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Of Horses and Fields

Author: Fahr    (all articles by this author)
Published on: July 31, 2001

In Scotland the journey began

As I mounted my horse,

Of  black Arabian force

In Rome, it was to end

Why, I do not recall

Then I looked the last time

At my souls inner rime;

The beautiful eyes of my gal

Oh, how could I resist

To take her with me

On my long journey

And thus I did insist

I put her besides me

And together we did ride

Into the endless twilight

Together we were free

The plains of Europe

Stretched out to us

Soft winds in gusts

Filled us with hope

Full peace was in us

And supreme happiness

No feelings to suppress

And then came the dusk

A new day then arose

Full of sun and divine

On the plains it did shine

And endlessly we rode

The journey took long

Too long to be good

But never my mood

Changed to be wrong

We just rode

And never we found

A way safe and sound

Or a right road

Strangely, I never feared

That we were so lost

And the nightly frost

Well, it never appeared

The horse never tired

And it never turned night

Just an endless twilight

Magical, without fright

And its sun did no longer

Burn on my hide

And we did just ride

In our paradise

And then I must have realized

That halfway our journey we


But how can one tells if one died

When one is already in paradise

When one dies

For we were each others



Just to ride...

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #60

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