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Changes Within and Without

Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 12, 2000

Earth changes are taking place worldwide, as the Earth twists, turns and stretches - she is growing and adapting to the vibratory changes just as all life upon and within her is doing. Preparing for the dimensional shift - that slowly changes the position of the planet - a "shifting of the poles." As the Earth moves from one dimension to another, she does it with bursts of energy. These burst of energy is what causes the changes in weather patterns, and plates to shift - volcanos to come alive, tidal waves and so forth. This is nothing new it has happened time and time again during the history of this planet.

There is also an "internal pole shift" going on with all life on this planet. And all who dwell upon the earth must move quickly to come into harmony with Mother Earth before connection with her is completely lost. Many are doing this, but many are not. Those who do not evolve and reconnect with nature - that does not learn to go with the flow and stop trying to change Mother Earth but instead learn to go along with her in her evolution will lose. They will be the ones to lose complete connection with her and will not ascend with her into the next dimension.

This internal pole shift, I prefer to call a "Metamorphosis," as it describes what is going on more fully. For humankind is evolving just like the planet, as it has throughout the ages. Many are feeling flu-like symptoms, headaches, changes in vision, in hearing, in taste and smell - as well as changes in their skin, nails and hair growing faster and darker - grey disappearing. There are many other physical as well as mental changes taking place - short term memory loss, a feeling of anxiety that comes and goes, wanting to sleep more at times. Do not fear these changes, they are a natural occurrence.

Do not fear nor fight the Earth changes going on. You will be where you are to be when these changes take place as long as you listen to your HigherSelf - listen to your inner nudging and follow your heart.

The entire Universe is changing, not just planet Earth. The communication and the contact so desired between the Earth and off-Earth civilizations will happen, some are already happening on a small scale. How soon they will happen on a mass scale is dependent on mankind. This event alone will cause much change to take place in the world. Belief systems will change radically. It will give people a whole new way of looking at historical events. It will bring unity to the entire Universe. Mankind will no longer see himself as the center of the Universe - the only intelligent life form in the Universe. Racial and religious barriers will come down. Political persecution and control will cease to be. It will not all happen overnight, but it will happen, peace and harmony will reign on earth once more. You must be patient and persevere. All things happen in due time. Nothing happens by accident - all is in Divine Order.

Man has long lived as a totally threatening life form. It is time to mature, to grow out of the tribal warfare mentality. To stop the killing of each other, the destruction, the maiming, the injuring. It is time to stop all the violence in the so-called entertainment industry. It is time to take a stand for what you believe in. To stop teaching the young that violence is the way to handle all disagreements. Can you not see what it has created? Children killing children. Children killing parents. Parents killing children. Children killing themselves. STOP IT NOW!

Those who come from beyond this earth see this. They know that man has long destroyed those things they do not understand. Why they don't land upon this planet.

It seems to be a common thread among those who dwell on earth that no one even knows their neighbor unless a catastrophic event takes place, then all are drawn together out of a common need. That is a shame when you think about all that is missed. People must learn to reach out, meet and get to know those who share the same world. Some are doing that now with the technology they have, but many are even using that tool to send fear and misinformation into the world. People must learn to conquer their fears and stop spreading them to others. Once they become master of their fears they will leave them alone. Remember this, if nothing else I say, "what you fear you draw to yourself."

I cannot emphasis enough how important it is to reconnect with nature. All living things upon this planet are needed and they are mutating, adjusting and adapting to the changes taking place, just as you are. All must learn to live in harmony and balance. Every plant, every animal, every bird, every insect - all living things are trying to teach you what they have to share with you, you must only listen, learn to hear and then share what you learn with others.

This message is not for all. For there are many lightworkers on this planet, many beautiful souls trying their best to repair the damage done by those who came before them. This is only for those who have not listened. Heed the warnings given by all around you. Listen with your heart. Feel with your entire being. See with your inner sight.


Mother Nature helps Mother Earth take back that which is hers. Man has dammed, diked and rerouted waterways, polluted the air, water and ground we walk on. Now the Forces of Nature are helping her take back that which is hers and heal that which has been damaged. It is now man's turn to move over. Things are coming full-circle.



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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #37

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