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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #30

January 21, 2000

1. Opening Words - Alexander Aldarow
2. Dear God - Avigail Tal
3. Listen - Gwen (Le-A)
4. Come Dance With Me - Stephen
5. Synthesister - Leigh Mortensen
6. Light - Marcia M. Pedersen
7. Viewing the world through triangular glasses - JJJ
8. The Last War: Chapter Six - Lady Tia
9. The final list of the participants in the New Contest - Alexander Aldarow
10. Closing Words

Opening Words    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

The deadline for the Contest for The Poet of the New Millennium was closed yesterday. This exceptional edition of Project X Newsletter is completely dedicated to the poems recently received, as well as to another chapter of "The Last War". Now, a serious request to those among the readers who don't like spiritual poetry - please, do not unsubscribe, next week we are returning to our regular topics. As for the divine poetry lovers, like myself, sit back in your comfortable chair, light up a candle, and prepare to be enchanted.
Also, dear friends, you can start e-mailing your choices for the best, in your opinion, poem. Remember, a prize awaits one of the voters, as well as the poet who receives most of the voices. Just e-mail to me and let me know the number of your choice. Make your choice wisely, there is plenty of time till we actually start counting your voices. The complete list of entrants is printed at the bottom of this newsletter.
Just one last word before we go on. The poem "Synthesister" is not a typo. Just read it. I can't add more...

Dear God    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Avigail Tal    (all articles by this author)

Dear God, maybe you have a loop in the Game you built?

Dear God
how much patience do?you have
to let us understand that we're part of you?
How long will you wait for us to climb the ladder of awareness?
How many times will you throw us back to this world to be trained? in the school of consciousness?

Dear God
how long will you wait until we understand that your image is within us?
That our ego is just an illusion of many thoughts that are tight together like a spiral around our DNA?
Are you planning to sit there in silence and watch us struggling ?for the more?: the best, the smartest, the richest, the prettiest??

Why don't you give us a hint, to show us that you are distributed in each one of us,
just like a parts in? the puzzle of God?

Dear God,
with the free choice you gave and our physical separate bodies,
most of us have?? the silly idea that we separate entities,
some of us even think that you don't exist...
even the cells in our bodies, sometimes don't ?see the whole picture ?
and they become imperialistic egoistic and kill the whole organism.

Dear God
even the beautiful tool you gave? us - ?love? is not understood correctly
and people rarely love in its pure way, only exchange feelings and desires for benefits.

So, Dear God, could it be that you counted on us too much? you gave us too much credit?

Maybe the game you built has a loop?

So if you really want to end this game and start building another toy,
why don't you lift us from the stuck point we're in,
give us a push...
maybe we'll understand, maybe we'll understand, maybe we'll understand
and we'll get together as one consciousness back to you.

This is a ?win win situation?

You'll be happy for winning this game, you created

and we'll be happy to be part of you finally - to come home .

Avigail Tal

Listen    (view on a separate page) (more articles about literature)
Author: Gwen (Le-A)    (all articles by this author)


Can I ever make it clear
that it makes no difference
If you see me or you don't see me?

Does it really matter that you
cannot talk directly to me,
Cannot touch me, cannot feel me?

The trees are rustling for you

The Earth is breathing and she's spinning for you

Listen... I am standing here before you

Can't you hear me? You know you can.

You imagine me as someone who has some authority
When I am just like you
I am no different.

Here I stand beside you; make mistakes
I do not claim to know it all
I do not know it all

Why don't you Listen...
The birds are singing for you

The Earth is breathing and she's spinning for you

I am just one who stands here whispering

Can't you hear me?? You know you can.

by Gwen (Le-A)

Come Dance With Me    (view on a separate page) (more articles about literature)
Author: Stephen    (all articles by this author)

Come Dance With Me

Aho little friend beneath my feet
Your world so large and quite unique
Over mountains and valleys you labour long
With loads tremendous, you are so strong
Discipline and order suit you best
So that you might serve the rest
Come dance with me, my little friend
Let us honour our worlds and all within
Come dance with me

Aho gentle river before my eyes
The life you contain is no surprise
Your strength flows on forever more
To someday caress that far off shore
You touch my soul, you sustain my life
You wash away the slightest strife
We flow forever, let us celebrate life
Come dance with me

Aho tall friend, majestic one
Stretching to the sky, you embrace the sun
You spread your bows out far and wide
The task at hand, undertaken with pride
To support all life within your reach
And by example you try to teach
All life is one
You cleanse and enrich the air we breathe
Some day surely all shall perceive
That without you're blessing, naught would be
Come dance with me tall friend of mine
Come dance with me, in the Light Divine

Aho precious one, my friend the deer
Come closer now, show no fear
I honour your presence, gentle and innocent
The child at your side is truly magnificent
Your eyes do gleam with love and compassion
The power of gentleness seen in action
To pass along to those we raise
Gentle love and nurturing ways
Perception and clarity of vision, to show the way
The lesson of the deer to own, I pray
Come dance with me, precious friend of mine
Let us celebrate Life Divine

Aho flicker friend, master drummer you are
Your beat is in tune with every star
And with the heartbeat of Mother Earth
You awaken the rhythm of all healing love
As it is below, it is above
The heartbeat that is in all to see
Is balance, joy and harmony
Come dance with me, friend of mine
Let us celebrate Love Divine

Aho my friend, crystal clear
Your history I would like to hear
Of ages past, when life began
To the current day and that of man
Is man the link to you my friend
And the heavens above, is that the trend
Will we succeed, the bridge is there
The path is known, but do we dare
Venture forth, the cross to bear
Show me my dreams, crystal friend
Come dance with me, to my journeys end

Aho my friend, fire bright
You bless this moment with delight
With de light and love the spirits dance
Around and around, as if in trance
Shimmering coals all aglow
Flames that laugh and caress the soul
All around me are dancing now
My spirit friends for all to see
They will dance with me for eternity
Come one, come all, share my quest
My journey is filled with happiness
Come dance with me and you shall see
How we will meet our destiny.

Should there be any desire to view other of my works, they are available on my web page Spirit Quest -

I Am

Synthesister    (view on a separate page) (more articles about literature)
Author: Leigh Mortensen    (all articles by this author)


mutiawrailing atehe stillslides
asknot what lies beyondor tooclose doorsangless windows
lamblack tombmaroffall imperoar and empticess reachinthe boxysawing selfinshafded
mynd thespianing willspoking purnin throneways
theart vibreathing sinchronizmyrythyverse antiamatoneing nowthen althereist?
fleshunger,lustburning whoreorlaughing mysellfishdesiris
I twistbreak splintergrindtoothearth
fearscreaminlostof horriburden smothercrushes megod; molestects from pans of fancyfearyfolk
leego, myego, tunurturmenstraits
i'llid's archlosed antiegoes knows knowbounds
iconceit comfoldinto artifice
moreotherfarther manangled seeinging allyrics transparental jewelerifractaluminouscales
godevil; rob, hurt, and on will's sun smile, forthisisisis
antifirises pinkinglass
wheeburnonwhil overmore allahschanging onanoff
thenomeloss, nowsn't and knothing is and the lightspright

Light    (view on a separate page) (more articles about literature)
Author: Marcia M. Pedersen    (all articles by this author)

Light of my soul,
together we are whole,
Stay in my arm,
Safe and warm

Light of my life,
fraught with strife,
please take my hand,
as together we band

Light of my day,
fading away,
reach for my grip,
oh, please do not slip

Light of my night,
we really are right,
always here for you,
in whatever you do

Light of my love,
we can't get enough,
merge with me,
as we find life's key

Light of my very being,
on outstretched wing,
please open and share,
I really do care

Light of my home,
wherever we roam,
forever a friend,
to the end of end

Light of my sky,
why say good-bye?
come and let's talk,
as through life we walk,

Light of my universe,
what could be worse?
to drift apart
before we start?

Light of my world,
as through life we're hurled,
please don't lose touch,
I care so much

Light of my sun,
are we the one?
come with me,
and we will be

Light of my star,
how like we are,
my soul brother,
as there is no other

Light of my moon,
oh, tell me how soon,
please let me hear,
your words so dear

Light of my eyes,
so very very wise,
do take my lead,
our friendship to seed

Light of my ears,
who brings me to tears,
through joy, through sadness,
is this all madness?

Light of my song,
please tell me how long?
I must hear your voice,
for this is my choice

Light of my prose,
you gave me a rose,
I wait for your word,
does this sound absurd?

Light of my muse,
come let us cruise,
through life everlasting,
for God does the casting

Light of my head,
say when shall we wed?
I love you so dearly,
it all comes so clearly

Light of my all,
do hear my call,
come with me now,
as we live life's vow

My day without light,
may as well be night,
Light of my heart,
we shall never part

by Marcia M. Pedersen? - 7/96

Viewing the world through triangular glasses    (view on a separate page) (more articles about literature)
Author: JJJ    (all articles by this author)

Viewing the world through triangular glasses

Is a magical view of self and of masses
Infinite circles at each given point
An infinite soul when triangles unite
An infinite world, an infinite sound
That infinite circle that keeps spinning around
No matter which line you walk on, my brother
You can't stand on one and not on another
Now you're at the point, to go up or go down?
Or stay with that circle that keeps going around?



The Last War: Chapter Six    (view on a separate page) (more articles about literature)
Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)

{After we have been introduced to the four Chosen Ones, their personal saga continues - but toward what purpose?...}
[The following chapter is by Tiamat]

Chapter six

Imagine energy rising, from the soles of the feet and upward, progressing towards the crown chakra, until it emanates outward, like an aura of a pure white glow.

Lying on a stylish couch, and 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... a flash of light fades by and out of the darkness emerges the image of a beloved soulmate, sitting in a wooden chair expressing only a smile at me... and slowly he fades out.

Sounds of a television at minimal volume awaken me, and I realize its daylight out. Sadly though, all that was remembered was the vision of Dragonheart. "Perhaps I'll hear from him soon," I thought, "after all, we have much to converse about."

Later on that day, I traveled to a friend's house to gather some things and return to my home. Just then Deforest pulled me aside, away from the others.

"Remember the crescent and the star?" Deforest inquired.
"Come again?" Silvermoon replied, a bit caught off guard.
"The vision," he exclaimed, "the void in the forest with the cracked orbs?"
"Yeah," she nods, inquiring more with my eyes.
"When Gina and I were at the beach tonight," he continued, "we saw the crescent and the star. Everything was complete, except for the mountain tops. I saw the man again."
"You mean the hunter?"
"You know it."
"Perhaps the time is coming."
"We'll see, won't we," Deforest said, as he left me with my thoughts to entertain Gina, as she gathered some essentials from her room, preparing to return home with us.

Later that night, I searched through my charms and amulets for the piece I knew I had. The blue crescent with a silver star, I smiled, and brought it before the moonlight for an enchantment. That night, I resumed my training.

The following night, Baranthu called me up, requesting my attendance in a midnight drive, just to get out, and I accepted. We headed out to the beach. I began explaining to him that I resumed my training after the blessing of my crescent. He had realized a portion of his true potential after our encounter with the Elf King's apprentice. We conversed about our feelings towards him, and could only decide on a mutual neutrality.

In Baranthu's search for "his" elements, he found that he could draw from fire and air more successfully than earth and water... and so he practiced. I walked in the soft, chilling sands where earth met water. It was a truly blissful eve. With the winds blowing great energies about, a drizzle began to fall from the overcast grey expansion above, letting only the fragments of moonrays through, upon earth and gulf. In all the directions Baranthu had been pulled in the past two years, it is no wonder he lost himself in the aura of varying forces. Though dreams and experiences past have directed him down the same path as I have suggested they would.

I set aside my pending loneliness, as difficult as it was, for a being as emotionally deprived of any encouraging affection as I. It had to be done. Too often, thoughts of the void had returned to me. Something was always reminding me of that place. Though upon remembrances, I could recall how I had often reached that perfect space, devoid of all limitations. Unfortunately it had only been reached when those extreme cravings of deep affection had been fulfilled. The lack of such put a strain on attempts at astral projection and simple meditations. Though I managed to find a substitute, for the lack of affection, which brought me to the edge of the bridge between the two worlds.

And still, I see the shadows quickly shoot off into the distance. As if they've realized that they've been identified by us. What is it about our deepest stares and widened awareness that sends them back to their "source"?

The final list of the participants in the New Contest    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

1. Aldarow - "No Traces" - issue # 25
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5. Tiamat - "Guardians Of The Temple Of The Flame" - issue # 29
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9. Stephen - "Come Dance With Me" - issue # 30
10. Leigh Mortensen - "Synthesister" - issue # 30
11. Marcia M. Pedersen - "Light" - issue # 30
12. JJJ - "Viewing the world through triangular glasses" - issue # 30

These all are beautiful creations, but you have to choose one and e-mail me its number, so that you will enter our "Spiritual Poetry" sweepstakes. Past issues can be found at

Closing Words    (view on a separate page)

"Do not be afraid. I am the First and the Last. I am the Living One; I was dead, and behold I am alive for ever and ever!"
- Revelation 1:17-18
"The Almighty One knows us all and remembers us all"
- Zohar (approximate quote)

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