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Author: Leigh Mortensen    (all articles by this author)
Published on: January 21, 2000


mutiawrailing atehe stillslides

asknot what lies beyondor tooclose doorsangless windows

lamblack tombmaroffall imperoar and empticess reachinthe boxysawing selfinshafded

mynd thespianing willspoking purnin throneways

theart vibreathing sinchronizmyrythyverse antiamatoneing nowthen althereist?

fleshunger,lustburning whoreorlaughing mysellfishdesiris

I twistbreak splintergrindtoothearth

fearscreaminlostof horriburden smothercrushes megod; molestects from pans of fancyfearyfolk

leego, myego, tunurturmenstraits

i'llid's archlosed antiegoes knows knowbounds

iconceit comfoldinto artifice

moreotherfarther manangled seeinging allyrics transparental jewelerifractaluminouscales

godevil; rob, hurt, and on will's sun smile, forthisisisis

antifirises pinkinglass

wheeburnonwhil overmore allahschanging onanoff

thenomeloss, nowsn't and knothing is and the lightspright

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #30

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