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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #58

May 27, 2001

1. Opening Words - Alexander Aldarow
2. The Sleeper Awakens Within The Dream - Asoka Selvarajah
3. World Earth Healing Day - Leigh
4. Is "God"? - Mark Andrews
5. The Animal Experience - Tween
6. The Arrival - Mark Andrews

Opening Words    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

"Hey, Alex, update the Project X website from time to time!"

Life. Life, and Universe, and Spirit - these are the things, along with my own will, of course - that are in charge of new additions, of providing me with new insights and experiences. For some all these sayings may appear redundant, but The Universe truly provides you with anything you need - and even beyond, with surprises you could never expected. And, despite the fact that some of the surprises appear nasty and cruel at first, eventually, one has to agree that s/he has learnt a great deal from them. Such was my case...

So, should I leave you with this cliffhanger, a small promo for the series of experiences I underwent approximately a month ago? How about, instead, I propose to read my entire diary? I've finally uploaded it to the website, the link is; your feedback and opinions are truly appreciated. That is the major addition to Project X website - as well as a major change in my life, that lead to a new life...

More news from our on-line community, before we go on - our chat channel has switched networks, see our website for details. Don't be shy, and come over for a visit.

Love and Light to you, fellow Souls.

The Sleeper Awakens Within The Dream    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Asoka Selvarajah    (all articles by this author)

When we awaken from dreams, we realize that they were not real, but entirely of our own creation. In a dream, you are the participant as well as the creator of all the other characters and the settings. In like manner, everyday reality can also be viewed from this dream perspective; a dream from which each of us will one day awaken to realize that this too was an illusion of earthly consciousness.

Yet, many things in everyday existence do have apparent reality. There are many things we can all independently agree upon. So, if this is the case, who is doing the dreaming?

The answer may be that we all are - collectively. If we are the Universe, as well as essentially being spiritually One - indivisibly part of the Source/God/Creator of all - then we can conclude that we co-create the joint dream-reality we all participate in and perceive around us.

It is our spiritual life task to gradually awaken within the dream. At this point, we will be fully spiritually aware, seeing things as they really are and not with distorted perceptions. Then, if we participate in this world of forms and shadows, it will be through conscious choice; a full awareness that make our best present efforts resemble deepest slumber.

But what is the purpose of this complex interwoven dance we call life? Why did we manifest in this manner? The stories of esoteric spiritual teachings can help here. For example, the Garden of Eden story teaches that through tasting the apple of the knowledge of Good and Evil, we lost sight of the Divine Consciousness, and were sent into exile from true reality into this world of dreams.

What is the symbolic significance of the apple of the knowledge of Good and Evil? It represents the choice to live through misperception, and to view life from the standpoint of Duality and Division; Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, Life and Death, etc. Instead of participating in Unity consciousness, we choose Duality and are thus exiled from the divine spiritual perspective into this confusing world of ever moving shadows. We live in the world of Effects, without ever seeing the world of Causes.

Division entered and this was the Fall. We divided off from the divine part of ourselves and have ceased to even know it. Instead, we live in the world of shadows, obsessed with duality, and seeing no further than our senses permit. The way back is guarded by an angel with a flaming sword, because the attainment of eternal life is impossible as long as we remain mired in temporal earthly things. Nothing mired in an earthly consciousness can have any share in eternity.

At yet another level, the reality we see around us is the direct result of our individual karma, the group karma of our race and nation, as well as the collective karma of humanity. Life is a huge learning arena, set into play by ourselves for ourselves in order to stimulate our own awakening. However long it takes for this to occur is precisely how long it WILL take for each and every one of us.

Does this mean that the universe does not exist and is totally a creation of our minds? From an earthly perspective, it clearly does exist and possesses certain objective truths that we can agree upon that can be measured. Yet, even at the earthly level, the universe can be rightly called illusory in the sense that all is not as it appears. It may exist but it is certainly not the way we think it is. For example, the everyday objects we judge as solid are mostly empty space. Our senses do perceive and make sense of what is "out there" beyond our own bodies, but do not define it. A map is NOT the territory. A cat, a fly, a bird and a human may look upon the same scene and sense entirely different realities. Which is right? In truth, all are nothing more than interpretations of the unknowable shifting realm "out there".

So, from an earthly perspective, the world does have many elements of objective reality, whilst also simultaneously having many illusory sides to it. Ultimately, we may find it is composed of nothing at all except pure Thought and Mind. The universe is increasingly giving this impression at present, as our scientific techniques become ever more refined, and our instruments probe ever deeper in search of the essence of truth.

Spiritually, it definitely does appear that we participate and co-create in what we see around us. It is primarily our duality-oriented vision that causes us to see only in terms of right/wrong, good/evil, civilized/ignorant, life/death. From the undivided perspective of pure divine consciousness, all is as it should be. Nothing ever really dies, but merely changes state. Indeed, death is a necessary part of life itself. Life itself would be impossible without death. Seeing them as opposites or antagonists is the classic example of dualistic thinking.

Your purpose then should be to work within the world system, and the lessons it presents, in order to liberate your thinking and achieve the consciousness that sees all things as they really are. Deep pondering can assist this. Meditation will also break down the barriers. A willingness to perceive people and reality as they really are, without any judgments or dualistic notions, will definitely speed up your awakening.

In addition, refusal to participate in unhelpful attitudes or behavior will not only help you, but will subtly alter the fabric of the world we are all co-creating. If you see war outside of yourself, but do not see it in your very heart, you are truly blind to causes. If you see it within and eradicate it, then you make it easier to eradicate without. World change starts with personal change, and a correct perspective on "What Is"; willingness to change what you can and wisdom to let be what is beyond your control. What is within you is definitely within your power to control and master.

Copyright 2001. Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.
Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is an active writer/researcher on personal development and esoteric spirituality. Asoka's work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their understanding of mystical truth, and find joy in their true soul's purpose.

Subscribe to his FREE ezine, Aspire To Wisdom, and receive his brand new E-Book "Inner Light Outer Wealth" for FREE at:
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World Earth Healing Day    (view on a separate page)
Author: Leigh    (all articles by this author)

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce that the sixth World Earth Healing Day will take place on June 21. World Earth Healing Day is a global linkup for world peace and healing, which links up many thousands of people across the world in meditation, prayer, and mindful activity to help raise world consciousness and further world healing. By dedicating a day to this process, and establishing one or more linkup times, we provide an opportunity for a concentrated focus of positive thought, feeling, and action to be created and held by large numbers of people around the world at the same time.

On June 21 you are invited to join people around the world in three simultaneous worldwide linkups. The first will take place at 7.30 AN GMT (8.30 AM in the UK); the second will take place at 11.50 AM GMT (12.50 AM in the UK), during a solar eclipse; and the third will take place at 7 PM GMT (8 PM in the UK). Please note that the UK will be observing daylight saving time which is an hour ahead of GMT. Each linkup will last for at least 20 minutes. During this time you can meditate, pray, dance, sing, sit quietly, or perform a symbolic act. Whatever you do, and wherever you are, dedicate your intent to the expansion of love and awareness on the Planet, and as you contemplate your connection with all things, sense the ripples of what you do spreading outwards to uplift all.

Please take the time to visit the World Earth Healing Day website at

Here you will find further information, including:

An astrological reading of this special day Leaflets and press releases in twelve different languages A list of locations covered by participants (we would love you to add to these) Free World Earth Healing Day greeting cards to print out A free World Earth Healing Day electronic greeting card and message service Details of the beautiful World Earth Healing Day CD An online jigsaw puzzle for children or the child in you.

Please do what you can to help raise awareness of this important day and to make a world of peace and healing a more probable reality through your participation. We are the weavers of the web. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Let us do what we can to take our collective consciousness forward towards a critical mass of realization. Let the love in our hearts continue to awaken. We are more powerful than we believe.

May Peace and Love Prevail

World Earth Healing Day

Is "God"?    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

Have you ever held a 7 in your hand?... Have you ever bought a pound of 3? Have you ever picked a bushel of zeros?
Numbers are abstract concepts that have no substance outside of the mind of the conceiver. And yet, mankind has used this collective concept to build entire civilizations.
Today's computers and the internet are based upon (and function because of) the shared thought that conceives the concept of numbers; NOT by matters of material substance.
And yet, there is a SOMETHING that makes numbers a workable tool within the physical universe.
Does that question have an oddly familiar ring to it?
Isn't that another way of pondering the reality of a First Cause; a "Force", a Creator?... A "God" ?
Our concept of numbers is actually a time-tested belief based on an intangible reality. That reality is the all-prevailing presence of creative vibrations... vibrations of the Creative Force of the Universe. That Creative Force exists first in the realm of thought, and expresses Itself through energy; and then into matter and form.

There is an INTELLIGENCE behind the vibrational patterns of our creative reality.

But it is a CONSCIOUS intelligence that takes on matter to form the physical universe.

Have you ever bought a gallon of intelligence? Have you ever gathered a bucket-full of consciousness?

And yet, it is through CONSCIOUS INTELLIGENCE that mankind has learned to harness fire, and to send spacecraft beyond our solar system.

There is an independent, self- aware Conscious Intelligence from which mankind has DRAWN its concepts for scientific advances.

Have you ever dissected a cube of LOVE ?

And yet, LOVE is the most driving, the most compelling, the most sought- after vibrational reality in the history of humanity. Love is the nurturing force that directs the movement of energies, and the patterns of creation.

Thus, these things abide beyond the control of the human brain, and direct our individual and collective experience:

These are the qualities of a First Cause Creational Force.

But LOVE is the proof of God.

There are those who believe that our ideas of a "God" are based on regions of the brain that produce concentrations of chemicals that provide us with euphoric, transcendental, "highs".
These regions have been dubbed "The God part of the brain."

Yes, these areas do exist, and they do indeed produce varying levels of euphoric chemical reactions.

But it's not the "God part of the BRAIN; It's the brain part of GOD.

The Animal Experience    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Tween    (all articles by this author)

Once while painting the outside of my house, I had to remove some ornamental shutters beside the windows. Thinking I had been careful to save this long enough for bird nests to be abandoned I was disturbed to find a nest with tiny babies when I removed the shutter next to my bedroom window. Panic! What to do? I hung a flower pot holder from the eave and placed the nest and tiny babies as nearly as I could where they had been, minus the shutter. My husband agreed that it may be wasted effort. We had both heard that the mother will not return with human "scent" or whatever it is contaminating the babies or even eggs if that had been the case. I fed them smashed grains with eyedropper through the bedroom window opened from the top. The second day I noticed the mother sitting on the adjacent roof edge watching me when I came to tend her babies. I thought this is ridiculous. To her I thought "if everything I believe about the oneness is true then you can know I will not harm you or your babies and you may return to the nest." She did. As the babies grew she didn't even mind if I put the ladder up outside and took them from the nest. She would only back away to the roof edge while I took my turn. It was as if we shared this miracle of her children.
The next time I noticed this connection with the All being born out was at a campground with friends, when two tiny fawns tottered nearby. The owner of the campground explained that the mothers had been shot and they had fed the babies and although they were quite tame they would keep a certain distance, instinctively, he thought. These were the loveliest things I had ever seen and like everyone else in our group, I was smitten. As I sat there thinking how blessed I was to be in their presence, they both came to me to nuzzle my knees. One friend quietly exclaimed to the owner, "no they are not afraid." And to me, "let me" and approached carefully to pet them. They both scooted out of touching range. If my friend retreated and I extended my hand palm down, they returned to nuzzle.
Another time walking in the woods with my Great Dane leading and husband along side and cat bringing up the rear, I noticed the cat wasn't keeping up as usual and I went back to check. She had caught a chipmunk. I picked up my cat and sat her aside so the chipmunk could escape. He seemed to be frozen in fear or injured as he didn't move. I lifted him up and found he was okay and held him near a tree branch to escape. He didn't take the branch but ran up my arm instead to my shoulder. My husband had come back by then and asked how I got the animal to do that. I had a camera hanging around my neck and removed it, handed it to my husband to take a picture. All the time the little fellow on my shoulder seemed quite at home and relaxed where he was. I have the pictures for this great memory. After a bit I lifted him and placed him on the branch and he watched us retreat. He sat there until the cat made another pounce, then the chipmunk bounded further into the tree branches.
I seldom got to see the deer up close on my walks because the Dane loved to give chase. One day while taking a meditation break, she had fallen asleep and I became aware of the approaching deer. I thought "sleep, sleep good dog" and the three deer walked within five feet of me noting my presence and passing by without any alarm while the dog slept. Another time while driving a gravel road a huge buck stopped in front of my car. I stopped and we watched each other for several long moments then he walked away into the woods. There was a message there and I missed it due to my preoccupation prior to the encounter. He was to tell me something, I was unreceptive.
Another time a black panther crossed the road in front of my truck. We do not have panthers (cougar, mountain lion, puma) in our area, the Game & Fish insist. And if we did, they would not be black unless escaped from zoo or someone's pet. But he was there. Passing through, I guess. But showed himself to me.
My daughter once noted that my animals don't act like the species are supposed to act. She pointed out that the parrot takes the milk bowl away from the cat while the cat is trying to drink from it. The dog will only chase the cat if the cat agrees to play. The cat comes when when I call her. The hummingbirds come to the glass to tell me when the feeder is empty. The dog protects the parrot as if it is her baby. Once had a chicken that flew to my shoulder for a ride while I checked for eggs even though it had been treated not diff. than the rest. I just said perhaps we don't know how animals are "supposed to act" and I let them do as they are rather than projecting my expectations.
I think I once communicated with the animals as part of my understanding that the knowledge is one with everything and in the case of animals, they don't have all our learned garbage getting in the way. Much easier than communicating with the average human, don't you think?
Have any of you experienced this type thing?

The Arrival    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)


"Hey ! There's somebody coming up the driveway !"

"Who is it?"

"I don't know."

"What are they driving?"

"......It looks like a planet!"

If you have ever tried to gather any truly solid information in any of the related fields that fall under the very broad umbrella of "ufology", then you must know the frustration that I so often feel.
It's like walking blind folded through a maze with walls that appear and disappear. Most frustrating of all is the fact that there are plenty of voices calling out to give you directions. It's just that you never know which ones are trying to guide you through the maze to the answer you seek, and which ones are determined to misguide you.
And so we go; "Onward through the fog". (A favorite quote of my Aussie UFO researcher friend, Charmaine.)

You would think that anyone with even a little common sense would have long ago abandoned such a seemingly fruitless quest.
I think that too. And I sometimes wish that I HAD that bounty of left-brain circuitry that could put an end to all of these rather maddening alien vexations.
But I don't. So onward I go through the fog; patiently (and impatiently) hoping for that elusive moment when it suddenly all makes sense so I can (once and for all) put the matter to rest and find agreeable earthly pursuits to replace my star-based obsessions.
Unfortunately, no such alternative (earth bound) obsessions exist; nor can they.
If you suddenly woke up aboard an alien transport ship, (in the company of other sleeping earthlings) and your alien observers told you that you could go back to sleep if you wish: Would you? / Could you?
OR, would you be compelled to try to understand the details of your suddenly realized situation?
( Where am I? ... How did we get here?... Where are we going? Who are THEY?... What are their plans for US ?... What does this all mean?)
Hardly questions that lend themselves to being "slept on".
That's how it is once you awake to the realizations that come from UFO inquiries.
You step through the conceptual portal, and there's just no going back to "sleep".

And so today, Saturday, May 26, 2001 come the reports that a "new member to our solar system" has been photographed by astronomers around the world.

A new "member" ???

That's not as simple a matter as a new member being added to your stamp collectors' club or cheerleading squad.
A "new member to our solar system" - no matter how gingerly put - has implications that stagger and redirect our cozy earthly thought patterns.
Drawing from my 25-plus years of whistling my way through the fog of ufology, here's how I find myself reacting to that statement, and to "the arrival".

"It's most likely NIBIRU; a planet sized space transport operated by the ANNUNAKI. (See attached URL) If so, then they last passed this way 3,600 years ago.

Many have already correlated theories that "something" new to our solar system has been responsible for earth's recent weather anomalies.

But I think it more likely that the return of Nibiru is timed to correspond with earth's entry into a spacial sector of accelerating "photonic" energy fields.

The Annunaki look like us because they genetically engineered our ancestors to look like them.

Nibiru may well be the "Wormwood" spoken of in the Book of Revelations.

We also find ourselves in a pre-contact situation with another (non-human) group known as the Verdant.

Are the Annunaki and the Verdant both part of the "Galactic Federation" ? Or are we about to be caught in the cross-fire of a conflict for dominion of earth? (Following our planet's entry into the Photon Belt)

Where does the Dracon Empire fit in to all of this? (The tall white-skinned reptilians who are said to have laid claim to our solar system.)

And what of the Zeta- Reticulins? (The Greys) Will they be willing to lend us a hand if the shooting should start?

And then there are the Pleadian, Sirian, Polarian, Arcturan, Mitan, and other human worlds. What can we expect from them?

And would there be any reason at all to consider the Insectoid races in this whole matter? (- Friend or foe - ???)

So, do you see how a little ufology can stir up a bevy of otherwise un-askable (and profoundly perplexing) questions?
But if you are one of those who could easily accept the aforementioned analogical invitation to go back to sleep, then do so now.
By the looks of things, it will only lead to a rude awakening.

"Onward through the (dissipating) fog!"

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