about literature)
Author: Fahr    (all articles by this author)

In Scotland the journey began
As I mounted my horse,
Of  black Arabian force
In Rome, it was to end

Why, I do not recall
Then I looked the last time
At my souls inner rime;
The beautiful eyes of my gal

Oh, how could I resist
To take her with me
On my long journey
And thus I did insist

I put her besides me
And together we did ride
Into the endless twilight
Together we were free

The plains of Europe
Stretched out to us
Soft winds in gusts
Filled us with hope

Full peace was in us
And supreme happiness
No feelings to suppress
And then came the dusk

A new day then arose
Full of sun and divine
On the plains it did shine
And endlessly we rode

The journey took long
Too long to be good
But never my mood
Changed to be wrong

We just rode
And never we found
A way safe and sound
Or a right road

Strangely, I never feared
That we were so lost
And the nightly frost
Well, it never appeared

The horse never tired
And it never turned night
Just an endless twilight
Magical, without fright
And its sun did no longer
Burn on my hide
And we did just ride
In our paradise

And then I must have realized
That halfway our journey we

But how can one tells if one died
When one is already in paradise
When one dies
For we were each others

Just to ride...

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