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Author: Marcia M. Pedersen    (all articles by this author)
Published on: January 21, 2000

Light of my soul,

together we are whole,

Stay in my arm,

Safe and warm

Light of my life,

fraught with strife,

please take my hand,

as together we band

Light of my day,

fading away,

reach for my grip,

oh, please do not slip

Light of my night,

we really are right,

always here for you,

in whatever you do

Light of my love,

we can't get enough,

merge with me,

as we find life's key

Light of my very being,

on outstretched wing,

please open and share,

I really do care

Light of my home,

wherever we roam,

forever a friend,

to the end of end

Light of my sky,

why say good-bye?

come and let's talk,

as through life we walk,

Light of my universe,

what could be worse?

to drift apart

before we start?

Light of my world,

as through life we're hurled,

please don't lose touch,

I care so much

Light of my sun,

are we the one?

come with me,

and we will be

Light of my star,

how like we are,

my soul brother,

as there is no other

Light of my moon,

oh, tell me how soon,

please let me hear,

your words so dear

Light of my eyes,

so very very wise,

do take my lead,

our friendship to seed

Light of my ears,

who brings me to tears,

through joy, through sadness,

is this all madness?

Light of my song,

please tell me how long?

I must hear your voice,

for this is my choice

Light of my prose,

you gave me a rose,

I wait for your word,

does this sound absurd?

Light of my muse,

come let us cruise,

through life everlasting,

for God does the casting

Light of my head,

say when shall we wed?

I love you so dearly,

it all comes so clearly

Light of my all,

do hear my call,

come with me now,

as we live life's vow

My day without light,

may as well be night,

Light of my heart,

we shall never part

by Marcia M. Pedersen? - 7/96

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #30

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