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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #27

December 5, 1999

1. Opening Words: Where did that little kid go? - Alexander Aldarow
2. Ching Hai - Alexander Aldarow
3. Dreams and Aliens - Judith
4. Fireball Shower? / Mammoths - Mark Andrews
5. Kabbalah: The Tree of Life - Alexander Aldarow
6. The Last War: Chapter Three - Alexander Aldarow
7. Angel Sword - Judith
8. Closing Words

Opening Words: Where did that little kid go?    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Do you still remember yourself as a child? How far back do your memories stretch? How deep and detailed, for that matter, do they go? Do you recall from time to time your long-forgotten playground, your kind and smiling grandparents, the endless curiosity about the world around you, the joy of the simplest things - catching a bug, getting a toy, seeing a cartoon, reading an enchanted fairy or adventure tale? If the bus that takes you to the college, or the car that drives you to work, passes along an old abandoned place, where you used to play hide-and-seek or pirates-and-cowboys with your childhood friends, do you feel a hand clutches your heart, bringing up a longing you thought you'd never experience again?
So where did that little kid go? Into what infinity did that reality vanished, where everything was so simple, the most complicated issue was being dressed up for cold winter day, no troubles, no problems, no doubts, no frustration, no misery, only laughter and happiness? But what if I tell you that that child is still here with you? You see, the modern collective consciousness is built in such a way that we assume that growing up requires becoming 'serious', pursuing supposedly 'mature' goals, thus becoming tense and neurotic. It is a pattern that is implanted in our life's way. We learn to smoke, drink, swear and 'kill ourselves' for extra cash. It does not have to be this way. To survive without a fight, to let the things go smoothly around you, you must connect to that childhood's world.
I am not speaking about regressing to the past, starting to play with toys again, or considering to buy your old apartment back in order to revivify that period. I'm talking about revivifying the energies that nurtured you before. Stop the materialistic chase around the clock, get rid of unnecessary stressful situations and destructive relationship, and embrace the nature's vistas, breathe the blue sky, smile and laugh, and bring out the inner child that is dormant inside all of us. Simplicity is the key word - just think about it. Sarcasm and cynicism will bring you no relief. Enjoying life's simplest moments and episodes, as you once did in your childhood, which is still within your reach, will make your everyday existence into Heaven on Earth - and that's a promise.
I sincerely hope my message made through.
Now, a special announcement - I finally installed a chat room on Project X, it is titled Free Channel for Free People. Due to our site's high traffic, there is a big chance that you can always meet interesting people there. Follow the white rabbit, I mean, follow this link:
And now, on with the show. The world is not enough, because this is the end of days, so open up your sixth sense :) .


Ching Hai    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Needless to say, this was an extremely wonderful, joyful, peaceful and refilling experience: I - and the whole Israel - met Ching Hai on November 21, 1999. First of all, at evening I arrived at the Tel Aviv's cinema theater, where I was greeted by kind assistants, received a free book and a free copy of her magazine, to which I also subscribed - for free as well. Then, I turned around, and to my amazement I saw Roy, my dear friend from the military days, still wearing the Air Force uniform, entering the lobby. I sensed the spiritual aspect of this seemingly coincidental rendezvous right away. We hugged, happy to see each other. Like myself, he heard of Ching Hai's lecture by almost a chance. We hanged around in the lobby a little bit, deeply impressed by the display of splendid works of art, made by her - jewelry, paintings, lanterns, even her ceremonial dresses. Many people were signing up for the initiation ceremony that was to take place later that evening.
Then we descended into the hall, and sat at the second row, as it appeared later - close to interpreters and some of the Israeli disciples. I will not tell you everything that occurred, only the highest points of the evening. Just for the starters, to get you into the mood, let me say that a calm easy-listening New Age music poured from the speakers, including Yanni's "One Man's Dream" (remember, the one that played on the postcard I sent all of you couple of months ago?). The stage was set for the coming of the Supreme Master Ching Hai, ornamented with flowers and fruits. They've started the lection by a couple of short video films, showing her origins and her current works and activities. I, however, attempted to expand my consciousness field, to enlarge my inner-to-outside view, and mentally call her, reach to her. I think there was a short response, like "yes".
In addition, one of the Master's disciple spoke, very emotionally; he told us of how he was on the one-direction road to Abaddon, poisoned by drugs, alcohol, depression and pointless existence. By the teachings of Ching Hai he found the Light once again, and, take my words for it, he did radiated with the pure Light of Creation.
All of the sudden, the second video was abruptly stopped, and the Supreme Master herself quickly entered the hall, walking along rows of knowledge-seeking people, surrounded by aura, illumination, sound of divine music and followers. When she returned from the other end of the hall, prior to ascending to the stage, she approached the area where we sat. Me and Roy, we both rose to greet her, extending our hands toward her. She reached and held them, not just touching, but holding, for an endless moment, and I felt as if an electric shock, only a very very positively charged one, was delivered to me. I think she recognized me, and, more important, that she even recognized Roy. Then she turned away to take her distinguished place on the stage; the only thing Roy was able to mutter was, "Alex, what just happened here?"
For me, that moment was the culmination of the entire evening.
Ching Hai, "the ocean of love" in Chinese, swept the crowd right away. She is undoubtedly a pure, live and beautiful woman. I'm telling you, the usually skeptic and criticizing Israeli audience fell for her. With a voice full of laughter and bliss, she spoke of how she felt the immense energies of Ierushalaim (Jerusalem) and the Holy Land. She spoke to us of love, of Our Father, that comes to us in may ways and names, of the Light and the Enlightenment, and much more. And people had infinite questions to her, about the enlightenment, God, healing, anger, making love, even the painful one, about the Holocaust. Interesting fact is that in my heart I knew the answers to those burning questions, and they almost exactly matched hers. I really loved her reply, when Ching Hai was asked about Kuan Yin, the way of meditation she teaches - did she tried other methods herself? Yes, she said with her characteristical sense of humor, but this one is the easiest and the shortest, for lazy people like her.
Earlier that night I told Roy that there are presences of the spirits in the hall. It even occurred to me that the grandmother of the disciple, who spoke at the beginning, was brief there to support and encourage him. Later, however, there was the God's presence - yes, I know that HE is always with us, since we all are parts of the whole, but this time The Father really diverted his attention to that place, pressing above our public. And, the most incredible thing, Ching Hai confirmed it later herself!
After more that three hours she was called to attend the initiation ritual, but before leaving she gave us all a small but powerful gift. We were told to close our eyes and concentrate them on the Third Eye - the center of the forehead. As we did, relaxing, she sent a surge of liberating energy. When I opened my eyes, she was already gone. We did so, too.
Needless to say, I dreamt of her and her students that night.

Dreams and Aliens    (view on a separate page) (more articles about dreams)
Author: Judith    (all articles by this author)

Some 30 years ago, having returned to the states to attend college, leaving the war zone of Nam behind, I found myself in a small college in the Midwest. Having lived my entire life in the tropics I had never seen a fall, snow or winter lightening storms. As I slept one night, alone in the dorm, everyone having gone home for the holidays, I dreamed I was walking to the student union. Everyone was looking skyward. When I looked up I was surrounded by green light, raised horizontally above the ground, looking upward into the light. I can still, to this day, feel the light on my skin and the peace within it. Then suddenly, I screamed, "My God! I'm turning into Jesus Christ!"
I woke in sheer terror to find myself no longer in bed, but standing in front of a huge plate glass window looking out at a sky full of horizontal blue lightening. I stood there frozen in time. For 30 years the dream had been classified as a nightmare. I had no understanding of why anything in it should have terrified me so. The green light was real, alive and held a peace that transcended the fear in the dream. A few years ago, while back packing in the Rockies I dreamed I was being dragged out of our tent. I can still see the emotionless eyes of the life form that had a hold of my right leg at the thigh, pulling me out. When I finally found my voice and woke, I was too frightened to go back to sleep. The next morning my leg hurt too bad to continue our trek and we laid over a day on the mountain. A week later deep bruises began to appear on my thigh in the form of a hand print. Since that time my husband and I have both witnessed visitors in the sky and I have encountered them in the dreamtime without fear.

Fireball Shower? / Mammoths    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

It's beginning to appear that there was actually more than one fireball over the Eastern US on Tuesday, 11-16-99: between 6:55 and 7:10 PM; all moving West to East - contrary to the projected movement of the Leonids.
Eyewitness reports placed fireballs to the North of both Canton and Cincinnati, Ohio at the same time. ...Video images showed vastly different formations between apparitions over Chicago and Seymour, IN (State Police camera). The more northerly pattern being a "train" of lights, while the one to the south was more of a solid ball of fire.
These objects were equally close at hand in both Milwaukee, Wis. and Covington Ky, traveling at slightly different projections.
It occurred to me today that what was seen Tuesday night could possibly have a connection to the famous "King of terror" foreseen by Nostradamus, despite the variation from the anticipated July - September window.
Green fireballs have become one of the major players of recent ufology; most frequently reported in the southern US over the past 7 months.
A professor of astronomy at a local Central Indiana university played off the fireballs as being a natural - and anticipated - part of the Leonid shower. (Since when?) And if so, why haven't any of the rest of us known of the phenomena? His remarks were akin to recent statements by so-called "skeptical" scientists as to the presence of "earth lights"; a new term for anything anomalous in sky.
As I watched the news footage of high school astronomy classes waiting in the cold night air, looking for meteors, (notably absent) I wondered how long it will be before the average citizen realizes that the spectacular displays on Tuesday evening were in no way associated with the Leonid meteor showers.
I hope this realization comes soon and that we will all be just a little more aware of the fact that we are dealing with established science and academia that has set forth to disregard and ridicule anything or anyone who is not sanctioned by them to abide within their tightly drawn parameters... Shades of Dr. Zaius!!!


-The Found World-

Woolly Mammoths On Film

When I was 4 years old, (1956) my aunt went with me to see the movie "Fantasia". Newsreels were still the order of the day. That day was a news story of Admiral Byrd's polar expeditions featuring his b/w footage from one his flights into "the inner earth". The scene I most remember was the aerial film of a herd of woolly mammoths, obviously disturbed and running from the plane overhead.
This newsreel was a short documentary of Adm. Byrd's ventures into the hallow earth.
I was already somewhat of a dinosaur buff at the time. My aunt commented, "Look, they're like dinosaurs." It was a spellbinding experience, to say the least.
I've heard several times that that series of news film was pulled, very shortly after its release, by the US Government, for reasons known only to them.


I would love to hear your memories and observations on the film.
Thank You,
Mark Andrews

Kabbalah: The Tree of Life    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

As I told before, Kabbalah speaks of having control over your life. however, for one to control it, we must comprehend the way interactions of energy in us, as well in the entire Universe, are made. A metaphoric scheme of Tree of Life, made of ten spheres, connected between them by twenty two lines (the number of letters in Hebrew alphabet), describes this way. This scheme is world-famous - you can see it on Crowley's Thoth Tarot cards, and almost in any esoteric and occult literature; it is also widely found on the Net. I will attempt to explain its structure in my words. Keep in mind that it is the same tree that grew (in a metaphoric way, also) in the Garden of Eden, from which our ancestors were so shamefully exiled. They've tasted from the Tree of Knowledge, but this name is misleading - Tree of Knowledge represents only chaos and the illusion we know as matter. Tree of Life, on the other hand, is the only true reality, to which all of us must connect, so that we will be able interact with cosmic forces in order to finally gain control over our lives.
Spheres of Tree of Life can be compared to immense packages of quantum energy. They have names in Hebrew, too, but their translation is misleading, the way I translated "Etz Ha-Daath" as Tree of Knowledge, which also is incorrect. But let's begin, shall we?
At the head of the Tree there is the sphere of Keter (Crown), it includes all the reincarnation of all the souls that exist. Here the Creator is incomprehensible and infinite, the endless world contains endless Light, and the perception of mortals cannot grasp it. Notwithstanding, Keter is the highest intelligence that channels the Light of Creation to the rest of the spheres. It is the Genesis of all our lives, thoughts, ideas and inspirations. It is the supercomputer of the Cosmos.
The first center of power that receives the overwhelming stream from Keter is Hachma, the sphere located on the right line of the Tree. As its Hebrew name implies, it is the reservoir of all the wisdom. It is the beginning of the zodiac, and it symbolizes the universal figure of Father. To complete the Father, that is centered in self-contemplation, we need the sphere of Mother (compare to Wiccan God/Goddess), settled on the top of the left line. It is Binah, that represents understanding. It is the power plant of cosmic energy, that operates all that there is, our efforts, the tide, and even the movement of the galaxies. To implement thought by deed, Hachma and Binah combine, and take us forward toward Hessed, that sits beneath Hachma. This forth sphere represents the pure positive energy in its fetal form, that can be generous till ridicule. It is the absolute will to give, that resides here. To balance Hessed's exaggerated boundless selfishness, we need its partner to the left, Gvurah. Gvurah means strength, discipline, its the complete opposite of Hessed. When Hessed wants only to give away, even by harming itself, Gvurah asks, "What will I gain from it?" On the other hand, without being balanced by Hessed, Gvurah turns into dictatorship.
Therefore, these two also interact, and all the fetal energy, transformed to Hessed from the combination of Hachma and Binah, is executed by Gvurah (not 'execution' as in 'murder', but as in 'realization'). This is the beginning of the process, in which the material world is conceived. Well, the next sphere is the one in the center, called Tipheret. It is the ultimate representative of Beauty. All the potential given to Tipheret from previous regions is formed here in what we will later accept as the "now" reality, the world around us we assumedly live in. Tipheret is all the things that are of sheer breathtaking beauty, a sunset, a flower, a poem, a human idea, all that combines Hachma and Binah to exist, since without symmetry between those there is no beauty.
From here we move on to Netzakh (Eternity - but ignore this translation as well), which is again located on the right side of the Tree of Life. We are getting closer to the world of matter. Netzakh is the spermatozoid, which, when united with the ovule, created the man. It is also the right part of our brains, where the creative process takes place. Netzakh is the poet, the artist, the musician, the dreamer; al in all it is the make element (again, the idea of duality, Yin and Yang come to mind). Netzakh, therefore, needs its female partner, Hod, to begin the process of fertilization, like the semen needs the ovum. Remember, woman is the one that gives birth, i.e., creates a human being. Hod also rules the rational part of our brains, the left side, hence Hod is the scientist, the logician, the math wizard, the distinguished accountant.
One more sphere to go before we reach our current one. Welcome to Yisod (Foundation), cosmic travelers. It is the final reservoir in the base of the Tree. All the awareness, the consciousness, the energies from the spheres above are spilt into here, all mix, intervene, balance and ready to the last transfer. No mortal is able to stand the shining radiation of Yisod. The way that Binah generates the source, Yisod generates the destination, that is...
Malkuth (Kingdom). Malkuth is the condensed world of matter, and all the infinite Light of Creation has given a profound effort to retract into this uneasy state. This is what the impulse for it began at Keter, the idea for its building appeared in Hachma, activated in Binah, planned in Hessed, shaped and designed in Gvurah, made possible in Tipheret, drawn as a draft in Netzakh, estimated in Hod, gathered together in Yisod, and finally was raised right here, in Malkuth. Phew, quite a ride!
Well, as Art Bell says, there you have it, our entire Universe in one article. Of course, there is much more in Kabbalah, and I will cover other issues in the following newsletters. Meanwhile, you are welcomed to search more information on Kabbalistic world perception; you can also contact a branch of the Center for Kabbalah Studies near your home town (which is somewhere in Malkuth).
Based on "One cube, or no sugar?" by Rabbi Berg, available in the Centers for Kabbalah Studies

The Last War: Chapter Three    (view on a separate page) (more articles about literature)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Chapter three

I was running with a troop of khaki-dressed soldiers, firing away with the M-16 gun, that I clutched in my hand, as if it was my only means of salvation. We entered a deserted tenement, from which a view opened up, of houses ruined and on fire, a panorama of complete destruction and hopeless end of times. That's how I felt at that particular moment, that this is the end, the final end, there is nothing beyond this point, and I am ready to die. Yes, this was one of the most terrorizing sensation, by preparedness to die, my submission, my kneeling in front of the irreversible doom. Out of agony, I fired a round, and as the empty cartridges hit the floor, a sentence occurred to me, said in prophetic-like manner of the Bible:
"And the acid shall fall from the skies"...
I woke up with a jerk, cold sweat breaking all over my body, heart deafeningly pounding in the chest, and squinted to see VCR's red electronic clock. It was around 5 AM, which was confirmed by the voice of a muezzin calling his prayer from the mosque's tower over the houses of the ancient Jerusalem. It was me again, Alan Rashi, snapped back to the mundane reality. Yet...
"I was just being summoned," I told the surrounding darkness, slightly tinged by the early light of the approaching Middle Eastern sunrise. Of course, nobody answered back.
However, I sensed there were others at some places, and we were getting closer with every passing hour and day. But for what purpose?

Angel Sword    (view on a separate page) (more articles about literature)
Author: Judith    (all articles by this author)

The enclosed prose is a recording of a waking vision. When looking at some travel magazines some years later I saw the isle in the vision. It is known as the Isle of Wisdom off the coast of Ireland. Isn't life a wondrous adventure!


Angel Sword

I followed the golden thread
as it spiraled into time
to a barren rocky island
surrounded by turquoise sea
The massive stone fortress
opened wide it doors
as I onward, upward traveled
bare feet on huge stone stairs
through an open doorway
into a vaulted chamber
She stood before me then
dressed in a gown of white
with cloak of forest green
Someone I had always known
Yet in this living forgotten
Seeing her again
Brought joy and love remembered
Mother, yet not mother
As I knelt before her
She touched my shoulders and my head
with blade of Angel Sword
Arise my child, dear Judith
The time has come.....
And I felt her pause in saying... be born.
To leave again my home
The love around me then
Oh... I pleaded with her
Please... may I not stay here
But my heart cried out
for those upon the earth
And I knew the time had come
For me ....
to face rebirth.

from The Dreamwalker Collection
copyright 1995

Closing Words    (view on a separate page)

'Close your eyes
Just feel and realize
It is real and not a dream
I'm in you and you're in me
It is time
To break the chains of life
If you follow you will see
What's beyond reality'
- "Beyond The Invisible", Enigma

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