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Is "God"?

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 27, 2001

Have you ever held a 7 in your hand?... Have you ever bought a pound of 3? Have you ever picked a bushel of zeros?

Numbers are abstract concepts that have no substance outside of the mind of the conceiver. And yet, mankind has used this collective concept to build entire civilizations.

Today's computers and the internet are based upon (and function because of) the shared thought that conceives the concept of numbers; NOT by matters of material substance.

And yet, there is a SOMETHING that makes numbers a workable tool within the physical universe.


Does that question have an oddly familiar ring to it?

Isn't that another way of pondering the reality of a First Cause; a "Force", a Creator?... A "God" ?

Our concept of numbers is actually a time-tested belief based on an intangible reality. That reality is the all-prevailing presence of creative vibrations... vibrations of the Creative Force of the Universe. That Creative Force exists first in the realm of thought, and expresses Itself through energy; and then into matter and form.

There is an INTELLIGENCE behind the vibrational patterns of our creative reality.

But it is a CONSCIOUS intelligence that takes on matter to form the physical universe.

Have you ever bought a gallon of intelligence? Have you ever gathered a bucket-full of consciousness?

And yet, it is through CONSCIOUS INTELLIGENCE that mankind has learned to harness fire, and to send spacecraft beyond our solar system.

There is an independent, self- aware Conscious Intelligence from which mankind has DRAWN its concepts for scientific advances.

Have you ever dissected a cube of LOVE ?

And yet, LOVE is the most driving, the most compelling, the most sought- after vibrational reality in the history of humanity. Love is the nurturing force that directs the movement of energies, and the patterns of creation.

Thus, these things abide beyond the control of the human brain, and direct our individual and collective experience:






These are the qualities of a First Cause Creational Force.

But LOVE is the proof of God.

There are those who believe that our ideas of a "God" are based on regions of the brain that produce concentrations of chemicals that provide us with euphoric, transcendental, "highs".

These regions have been dubbed "The God part of the brain."

Yes, these areas do exist, and they do indeed produce varying levels of euphoric chemical reactions.

But it's not the "God part of the BRAIN; It's the brain part of GOD.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #58

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