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Your Psychic Aptitude

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 12, 2000

Dream Symbology Intuitive Response

copyright 2000 Mark Andrews

We are all psychic. As in every area of life, each of us has inherent, natural talents toward one or another of the higher mental functions.

Some are good telepaths; others excel in the healing arts. One is precognitive, while another can read the human aura. We all have each and every one of the abilities that we regard as "psychic". Our Western culture has not allowed us to give due attention to these facets of our being.

Somewhere along the lines of your schooling, you were probably given a scholastic aptitude test to reveal your academic strengths and weaknesses. The series of situational questions that follows is designed to allow you to draw intuitive responses from your subconscious mind in order to become more aware of your own psychic abilities; both active and dormant.

All of your responses will be given in reference to a scale of 1 to 10; 1 being the least, 10 the most. Answer each question impulsively, and with as little conscious thought as possible. The subconscious and unconscious minds communicate with our conscious mind through images and symbology. Common dream symbols are used in this test to bridge the various levels of your full consciousness.

Interpretations for each question will be shown at the end of the individual sections. Treat each lettered (A, B, etc.) question as if the others in the series are not there.

But remember to give your first impulse response. The symbols given may not have the meaning that you might think!

The Lake.

Imagine that you are about to set out on a day-long exploration of a forest. You stand at your friends' camp site, looking toward the other side of the large lake that you must cross in order to begin your journey. How likely are you to choose each of the following?

A) To cross in a canoe with the help of a Native American elder who knows the area and can give you tips about the forest and its inhabitants. (1-10)

B) To canoe across the lake by yourself. (1-10)

C) To have your friends take you across on a raft. (1-10)

D) To cross by yourself by means of a sailboat. (1-10)


a) Reliance upon traditional spiritual methods. Strong grounding in nature. Follows the wisdom of the ancients.

b) Basically traditional but independent thinker. Strong will. Follows reason.

c) Emotionally based with need for the comfort of others. Follows feelings.

d) Free-spirited. Eager for new frontiers. Follows intuition.

The Path

You see a worn path the moment your feet touch dry land. You set out on the path and encounter several different creatures.

How likely are you to see each of the following? (all 1-10)

A) snake

B) turtle

C) wolf

D) skunk

E) spider


a) KUNDALINI force. The spiraling life-force energy that rises from the base of the spine to radiate out through the top of the head. Source of psychic power. High Psychic Potential.

b) COMPASSION for others. Strong Empathic Abilities.

c) GUIDANCE Attuned to the help of angels and other spirit guides

d) FORGIVENESS Able to recreate good from a bad situation.

e) DECEPTION Prone to fall for the allure of "the dark side".

The Meadow

You come upon a wounded deer at the side of a creek. You know that the deer needs your help because; (1-10)

A) It looks sick.

B) It shows labored movement.


a) The ability to see and read the aura of another.

b) Ability to read "signs" from the Universe.

You have compassion for the deer and want to help it to heal. You are carrying a bag that contains 5 different colored bottles of healing elements. Based on the color of each bottle, how likely are you to draw from each? (1-10)

A) Yellow

B) Green

C) Blue

D) Indigo

E) Violet


a) CHI GONG. Healing of others through direct energy transfer. Aura healing.

b) EMPATHY. Actually taking the affliction upon yourself and releasing it to God.

c) THERAPEUTIC TOUCH. Healing through "the laying on of hands". Intuitive knowledge of healing herbs.

d) PSYCHIC VISUALIZATION Holding an image in your mind to manifest healing.

e) HEALING PRAYER Intercession on behalf of another.

The Creek

As you were busy helping the deer, you failed to notice an old friend who you have not seen for a very long time, standing across the creek. They get your attention by: (1-10)

A) Calling to you.

B) Waving.


a) CLAIRAUDIENCE The ability to psychically hear another.

b) CLAIRVOYANCE The ability to psychically see at a distance.

Both you and your long-lost friend are happy to see one another. How likely is each of the following? (1-10)

A) You speak to each other from across the creek No one crosses.

B) They come to your side by means of stepping stones.

C) You go to their side using the stones.

D) You remove your shoes and wade across the creek.


a) Communication with the dead. Waking and dream.

b) Psychic mediumship.

c) Out Of Body Experience.

d) Near Death Experience.

The Cabin

You come upon a log cabin dating from the late 1800's. The personal affects of the now dead inhabitants are still in place. How likely is each of the following. (1-10)

A) You enter the cabin.

B) You examine the artifacts.

C) You clean the glass frames to see the faces in the photos.


a) TIME TRAVEL during sleep.

b) PSYCHOMETRY The ability to receive psychic impressions from objects.

c) PAST LIFE RECOGNITION The ability to recognize souls from previous incarnations.

The Tree

As you continue along the path, you see that a tree has fallen to block your way. How likely are you to deal with this by: (1-10)

A) Walking around it?

B) Stepping over it?

C) Removing the tree from the path?


a) BI-LOCATION The ability to project a part of yourself to another location.

b) CREATIVE VISUALIZATION The ability to manifest in the physical world by means of a mental imagery.

c) TELEKINESIS Affecting a physical object through psychic energy alone.

The Return

You are now crossing the lake to return to your friends' camp site at the other side of the crystal- clear water. As you do, how likely are you to notice the following creatures? (1-10)

A) gulls

B) catfish

C) frogs

D) golden carp


a) Angels, guides

b) lower form spirits

c) ghosts

d) The Christ presence

Because the lake is so large, your friends are going to signal to you to show you their location. How likely is it that they will use the following methods? (1-10)

A) Smoke signals

B) Flare

C) Campfire


a) PRECOGNITION through dreams

b) SEEING THE FUTURE through flashes of mental images while awake or during meditation.

c) FEELING future events.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #37

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