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Angel Sword

Author: Judith    (all articles by this author)
Published on: December 5, 1999

The enclosed prose is a recording of a waking vision. When looking at some travel magazines some years later I saw the isle in the vision. It is known as the Isle of Wisdom off the coast of Ireland. Isn't life a wondrous adventure!


Angel Sword

I followed the golden thread

as it spiraled into time

to a barren rocky island

surrounded by turquoise sea

The massive stone fortress

opened wide it doors

as I onward, upward traveled

bare feet on huge stone stairs

through an open doorway

into a vaulted chamber

She stood before me then

dressed in a gown of white

with cloak of forest green

Someone I had always known

Yet in this living forgotten

Seeing her again

Brought joy and love remembered

Mother, yet not mother

As I knelt before her

She touched my shoulders and my head

with blade of Angel Sword

Arise my child, dear Judith

The time has come.....

And I felt her pause in saying... be born.

To leave again my home

The love around me then

Oh... I pleaded with her

Please... may I not stay here

But my heart cried out

for those upon the earth

And I knew the time had come

For me ....

to face rebirth.

from The Dreamwalker Collection

copyright 1995

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #27

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