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The Last War: Chapter Six

Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)
Published on: January 21, 2000

{After we have been introduced to the four Chosen Ones, their personal saga continues - but toward what purpose?...}

[The following chapter is by Tiamat]

Chapter six

Imagine energy rising, from the soles of the feet and upward, progressing towards the crown chakra, until it emanates outward, like an aura of a pure white glow.

Lying on a stylish couch, and 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... a flash of light fades by and out of the darkness emerges the image of a beloved soulmate, sitting in a wooden chair expressing only a smile at me... and slowly he fades out.

Sounds of a television at minimal volume awaken me, and I realize its daylight out. Sadly though, all that was remembered was the vision of Dragonheart. "Perhaps I'll hear from him soon," I thought, "after all, we have much to converse about."

Later on that day, I traveled to a friend's house to gather some things and return to my home. Just then Deforest pulled me aside, away from the others.

"Remember the crescent and the star?" Deforest inquired.

"Come again?" Silvermoon replied, a bit caught off guard.

"The vision," he exclaimed, "the void in the forest with the cracked orbs?"

"Yeah," she nods, inquiring more with my eyes.

"When Gina and I were at the beach tonight," he continued, "we saw the crescent and the star. Everything was complete, except for the mountain tops. I saw the man again."

"You mean the hunter?"

"You know it."

"Perhaps the time is coming."

"We'll see, won't we," Deforest said, as he left me with my thoughts to entertain Gina, as she gathered some essentials from her room, preparing to return home with us.

Later that night, I searched through my charms and amulets for the piece I knew I had. The blue crescent with a silver star, I smiled, and brought it before the moonlight for an enchantment. That night, I resumed my training.

The following night, Baranthu called me up, requesting my attendance in a midnight drive, just to get out, and I accepted. We headed out to the beach. I began explaining to him that I resumed my training after the blessing of my crescent. He had realized a portion of his true potential after our encounter with the Elf King's apprentice. We conversed about our feelings towards him, and could only decide on a mutual neutrality.

In Baranthu's search for "his" elements, he found that he could draw from fire and air more successfully than earth and water... and so he practiced. I walked in the soft, chilling sands where earth met water. It was a truly blissful eve. With the winds blowing great energies about, a drizzle began to fall from the overcast grey expansion above, letting only the fragments of moonrays through, upon earth and gulf. In all the directions Baranthu had been pulled in the past two years, it is no wonder he lost himself in the aura of varying forces. Though dreams and experiences past have directed him down the same path as I have suggested they would.

I set aside my pending loneliness, as difficult as it was, for a being as emotionally deprived of any encouraging affection as I. It had to be done. Too often, thoughts of the void had returned to me. Something was always reminding me of that place. Though upon remembrances, I could recall how I had often reached that perfect space, devoid of all limitations. Unfortunately it had only been reached when those extreme cravings of deep affection had been fulfilled. The lack of such put a strain on attempts at astral projection and simple meditations. Though I managed to find a substitute, for the lack of affection, which brought me to the edge of the bridge between the two worlds.

And still, I see the shadows quickly shoot off into the distance. As if they've realized that they've been identified by us. What is it about our deepest stares and widened awareness that sends them back to their "source"?

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #30

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