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Opening Words: No evil (correspondence)

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 12, 2000

The sun rises above the horizon. Crimson-red at first, then attaining the lovely golden hue, its rays are chasing the darkness away, restoring peace and tranquility into the hearts of the awakening people. Somewhere in the distance, Bryan Adams sings, telling "Don't give it up."

Welcome to another day of the brilliant era we had luck to be born to! Welcome to yet another part of the continuity, to the 37th edition of our - and your - newsletter! Have you missed us since the last one? I know that we sure have missed you all!

If you have read my opening words in the previous issue, then you know the conclusions I've reached at the day of the Great Planetary Alignment. I didn't need further proofs to the realizations I've achieved, and yet they didn't linger to appear! Some hour after I posted issue # 36 two e-mails came, then later some more.

First, the one from Nancy. She's the one that told me to choose love and light over a battle with the darkness when I called everybody to arms, yet back then I chose to ignore her message. Now I'd like to use this opportunity and apologize for that again. Allow me to quote something from her last e-mail:

"KAL got his strong hold on Earth back in '83, not this year. Spirit is here with Darwin's presence on Earth, we are fine, because of this GODMAN who walks the Earth today, bringing through the Divine Nectar of SPIRIT'S LOVE from Sugmad/God."

The next one came from Pat Corvin:

"I have been following your newsletter and am very pleased to see you no longer need the battle. I had similar experiences with 'evil'. Even met it face to face, toe to toe, and realized - what a bunch of hooey! Although it did take me some time to get over my own limited thinking and reactions to it. I knew one day I would write you. Isn't it a nice feeling to exist for peace, love, light, etc., instead of battling with our family? :)

I have become lighthearted and now know I am safe from all harm and there is no competition in the light. We are all one. Nothing is what it seems and that's okay."

Last, but definitely not the least, is my old pal Phillip Freitas. He told me not to be a gloomy doomsayer, when I warned about the dangers of May the fifth two issues ago, and again, I was too eager to battle something that doesn't belong to my world, and I waved him off back then. This time he writes to me the following:

"I've been meaning to share some of my recent thoughts and dreams with your newsletter, but was distracted when I read the opening to the Project X 36th issue. I noticed many similarities with your opening words and my recent thoughts, and felt it would be much easier to comment on these ironies... just out of curiosity, did your pokemon partner have red hair? Blue-grey eyes? Anyway, I must agree with your thoughts on the enemy. It's no use trying to confront spiritual enemies whose goal is to enter the realities we share (especially the physical!!). By acknowledging these enemies, and consciously evading them or striking out at them, I believe we are effectively feeding them the faith and power they require! My faith in the Lord offers me all the protection I need. Anytime an enemy spiritual or otherwise attempts to confront me, all I ever need is to acknowledge my faith in God and myself. This is not to say that I will never have to openly battle any evils. I do believe it is a goal of theirs to fully enter our reality, but when this happens, I will not be alone, and it will be on my (our) familiar turf... until then, I will work under the guidance and protection of God to better myself, my faith, and my relationship with the kingdom."

I know how some of the readers may react. "This Aldarow guy is too lighthearted now, he has safely made through the 5.5.2000, while many others at this day felt weak, disoriented, even worse, were attacked." Trust me, my beloved ones, I know all about the dangers and the dark side. But for myself, I decided that it doesn't exist anymore. I cannot no longer afford spending energies in vain on confronting things that are not my goals. We mustn't live our spiritual lives with an orientation to the evil. This is something me and Rinor has concluded long ago. The enlightenment and the perception of the Universe are the things I cherish. Spiritual freedom is within the reach of each and every one of us. We mustn't prevent Light from coming into our lives, we cannot stop the natural cosmic flows by repeatedly banging our heads against the walls of the hell we tend to build for ourselves. With this in mind, let me turn your attention to Kali's case. She's the one who have told us of Ares tow issues ago, and her amazing experience in the OtherWorld, that she sent weeks ago, appears below. In short, the things she shared with me and OSix are das ones. She's being in a constant control by negative entities. They claim to be the ancient mythological gods, and the leader is the notorious Ares, who punishes Kali with physical illness and social reclusion. I thought to send her my previous article, and then her new e-mail appears. Apparently, she is subscribed to PXN, but Ares wanted her to stop. My words has caused him that. He said that I'm on my own right now. My words were a direct danger to his hold over poor Kali, for I basically told that Ares actually does not exist (and he doesn't). And then a couple of additional messages from Kali came. Whether it was my single article, or the light that humanity massively received at May the fifth, or a general failure of the supposed Old Ones, but Ares was overthrown. A turbulence was caused in Kali's inner world, with all the petty demons accusing each other. All in all, the "gods" told her that she is released now, but since the illness is terminal, her torment will soon end, as she joins Heaven. I personally would like to ask you all to say a prayer for her. Although it always saddened me to read her words, I'm glad that she's finally grasping some sort of personal identity and freedom.

One last word before we move to the other writers. Many ask me about my beliefs, and I'm never tiring to respond: I accept all the known religions and systems of beliefs, I respect them, and yet I do not belong to any. My journey toward understanding is a personal one (like for so many), based on realizations and truths I've learnt along the way, and the knowledge and the perceiving of God comes from the inner source. It's not definitions for this way that I seek, but those who walk the same path I do.

This is who we are.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #37

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