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Cherokee Angel Of Rescue - Part I

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: July 31, 2001

The Mysterious "Lady In Black".

( c ) 2001

Mark Andrews

Aloft and silent she rides the wind. Her wings at length, her spirit at peace.

She can see all from the clouds, but she hears from her heart.

Following the voice of The Good Shepherd, she tends His sheep.

With the force of the hawk and the touch of the dove, she answers the calls of souls adrift in the storm.

To Father God

To Mother Earth

To The Great Spirit

In All.

You have probably seen her story depicted on any of a number of programs: Unsolved Mysteries, Sightings, The Other Side, and most recently on Lifetime's "Beyond Chance". She is the angelic being (dressed in black, carrying a Bible and a silver cross) who came to the rescue of a man clinically dead from a lightning strike. She gave him back his life. She quietly steps into our world, performs miracles of love, and quickly returns to Spirit.

I have been fascinated with her ever since she came to answer my prayer. Following the first re-enactment of the story of Bob Davidson's miraculous recovery from the lightning strike (as told by Randy Neibert - EMT - and his family on Sightings in 1995). I contacted Randy to let him know that he and I have a common friend. Randy and I immediately became friends and began an extensive research into the identity of our angelic visitor. The details of the life that we have uncovered might surprise you. Then again, you may not be surprised at all.

Randy and I have come to know her as "Margaret".

You may know her as "The Lady In Black".

June 28, 1980

Bob Davidson, a volunteer fire fighter from Mansfield, Ohio, was riding his motorcycle Northwest through Indiana on Interstate 74 at about 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

The ferocity of the developing thunder storm caused him to pull to the side of the highway at the 100 mile marker, in order to put on protective rain gear stored in the cycle's trunk.

As his feet touched the pavement, Bob was struck by a bolt of lightning. A passing motorist witnessed the event and called for help.

The 100 mile marker sits almost right on the Marion / Shelby County line. The call was given to the nearest available Marion County unit; the Acton Volunteer Fire Department. On call that day were Richard Neibert; his son, Randy, and daughter Kim.

The three responded to the call in one of the department's brand new emergency rescue ambulances. It was a "top of the line", fully charged rescue vehicle. Nothing about it should have failed.

As they arrived at the scene of the lightning strike, it quickly became clear to everyone present that the victim was (by all measures) dead on the spot. Others had arrived (including Indiana State Police and EMTs from the Acton Department). One of the attending EMTs was getting no vital signs of any kind from the body lying in the rain soaked grass.

Kim reported that blue smoke was smoldering out of the strike point on Bob's body. Randy noted that the force of the strike had literally blown Bob's shoes off of his feet. The rescue team was going to have to report to the approaching hospital helicopter that the victim would be D.O.A..

The intensity of the storm has not let up. Rain continued to fall on top of the already accumulated 2 inches on the surface of the pavement.

Randy prayed silently from his heart for a miracle for the corpse in front of him.

Just as quickly, all power to the fully charged ambulance went dead. There was not even the reserve "back up" power that should have been available. Kim and Randy knelt in the darkness of the battering storm, beside the lifeless body.

Then, they heard a woman's voice as she pleaded with a restraining State Police officer. "I must touch him !" "I can save his life." "You must let me touch him." "I must touch the ground."

Randy and Kim looked up to see a Native American woman dressed in a black, full length dress from the 19th Century. She carried a black Bible in one hand and a silver cross in the other. The restraining officer looked to Randy for advice. Randy said to him, "You might as well let her try, he's already dead. "

The officer complied, and the woman knelt over Bob's body, right next to Randy. She placed her left hand on Bob's chest and with the Bible in her right hand began saying the words to the 23rd Psalm. As she spoke the words of the Psalm, she repeatedly struck the Bible to the ground.

She then began a chant in a Native language that was so powerful that Randy said that the hair on the back of his neck "froze". Even today (when he comes to this point in the story) Randy "shakes" and his eyes swell.

As the chanting continued, Randy noticed that despite the still pouring rain, the woman showed no evidence of being wet. Her long, flowing black hair was perfectly dry; as was her dress, her laced boots, her Bible and cross, and all exposed parts of her skin.

The woman then abruptly stopped her chanting. She raised the Bible to her chest and looked at Randy with a smile. She stood up and just walked away.

All power was immediately and inexplicably restored to the ambulance.

"We've got a pulse!", one of the EMTs joyfully cried out. Randy turned to thank the mysterious woman, but she was nowhere to be seen. And no one, not even the police, had seen her leave.

(More to follow in the next edition of Project X Newsletter)

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #60

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