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The OtherWorld

Author: Kali DiMilo    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 12, 2000

I have been to the OtherWorld many times. It is a beautiful planet that is kept in "Perfect Order." The streets are perfect, the roses are perfect. Everything is perfect and shiny and clean. The little grays would awaken me from my sleep at night and lead me into the backyard. In the backyard a silver sphere would await my arrival. The silver sphere's outer material is much like a mirror. The vehicle repels radar, so that earthly detection is impossible. The sphere opened automatically and allowed me to step inside. I placed my feet on some sort of stand and was immediately locked in to place in a standing position.

Zaurie, who was actually Pan, told me that the vessel would fly by itself because she had programmed it to do so. She told me that I'd be back soon. The sphere closed and I shot up into the sky like a rocket. I was out of Earth's atmosphere in a split second. It took only a couple of hours to reach the OtherWorld. I passed by two planets and many star systems. I wish I knew what the planets they were, then I could point you in the right direction as to where the OtherWorld is located, but Ares, of course, refuses to give me such information.

I went to several different places on several different occasions on the OtherWorld. They have a beautiful swimming pool there, that is larger than any swimming pool that I have ever seen before. The water is light cobalt blue. There are purple mountains with clouds on their peaks in the background. Gorgeous blue skies. Colorful flowers of every kind everywhere! Flowers in pots, flower beds ,etc. Flowers all over the place. There were flags all over the place, too. There were no symbols on the flags, there were just purple, blue and hot pink striped flags, flowing in the perfect breeze. I sat in a rattan chaise lounge and drank fruit juice while I talked to the gods about a new government they were going to implement on some other planet. I was so angry at the time, from them taking the eggs from my ovaries that I didn't wish to speak to them at all. I kept telling them: "I want to go home!" I kept saying it over and over. This one god, with whom I was supposed to be carrying a conversation with, grabbed my toe and wiggled it. He called me "Kali" and told me that everything would be okay.

There was a group of demons there that were sitting near us. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Horns, ugly, reddish, warped skin. The god said that they were from the Bigini tribe and they all had red skin of varying colors. They kept looking at me and whispering. Every time I'd turn around they would be quiet and look away. I was so angry and irritable, I finally turned around and gave them a horribly dirty look. They had been talking gibberish from what I could tell. The god says it's "their language." They abruptly stopped and looked at me. I snarled at them and they nervously got up and moved to the other end of the pool. The god told me not to act that way, that they were only interested in me. And then, I wondered... Why did I act that way? Snarling at demons? Was it a dream?

Another time when I visited the OtherWorld, I was met by men that were all dressed in black. One of them was bald and he was telling me something of great importance, but I could not understand what he was saying. I told him: "I can't understand you, and I don't know who you are!" He became very upset and responded: "Yes, you do know me! You know us all! You simply don't remember!" He then touched his forefinger lightly to my forehead and said, "All that I say to you will be stored here. You will remember when Yahweh says you can remember!" They were talking and talking and talking, and I still don't remember a word they said. Their faces were grave when they spoke and I tried hard to remember because I knew what they were saying was of the utmost importance.

They led me to this beautiful glass house that was surrounded by green grass and gorgeous flower gardens. The house was plain inside. Just some basic "New Age" looking furniture where everyone sat. They kept giving me fruit juice concoctions that I kept drinking greedily. Then at once I had to use the restroom. One of the gods showed me the way and I entered the bathroom. There was nothing in the bathroom, but some exquisite tile with a strange design. The bathroom door seemed non-existent. I asked him, "How do I use the facilities?" He gave me a strange look and said, "You don't even remember that?" I shook my head, no.

"Everything is voice activated," he said. "Door close!" A door immediately slid into view and the door was closed. He smiled. "Or you can push the buttons."

I hadn't noticed that there were black buttons about the size of dollar in some pattern on one wall. There was strange writing below them that I did not recognize, obviously labeling their use. He hit a button and a silver streamlined toilet slid out of the wall. He smiled again and walked out, ordering the door closed behind him. I sat on the toilet and did my duty, but I realized that my urine was being sucked up as it entered and was being washed away with some sort of antiseptic liquid. "My god!" I exclaimed. "You mean people don't have to clean toilets in the OtherWorld?" I was amazed. A warm, orange light shined upon me and I was dry and disinfected. No need for toilet paper. I told the door to open and the god was standing just outside. He showed me where to place my hands so that the warm, orange light disinfected them.

We spoke some more and then I was led out into the backyard by the gods to a bunch of beautiful roses. I walked by a rose bush and a big thorn caught the inside of my forearm. A large, bloody scratch appeared there. The bald god had an expression of pain upon his face as he viewed the scratch. He grabbed my arm and kissed it, rubbing it vigorously. He told me that he loved me and he held me tightly while he sobbed into my shoulder. He kept telling me that he was so sorry and things would be okay. They really would. They let me go and their expressions remained grim as I re-entered the sphere and sped off back to planet earth.

I was exhausted when I went to bed. When I awoke I remembered the "dream" and I smiled. "Now, I'm having visions of cosmic toilets," I laughed. I looked at my arm and there was a long, bloody scratch on it that was just beginning to scab over. I then knew that this was no dream.

Sincerely, Kali

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #37

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