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Brain Wave Diary

Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: July 31, 2001

Reference: “Brain Wave Diary” (June 21, 2001)

Vantage is irrelevant, good is simply good.

I credit this piece to the person who replied to one of my notes by saying, "Ancient teachings don't work!"

This may be fair enough comment, although a little sweeping in scope perhaps.

Still, the statement did get me thinking about ancient ideas and teachings.

One perspective, (my favorite), is; EVERYTHING... all possibilities of matter and energy are all the same age originating simultaneously at the moment of "creation".

Therefore everything absolute, virtual or envision-able is old as old can be.

There cannot be anything new. There is only ancient, or at least original! There are "newly" created things resulting from ongoing ancient processes but these are the natural result of original ideas working, not new possibilities at all.

"Newly discovered" is as close as we humans can come to claiming anything as "new". Whether a human did or didn't discover "new" things, the nature and content of the discovery always existed. There are only ancient ideas, newly found. Gravity slept right through Newton's discovery of it, relativity yawned at Einstein.

Even the substance of YOU is of timeless age. Sure, you have been recycled many times in many forms and guises but still, your substance is as old as creation and lasts until eternity, in some form or another.

I expect what was meant by the comment, "Ancient teachings don't work", refers to applying a human thought solution concept to a particular human manifested, perceived issue. If there were no humans, ideas and teachings of any kind would not be needed at all. Therefore all human ideas, notions, thoughts and visions exclusively support the benefit, need wants, desires or preference of humans only and have no good relevance to anything else.

Without humans the oak tree knows how to package young oak trees in a cunning nut. The fishes know to swim and the birds to fly. Blades of grass and posies know the ropes. The moon knows to circle about the earth... as the earth in concert with the moon... knows to circle about the sun.

All but one in creation harmonizes, synchronizes, gives and takes with equal hand since ancient times. Regardless of period, a good human thought is, “Let's fit into what is, to become one with all, to thrive and survive harmoniously”.

This is an ancient human thought and teaching, and it is GOOD.

Good ideas don't work, through choice! This is not a reflection on the idea; it is a reflection on our will to want it to.

Ancient ideas can work very, very well... we must be new, and want good – NOT!

Why not?

Now there is THE question. Takers, anyone?

Love Light Laughter and WONDER

Doug ~(WW)~

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #60

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