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The Animal Experience

Author: Tween    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 27, 2001

Once while painting the outside of my house, I had to remove some ornamental shutters beside the windows. Thinking I had been careful to save this long enough for bird nests to be abandoned I was disturbed to find a nest with tiny babies when I removed the shutter next to my bedroom window. Panic! What to do? I hung a flower pot holder from the eave and placed the nest and tiny babies as nearly as I could where they had been, minus the shutter. My husband agreed that it may be wasted effort. We had both heard that the mother will not return with human "scent" or whatever it is contaminating the babies or even eggs if that had been the case. I fed them smashed grains with eyedropper through the bedroom window opened from the top. The second day I noticed the mother sitting on the adjacent roof edge watching me when I came to tend her babies. I thought this is ridiculous. To her I thought "if everything I believe about the oneness is true then you can know I will not harm you or your babies and you may return to the nest." She did. As the babies grew she didn't even mind if I put the ladder up outside and took them from the nest. She would only back away to the roof edge while I took my turn. It was as if we shared this miracle of her children.

The next time I noticed this connection with the All being born out was at a campground with friends, when two tiny fawns tottered nearby. The owner of the campground explained that the mothers had been shot and they had fed the babies and although they were quite tame they would keep a certain distance, instinctively, he thought. These were the loveliest things I had ever seen and like everyone else in our group, I was smitten. As I sat there thinking how blessed I was to be in their presence, they both came to me to nuzzle my knees. One friend quietly exclaimed to the owner, "no they are not afraid." And to me, "let me" and approached carefully to pet them. They both scooted out of touching range. If my friend retreated and I extended my hand palm down, they returned to nuzzle.

Another time walking in the woods with my Great Dane leading and husband along side and cat bringing up the rear, I noticed the cat wasn't keeping up as usual and I went back to check. She had caught a chipmunk. I picked up my cat and sat her aside so the chipmunk could escape. He seemed to be frozen in fear or injured as he didn't move. I lifted him up and found he was okay and held him near a tree branch to escape. He didn't take the branch but ran up my arm instead to my shoulder. My husband had come back by then and asked how I got the animal to do that. I had a camera hanging around my neck and removed it, handed it to my husband to take a picture. All the time the little fellow on my shoulder seemed quite at home and relaxed where he was. I have the pictures for this great memory. After a bit I lifted him and placed him on the branch and he watched us retreat. He sat there until the cat made another pounce, then the chipmunk bounded further into the tree branches.

I seldom got to see the deer up close on my walks because the Dane loved to give chase. One day while taking a meditation break, she had fallen asleep and I became aware of the approaching deer. I thought "sleep, sleep good dog" and the three deer walked within five feet of me noting my presence and passing by without any alarm while the dog slept. Another time while driving a gravel road a huge buck stopped in front of my car. I stopped and we watched each other for several long moments then he walked away into the woods. There was a message there and I missed it due to my preoccupation prior to the encounter. He was to tell me something, I was unreceptive.

Another time a black panther crossed the road in front of my truck. We do not have panthers (cougar, mountain lion, puma) in our area, the Game & Fish insist. And if we did, they would not be black unless escaped from zoo or someone's pet. But he was there. Passing through, I guess. But showed himself to me.

My daughter once noted that my animals don't act like the species are supposed to act. She pointed out that the parrot takes the milk bowl away from the cat while the cat is trying to drink from it. The dog will only chase the cat if the cat agrees to play. The cat comes when when I call her. The hummingbirds come to the glass to tell me when the feeder is empty. The dog protects the parrot as if it is her baby. Once had a chicken that flew to my shoulder for a ride while I checked for eggs even though it had been treated not diff. than the rest. I just said perhaps we don't know how animals are "supposed to act" and I let them do as they are rather than projecting my expectations.

I think I once communicated with the animals as part of my understanding that the knowledge is one with everything and in the case of animals, they don't have all our learned garbage getting in the way. Much easier than communicating with the average human, don't you think?

Have any of you experienced this type thing?

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #58

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