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Opening Words: Where did that little kid go?

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: December 5, 1999

Do you still remember yourself as a child? How far back do your memories stretch? How deep and detailed, for that matter, do they go? Do you recall from time to time your long-forgotten playground, your kind and smiling grandparents, the endless curiosity about the world around you, the joy of the simplest things - catching a bug, getting a toy, seeing a cartoon, reading an enchanted fairy or adventure tale? If the bus that takes you to the college, or the car that drives you to work, passes along an old abandoned place, where you used to play hide-and-seek or pirates-and-cowboys with your childhood friends, do you feel a hand clutches your heart, bringing up a longing you thought you'd never experience again?

So where did that little kid go? Into what infinity did that reality vanished, where everything was so simple, the most complicated issue was being dressed up for cold winter day, no troubles, no problems, no doubts, no frustration, no misery, only laughter and happiness? But what if I tell you that that child is still here with you? You see, the modern collective consciousness is built in such a way that we assume that growing up requires becoming 'serious', pursuing supposedly 'mature' goals, thus becoming tense and neurotic. It is a pattern that is implanted in our life's way. We learn to smoke, drink, swear and 'kill ourselves' for extra cash. It does not have to be this way. To survive without a fight, to let the things go smoothly around you, you must connect to that childhood's world.

I am not speaking about regressing to the past, starting to play with toys again, or considering to buy your old apartment back in order to revivify that period. I'm talking about revivifying the energies that nurtured you before. Stop the materialistic chase around the clock, get rid of unnecessary stressful situations and destructive relationship, and embrace the nature's vistas, breathe the blue sky, smile and laugh, and bring out the inner child that is dormant inside all of us. Simplicity is the key word - just think about it. Sarcasm and cynicism will bring you no relief. Enjoying life's simplest moments and episodes, as you once did in your childhood, which is still within your reach, will make your everyday existence into Heaven on Earth - and that's a promise.

I sincerely hope my message made through.

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And now, on with the show. The world is not enough, because this is the end of days, so open up your sixth sense :) .


Originally published in Project X Newsletter #27

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