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The Arrival

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 27, 2001


"Hey ! There's somebody coming up the driveway !"

"Who is it?"

"I don't know."

"What are they driving?"

"......It looks like a planet!"

If you have ever tried to gather any truly solid information in any of the related fields that fall under the very broad umbrella of "ufology", then you must know the frustration that I so often feel.

It's like walking blind folded through a maze with walls that appear and disappear. Most frustrating of all is the fact that there are plenty of voices calling out to give you directions. It's just that you never know which ones are trying to guide you through the maze to the answer you seek, and which ones are determined to misguide you.

And so we go; "Onward through the fog". (A favorite quote of my Aussie UFO researcher friend, Charmaine.)

You would think that anyone with even a little common sense would have long ago abandoned such a seemingly fruitless quest.

I think that too. And I sometimes wish that I HAD that bounty of left-brain circuitry that could put an end to all of these rather maddening alien vexations.

But I don't. So onward I go through the fog; patiently (and impatiently) hoping for that elusive moment when it suddenly all makes sense so I can (once and for all) put the matter to rest and find agreeable earthly pursuits to replace my star-based obsessions.

Unfortunately, no such alternative (earth bound) obsessions exist; nor can they.

If you suddenly woke up aboard an alien transport ship, (in the company of other sleeping earthlings) and your alien observers told you that you could go back to sleep if you wish: Would you? / Could you?

OR, would you be compelled to try to understand the details of your suddenly realized situation?

( Where am I? ... How did we get here?... Where are we going? Who are THEY?... What are their plans for US ?... What does this all mean?)

Hardly questions that lend themselves to being "slept on".

That's how it is once you awake to the realizations that come from UFO inquiries.

You step through the conceptual portal, and there's just no going back to "sleep".

And so today, Saturday, May 26, 2001 come the reports that a "new member to our solar system" has been photographed by astronomers around the world.

A new "member" ???

That's not as simple a matter as a new member being added to your stamp collectors' club or cheerleading squad.

A "new member to our solar system" - no matter how gingerly put - has implications that stagger and redirect our cozy earthly thought patterns.

Drawing from my 25-plus years of whistling my way through the fog of ufology, here's how I find myself reacting to that statement, and to "the arrival".

"It's most likely NIBIRU; a planet sized space transport operated by the ANNUNAKI. (See attached URL) If so, then they last passed this way 3,600 years ago.

Many have already correlated theories that "something" new to our solar system has been responsible for earth's recent weather anomalies.

But I think it more likely that the return of Nibiru is timed to correspond with earth's entry into a spacial sector of accelerating "photonic" energy fields.

The Annunaki look like us because they genetically engineered our ancestors to look like them.

Nibiru may well be the "Wormwood" spoken of in the Book of Revelations.

We also find ourselves in a pre-contact situation with another (non-human) group known as the Verdant.

Are the Annunaki and the Verdant both part of the "Galactic Federation" ? Or are we about to be caught in the cross-fire of a conflict for dominion of earth? (Following our planet's entry into the Photon Belt)

Where does the Dracon Empire fit in to all of this? (The tall white-skinned reptilians who are said to have laid claim to our solar system.)

And what of the Zeta- Reticulins? (The Greys) Will they be willing to lend us a hand if the shooting should start?

And then there are the Pleadian, Sirian, Polarian, Arcturan, Mitan, and other human worlds. What can we expect from them?

And would there be any reason at all to consider the Insectoid races in this whole matter? (- Friend or foe - ???)

So, do you see how a little ufology can stir up a bevy of otherwise un-askable (and profoundly perplexing) questions?

But if you are one of those who could easily accept the aforementioned analogical invitation to go back to sleep, then do so now.

By the looks of things, it will only lead to a rude awakening.

"Onward through the (dissipating) fog!"

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #58

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