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Ching Hai

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: December 5, 1999

Needless to say, this was an extremely wonderful, joyful, peaceful and refilling experience: I - and the whole Israel - met Ching Hai on November 21, 1999. First of all, at evening I arrived at the Tel Aviv's cinema theater, where I was greeted by kind assistants, received a free book and a free copy of her magazine, to which I also subscribed - for free as well. Then, I turned around, and to my amazement I saw Roy, my dear friend from the military days, still wearing the Air Force uniform, entering the lobby. I sensed the spiritual aspect of this seemingly coincidental rendezvous right away. We hugged, happy to see each other. Like myself, he heard of Ching Hai's lecture by almost a chance. We hanged around in the lobby a little bit, deeply impressed by the display of splendid works of art, made by her - jewelry, paintings, lanterns, even her ceremonial dresses. Many people were signing up for the initiation ceremony that was to take place later that evening.

Then we descended into the hall, and sat at the second row, as it appeared later - close to interpreters and some of the Israeli disciples. I will not tell you everything that occurred, only the highest points of the evening. Just for the starters, to get you into the mood, let me say that a calm easy-listening New Age music poured from the speakers, including Yanni's "One Man's Dream" (remember, the one that played on the postcard I sent all of you couple of months ago?). The stage was set for the coming of the Supreme Master Ching Hai, ornamented with flowers and fruits. They've started the lection by a couple of short video films, showing her origins and her current works and activities. I, however, attempted to expand my consciousness field, to enlarge my inner-to-outside view, and mentally call her, reach to her. I think there was a short response, like "yes".

In addition, one of the Master's disciple spoke, very emotionally; he told us of how he was on the one-direction road to Abaddon, poisoned by drugs, alcohol, depression and pointless existence. By the teachings of Ching Hai he found the Light once again, and, take my words for it, he did radiated with the pure Light of Creation.

All of the sudden, the second video was abruptly stopped, and the Supreme Master herself quickly entered the hall, walking along rows of knowledge-seeking people, surrounded by aura, illumination, sound of divine music and followers. When she returned from the other end of the hall, prior to ascending to the stage, she approached the area where we sat. Me and Roy, we both rose to greet her, extending our hands toward her. She reached and held them, not just touching, but holding, for an endless moment, and I felt as if an electric shock, only a very very positively charged one, was delivered to me. I think she recognized me, and, more important, that she even recognized Roy. Then she turned away to take her distinguished place on the stage; the only thing Roy was able to mutter was, "Alex, what just happened here?"

For me, that moment was the culmination of the entire evening.

Ching Hai, "the ocean of love" in Chinese, swept the crowd right away. She is undoubtedly a pure, live and beautiful woman. I'm telling you, the usually skeptic and criticizing Israeli audience fell for her. With a voice full of laughter and bliss, she spoke of how she felt the immense energies of Ierushalaim (Jerusalem) and the Holy Land. She spoke to us of love, of Our Father, that comes to us in may ways and names, of the Light and the Enlightenment, and much more. And people had infinite questions to her, about the enlightenment, God, healing, anger, making love, even the painful one, about the Holocaust. Interesting fact is that in my heart I knew the answers to those burning questions, and they almost exactly matched hers. I really loved her reply, when Ching Hai was asked about Kuan Yin, the way of meditation she teaches - did she tried other methods herself? Yes, she said with her characteristical sense of humor, but this one is the easiest and the shortest, for lazy people like her.

Earlier that night I told Roy that there are presences of the spirits in the hall. It even occurred to me that the grandmother of the disciple, who spoke at the beginning, was brief there to support and encourage him. Later, however, there was the God's presence - yes, I know that HE is always with us, since we all are parts of the whole, but this time The Father really diverted his attention to that place, pressing above our public. And, the most incredible thing, Ching Hai confirmed it later herself!

After more that three hours she was called to attend the initiation ritual, but before leaving she gave us all a small but powerful gift. We were told to close our eyes and concentrate them on the Third Eye - the center of the forehead. As we did, relaxing, she sent a surge of liberating energy. When I opened my eyes, she was already gone. We did so, too.

Needless to say, I dreamt of her and her students that night.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #27

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