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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #37

May 12, 2000

1. Opening Words: No evil (correspondence) - Alexander Aldarow
2. New Spiritual Poll - Alexander Aldarow
3. Changes Within and Without - Lady Isis
4. Your Psychic Aptitude - Mark Andrews
5. The OtherWorld - Kali DiMilo
6. Elijah's Story - Elijah
7. The last of "The Last War"
8. Closing Words

Opening Words: No evil (correspondence)    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

The sun rises above the horizon. Crimson-red at first, then attaining the lovely golden hue, its rays are chasing the darkness away, restoring peace and tranquility into the hearts of the awakening people. Somewhere in the distance, Bryan Adams sings, telling "Don't give it up."
Welcome to another day of the brilliant era we had luck to be born to! Welcome to yet another part of the continuity, to the 37th edition of our - and your - newsletter! Have you missed us since the last one? I know that we sure have missed you all!
If you have read my opening words in the previous issue, then you know the conclusions I've reached at the day of the Great Planetary Alignment. I didn't need further proofs to the realizations I've achieved, and yet they didn't linger to appear! Some hour after I posted issue # 36 two e-mails came, then later some more.
First, the one from Nancy. She's the one that told me to choose love and light over a battle with the darkness when I called everybody to arms, yet back then I chose to ignore her message. Now I'd like to use this opportunity and apologize for that again. Allow me to quote something from her last e-mail:
"KAL got his strong hold on Earth back in '83, not this year. Spirit is here with Darwin's presence on Earth, we are fine, because of this GODMAN who walks the Earth today, bringing through the Divine Nectar of SPIRIT'S LOVE from Sugmad/God."
The next one came from Pat Corvin:
"I have been following your newsletter and am very pleased to see you no longer need the battle. I had similar experiences with 'evil'. Even met it face to face, toe to toe, and realized - what a bunch of hooey! Although it did take me some time to get over my own limited thinking and reactions to it. I knew one day I would write you. Isn't it a nice feeling to exist for peace, love, light, etc., instead of battling with our family? :)
I have become lighthearted and now know I am safe from all harm and there is no competition in the light. We are all one. Nothing is what it seems and that's okay."
Last, but definitely not the least, is my old pal Phillip Freitas. He told me not to be a gloomy doomsayer, when I warned about the dangers of May the fifth two issues ago, and again, I was too eager to battle something that doesn't belong to my world, and I waved him off back then. This time he writes to me the following:
"I've been meaning to share some of my recent thoughts and dreams with your newsletter, but was distracted when I read the opening to the Project X 36th issue. I noticed many similarities with your opening words and my recent thoughts, and felt it would be much easier to comment on these ironies... just out of curiosity, did your pokemon partner have red hair? Blue-grey eyes? Anyway, I must agree with your thoughts on the enemy. It's no use trying to confront spiritual enemies whose goal is to enter the realities we share (especially the physical!!). By acknowledging these enemies, and consciously evading them or striking out at them, I believe we are effectively feeding them the faith and power they require! My faith in the Lord offers me all the protection I need. Anytime an enemy spiritual or otherwise attempts to confront me, all I ever need is to acknowledge my faith in God and myself. This is not to say that I will never have to openly battle any evils. I do believe it is a goal of theirs to fully enter our reality, but when this happens, I will not be alone, and it will be on my (our) familiar turf... until then, I will work under the guidance and protection of God to better myself, my faith, and my relationship with the kingdom."
I know how some of the readers may react. "This Aldarow guy is too lighthearted now, he has safely made through the 5.5.2000, while many others at this day felt weak, disoriented, even worse, were attacked." Trust me, my beloved ones, I know all about the dangers and the dark side. But for myself, I decided that it doesn't exist anymore. I cannot no longer afford spending energies in vain on confronting things that are not my goals. We mustn't live our spiritual lives with an orientation to the evil. This is something me and Rinor has concluded long ago. The enlightenment and the perception of the Universe are the things I cherish. Spiritual freedom is within the reach of each and every one of us. We mustn't prevent Light from coming into our lives, we cannot stop the natural cosmic flows by repeatedly banging our heads against the walls of the hell we tend to build for ourselves. With this in mind, let me turn your attention to Kali's case. She's the one who have told us of Ares tow issues ago, and her amazing experience in the OtherWorld, that she sent weeks ago, appears below. In short, the things she shared with me and OSix are das ones. She's being in a constant control by negative entities. They claim to be the ancient mythological gods, and the leader is the notorious Ares, who punishes Kali with physical illness and social reclusion. I thought to send her my previous article, and then her new e-mail appears. Apparently, she is subscribed to PXN, but Ares wanted her to stop. My words has caused him that. He said that I'm on my own right now. My words were a direct danger to his hold over poor Kali, for I basically told that Ares actually does not exist (and he doesn't). And then a couple of additional messages from Kali came. Whether it was my single article, or the light that humanity massively received at May the fifth, or a general failure of the supposed Old Ones, but Ares was overthrown. A turbulence was caused in Kali's inner world, with all the petty demons accusing each other. All in all, the "gods" told her that she is released now, but since the illness is terminal, her torment will soon end, as she joins Heaven. I personally would like to ask you all to say a prayer for her. Although it always saddened me to read her words, I'm glad that she's finally grasping some sort of personal identity and freedom.
One last word before we move to the other writers. Many ask me about my beliefs, and I'm never tiring to respond: I accept all the known religions and systems of beliefs, I respect them, and yet I do not belong to any. My journey toward understanding is a personal one (like for so many), based on realizations and truths I've learnt along the way, and the knowledge and the perceiving of God comes from the inner source. It's not definitions for this way that I seek, but those who walk the same path I do.
This is who we are.

New Spiritual Poll    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

In our first ever poll, lasted 4.14 - 5.12, where a question "Do you think/believe you have lived before?" was presented, out of 35 participants:
83 % have answered "Yes";
0 % - "No";
14 % - "I don't know/not sure";
3 % - ."I don't believe in reincarnations".
Please take a second to took a part in our second poll, where a more in-depth question about the way you perceive your personal journey in life is presented. Thank you.

Changes Within and Without    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)

Earth changes are taking place worldwide, as the Earth twists, turns and stretches - she is growing and adapting to the vibratory changes just as all life upon and within her is doing. Preparing for the dimensional shift - that slowly changes the position of the planet - a "shifting of the poles." As the Earth moves from one dimension to another, she does it with bursts of energy. These burst of energy is what causes the changes in weather patterns, and plates to shift - volcanos to come alive, tidal waves and so forth. This is nothing new it has happened time and time again during the history of this planet.
There is also an "internal pole shift" going on with all life on this planet. And all who dwell upon the earth must move quickly to come into harmony with Mother Earth before connection with her is completely lost. Many are doing this, but many are not. Those who do not evolve and reconnect with nature - that does not learn to go with the flow and stop trying to change Mother Earth but instead learn to go along with her in her evolution will lose. They will be the ones to lose complete connection with her and will not ascend with her into the next dimension.
This internal pole shift, I prefer to call a "Metamorphosis," as it describes what is going on more fully. For humankind is evolving just like the planet, as it has throughout the ages. Many are feeling flu-like symptoms, headaches, changes in vision, in hearing, in taste and smell - as well as changes in their skin, nails and hair growing faster and darker - grey disappearing. There are many other physical as well as mental changes taking place - short term memory loss, a feeling of anxiety that comes and goes, wanting to sleep more at times. Do not fear these changes, they are a natural occurrence.
Do not fear nor fight the Earth changes going on. You will be where you are to be when these changes take place as long as you listen to your HigherSelf - listen to your inner nudging and follow your heart.
The entire Universe is changing, not just planet Earth. The communication and the contact so desired between the Earth and off-Earth civilizations will happen, some are already happening on a small scale. How soon they will happen on a mass scale is dependent on mankind. This event alone will cause much change to take place in the world. Belief systems will change radically. It will give people a whole new way of looking at historical events. It will bring unity to the entire Universe. Mankind will no longer see himself as the center of the Universe - the only intelligent life form in the Universe. Racial and religious barriers will come down. Political persecution and control will cease to be. It will not all happen overnight, but it will happen, peace and harmony will reign on earth once more. You must be patient and persevere. All things happen in due time. Nothing happens by accident - all is in Divine Order.
Man has long lived as a totally threatening life form. It is time to mature, to grow out of the tribal warfare mentality. To stop the killing of each other, the destruction, the maiming, the injuring. It is time to stop all the violence in the so-called entertainment industry. It is time to take a stand for what you believe in. To stop teaching the young that violence is the way to handle all disagreements. Can you not see what it has created? Children killing children. Children killing parents. Parents killing children. Children killing themselves. STOP IT NOW!
Those who come from beyond this earth see this. They know that man has long destroyed those things they do not understand. Why they don't land upon this planet.
It seems to be a common thread among those who dwell on earth that no one even knows their neighbor unless a catastrophic event takes place, then all are drawn together out of a common need. That is a shame when you think about all that is missed. People must learn to reach out, meet and get to know those who share the same world. Some are doing that now with the technology they have, but many are even using that tool to send fear and misinformation into the world. People must learn to conquer their fears and stop spreading them to others. Once they become master of their fears they will leave them alone. Remember this, if nothing else I say, "what you fear you draw to yourself."
I cannot emphasis enough how important it is to reconnect with nature. All living things upon this planet are needed and they are mutating, adjusting and adapting to the changes taking place, just as you are. All must learn to live in harmony and balance. Every plant, every animal, every bird, every insect - all living things are trying to teach you what they have to share with you, you must only listen, learn to hear and then share what you learn with others.
This message is not for all. For there are many lightworkers on this planet, many beautiful souls trying their best to repair the damage done by those who came before them. This is only for those who have not listened. Heed the warnings given by all around you. Listen with your heart. Feel with your entire being. See with your inner sight.
Mother Nature helps Mother Earth take back that which is hers. Man has dammed, diked and rerouted waterways, polluted the air, water and ground we walk on. Now the Forces of Nature are helping her take back that which is hers and heal that which has been damaged. It is now man's turn to move over. Things are coming full-circle.

Visit my web sites at:
T.O.T.A.L. -
The Circle Of Light -

Your Psychic Aptitude    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

Dream Symbology Intuitive Response
copyright 2000 Mark Andrews

We are all psychic. As in every area of life, each of us has inherent, natural talents toward one or another of the higher mental functions.
Some are good telepaths; others excel in the healing arts. One is precognitive, while another can read the human aura. We all have each and every one of the abilities that we regard as "psychic". Our Western culture has not allowed us to give due attention to these facets of our being.
Somewhere along the lines of your schooling, you were probably given a scholastic aptitude test to reveal your academic strengths and weaknesses. The series of situational questions that follows is designed to allow you to draw intuitive responses from your subconscious mind in order to become more aware of your own psychic abilities; both active and dormant.
All of your responses will be given in reference to a scale of 1 to 10; 1 being the least, 10 the most. Answer each question impulsively, and with as little conscious thought as possible. The subconscious and unconscious minds communicate with our conscious mind through images and symbology. Common dream symbols are used in this test to bridge the various levels of your full consciousness.
Interpretations for each question will be shown at the end of the individual sections. Treat each lettered (A, B, etc.) question as if the others in the series are not there.
But remember to give your first impulse response. The symbols given may not have the meaning that you might think!

The Lake.
Imagine that you are about to set out on a day-long exploration of a forest. You stand at your friends' camp site, looking toward the other side of the large lake that you must cross in order to begin your journey. How likely are you to choose each of the following?
A) To cross in a canoe with the help of a Native American elder who knows the area and can give you tips about the forest and its inhabitants. (1-10)
B) To canoe across the lake by yourself. (1-10)
C) To have your friends take you across on a raft. (1-10)
D) To cross by yourself by means of a sailboat. (1-10)

a) Reliance upon traditional spiritual methods. Strong grounding in nature. Follows the wisdom of the ancients.
b) Basically traditional but independent thinker. Strong will. Follows reason.
c) Emotionally based with need for the comfort of others. Follows feelings.
d) Free-spirited. Eager for new frontiers. Follows intuition.

The Path
You see a worn path the moment your feet touch dry land. You set out on the path and encounter several different creatures.
How likely are you to see each of the following? (all 1-10)
A) snake
B) turtle
C) wolf
D) skunk
E) spider

a) KUNDALINI force. The spiraling life-force energy that rises from the base of the spine to radiate out through the top of the head. Source of psychic power. High Psychic Potential.
b) COMPASSION for others. Strong Empathic Abilities.
c) GUIDANCE Attuned to the help of angels and other spirit guides
d) FORGIVENESS Able to recreate good from a bad situation.
e) DECEPTION Prone to fall for the allure of "the dark side".

The Meadow
You come upon a wounded deer at the side of a creek. You know that the deer needs your help because; (1-10)
A) It looks sick.
B) It shows labored movement.

a) The ability to see and read the aura of another.
b) Ability to read "signs" from the Universe.

You have compassion for the deer and want to help it to heal. You are carrying a bag that contains 5 different colored bottles of healing elements. Based on the color of each bottle, how likely are you to draw from each? (1-10)
A) Yellow
B) Green
C) Blue
D) Indigo
E) Violet

a) CHI GONG. Healing of others through direct energy transfer. Aura healing.
b) EMPATHY. Actually taking the affliction upon yourself and releasing it to God.
c) THERAPEUTIC TOUCH. Healing through "the laying on of hands". Intuitive knowledge of healing herbs.
d) PSYCHIC VISUALIZATION Holding an image in your mind to manifest healing.
e) HEALING PRAYER Intercession on behalf of another.

The Creek
As you were busy helping the deer, you failed to notice an old friend who you have not seen for a very long time, standing across the creek. They get your attention by: (1-10)
A) Calling to you.
B) Waving.

a) CLAIRAUDIENCE The ability to psychically hear another.
b) CLAIRVOYANCE The ability to psychically see at a distance.

Both you and your long-lost friend are happy to see one another. How likely is each of the following? (1-10)
A) You speak to each other from across the creek No one crosses.
B) They come to your side by means of stepping stones.
C) You go to their side using the stones.
D) You remove your shoes and wade across the creek.

a) Communication with the dead. Waking and dream.
b) Psychic mediumship.
c) Out Of Body Experience.
d) Near Death Experience.

The Cabin
You come upon a log cabin dating from the late 1800's. The personal affects of the now dead inhabitants are still in place. How likely is each of the following. (1-10)
A) You enter the cabin.
B) You examine the artifacts.
C) You clean the glass frames to see the faces in the photos.

a) TIME TRAVEL during sleep.
b) PSYCHOMETRY The ability to receive psychic impressions from objects.
c) PAST LIFE RECOGNITION The ability to recognize souls from previous incarnations.

The Tree
As you continue along the path, you see that a tree has fallen to block your way. How likely are you to deal with this by: (1-10)
A) Walking around it?
B) Stepping over it?
C) Removing the tree from the path?

a) BI-LOCATION The ability to project a part of yourself to another location.
b) CREATIVE VISUALIZATION The ability to manifest in the physical world by means of a mental imagery.
c) TELEKINESIS Affecting a physical object through psychic energy alone.

The Return
You are now crossing the lake to return to your friends' camp site at the other side of the crystal- clear water. As you do, how likely are you to notice the following creatures? (1-10)
A) gulls
B) catfish
C) frogs
D) golden carp

a) Angels, guides
b) lower form spirits
c) ghosts
d) The Christ presence

Because the lake is so large, your friends are going to signal to you to show you their location. How likely is it that they will use the following methods? (1-10)
A) Smoke signals
B) Flare
C) Campfire

a) PRECOGNITION through dreams
b) SEEING THE FUTURE through flashes of mental images while awake or during meditation.
c) FEELING future events.

The OtherWorld    (view on a separate page) (more articles about aliens)
Author: Kali DiMilo    (all articles by this author)

I have been to the OtherWorld many times. It is a beautiful planet that is kept in "Perfect Order." The streets are perfect, the roses are perfect. Everything is perfect and shiny and clean. The little grays would awaken me from my sleep at night and lead me into the backyard. In the backyard a silver sphere would await my arrival. The silver sphere's outer material is much like a mirror. The vehicle repels radar, so that earthly detection is impossible. The sphere opened automatically and allowed me to step inside. I placed my feet on some sort of stand and was immediately locked in to place in a standing position.
Zaurie, who was actually Pan, told me that the vessel would fly by itself because she had programmed it to do so. She told me that I'd be back soon. The sphere closed and I shot up into the sky like a rocket. I was out of Earth's atmosphere in a split second. It took only a couple of hours to reach the OtherWorld. I passed by two planets and many star systems. I wish I knew what the planets they were, then I could point you in the right direction as to where the OtherWorld is located, but Ares, of course, refuses to give me such information.
I went to several different places on several different occasions on the OtherWorld. They have a beautiful swimming pool there, that is larger than any swimming pool that I have ever seen before. The water is light cobalt blue. There are purple mountains with clouds on their peaks in the background. Gorgeous blue skies. Colorful flowers of every kind everywhere! Flowers in pots, flower beds ,etc. Flowers all over the place. There were flags all over the place, too. There were no symbols on the flags, there were just purple, blue and hot pink striped flags, flowing in the perfect breeze. I sat in a rattan chaise lounge and drank fruit juice while I talked to the gods about a new government they were going to implement on some other planet. I was so angry at the time, from them taking the eggs from my ovaries that I didn't wish to speak to them at all. I kept telling them: "I want to go home!" I kept saying it over and over. This one god, with whom I was supposed to be carrying a conversation with, grabbed my toe and wiggled it. He called me "Kali" and told me that everything would be okay.
There was a group of demons there that were sitting near us. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Horns, ugly, reddish, warped skin. The god said that they were from the Bigini tribe and they all had red skin of varying colors. They kept looking at me and whispering. Every time I'd turn around they would be quiet and look away. I was so angry and irritable, I finally turned around and gave them a horribly dirty look. They had been talking gibberish from what I could tell. The god says it's "their language." They abruptly stopped and looked at me. I snarled at them and they nervously got up and moved to the other end of the pool. The god told me not to act that way, that they were only interested in me. And then, I wondered... Why did I act that way? Snarling at demons? Was it a dream?
Another time when I visited the OtherWorld, I was met by men that were all dressed in black. One of them was bald and he was telling me something of great importance, but I could not understand what he was saying. I told him: "I can't understand you, and I don't know who you are!" He became very upset and responded: "Yes, you do know me! You know us all! You simply don't remember!" He then touched his forefinger lightly to my forehead and said, "All that I say to you will be stored here. You will remember when Yahweh says you can remember!" They were talking and talking and talking, and I still don't remember a word they said. Their faces were grave when they spoke and I tried hard to remember because I knew what they were saying was of the utmost importance.
They led me to this beautiful glass house that was surrounded by green grass and gorgeous flower gardens. The house was plain inside. Just some basic "New Age" looking furniture where everyone sat. They kept giving me fruit juice concoctions that I kept drinking greedily. Then at once I had to use the restroom. One of the gods showed me the way and I entered the bathroom. There was nothing in the bathroom, but some exquisite tile with a strange design. The bathroom door seemed non-existent. I asked him, "How do I use the facilities?" He gave me a strange look and said, "You don't even remember that?" I shook my head, no.
"Everything is voice activated," he said. "Door close!" A door immediately slid into view and the door was closed. He smiled. "Or you can push the buttons."
I hadn't noticed that there were black buttons about the size of dollar in some pattern on one wall. There was strange writing below them that I did not recognize, obviously labeling their use. He hit a button and a silver streamlined toilet slid out of the wall. He smiled again and walked out, ordering the door closed behind him. I sat on the toilet and did my duty, but I realized that my urine was being sucked up as it entered and was being washed away with some sort of antiseptic liquid. "My god!" I exclaimed. "You mean people don't have to clean toilets in the OtherWorld?" I was amazed. A warm, orange light shined upon me and I was dry and disinfected. No need for toilet paper. I told the door to open and the god was standing just outside. He showed me where to place my hands so that the warm, orange light disinfected them.
We spoke some more and then I was led out into the backyard by the gods to a bunch of beautiful roses. I walked by a rose bush and a big thorn caught the inside of my forearm. A large, bloody scratch appeared there. The bald god had an expression of pain upon his face as he viewed the scratch. He grabbed my arm and kissed it, rubbing it vigorously. He told me that he loved me and he held me tightly while he sobbed into my shoulder. He kept telling me that he was so sorry and things would be okay. They really would. They let me go and their expressions remained grim as I re-entered the sphere and sped off back to planet earth.
I was exhausted when I went to bed. When I awoke I remembered the "dream" and I smiled. "Now, I'm having visions of cosmic toilets," I laughed. I looked at my arm and there was a long, bloody scratch on it that was just beginning to scab over. I then knew that this was no dream.
Sincerely, Kali

Elijah's Story    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Elijah    (all articles by this author)

Hello all, as you know, I AM one who calls himself Elijah. I finally came to this conclusion after reading the Bible for about eight years, at this point it has been about 26-27 years that I have read the Bible 3 to 5 hours a day for at least 25 years since 1973.
But let me start from the beginning.
In 1973 I was in a car accident and sustained a brain contusion, "a bruise on the brain". It was thought that I had a blood clot in the brain and I was in a coma. The doctors had told my mom there wasn't much of a chance that I would live under my condition. I was expected to die.
After 3 1/2 days the doctors came to my mom and told her that I had come out of it. They didn't know how or why but I was OK, given my condition on arrival. I was only in the hospital 5 days and then released.
The only thing I remember for the first year was coming home. Every thing looked familiar, but I felt very strange. Altogether I was off work for 3 1/2 years. For three years of that I read every book that came my way on ETs, UFOs, pyramids and ancient civilizations.
For whatever reason I ended up reading the Bible (a Baptist, I think), and it started talking to me. I remember having an idea about ETs and the lifespan they would need to travel through outer space. I pondered this for a week and when I picked up the Bible, opened it up and where my eyes fell started reading. And WOW, to my amazement there in those words was the answer to what I had been thinking about.
I read the Bible on and off for a couple of months, but still read others. At that point I had been reading "The Seth Materials" by Jane Roberts, and had been for several months. I was totally consumed by the things I had read. The one thing when I would read the Bible that particularly seemed to catch my attention, "oddly enough", was the word 'life'. I thought, huh, the meaning of that word has never changed, it still means LIFE, living.
To cut this short, I read the Bible eight years and it always talked to me. It was actually telling me who I was. But I could NOT and WOULD NOT allow myself to believe such a thing.
One day I was reading and I just started crying, saying to myself, why won't anyone listen to what I had to say? Seemed like all they wanted to talk about is Jesus and how he had saved them, and I should do this or that and go to church and have a fellowship with other Christians, on and on. It just did not make sense to me why they did not want to hear me. So I said to myself, OK GOD!!!!!! If what I hear in those words is true, I have no other alternative but to believe what they are saying. I sure don't fit with those Christians.
AT that point I DID accept what those words had been saying to me for 8 years.
To cut this short, I now know and accept why I did not die in that accident in '73. I was to tell the world why "in truth" Jesus had come here and prepare the world for his return. As I sit here and write these words, I am having a hard time now seeing the keys??
You see I AM Elijah, he who has never seen death as it is written of me in the book of the prophets. And also one of The Two Witnesses in Revelations that should come before the time of the end. Before the end of time. Before the ending of time. That there should be "time" no longer.
But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he shall begin to sound, the MYSTERY of God SHOULD BE FINISHED, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets. For Behold; I show you a "mystery" we shall not all sleep "die" but we SHALL ALL be changed, in a moment in the twinkling of an eye, AT THE LAST TRUMP.
I believe therefor I have spoken; He that hath ears let him hear.

Any response is welcome at

The last of "The Last War"    (view on a separate page)

Due to night's unexpected departure and my lost of interest in The Old Ones we are ceasing the publishing of further chapters of our on-line novel "The Last War". Our sincere apologies to all the readers.
Alexander Aldarow

Closing Words    (view on a separate page)

"We must hang together, or surely, we will hang separately."
- Ben Franklin

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