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Dreams and Aliens

Author: Judith    (all articles by this author)
Published on: December 5, 1999

Some 30 years ago, having returned to the states to attend college, leaving the war zone of Nam behind, I found myself in a small college in the Midwest. Having lived my entire life in the tropics I had never seen a fall, snow or winter lightening storms. As I slept one night, alone in the dorm, everyone having gone home for the holidays, I dreamed I was walking to the student union. Everyone was looking skyward. When I looked up I was surrounded by green light, raised horizontally above the ground, looking upward into the light. I can still, to this day, feel the light on my skin and the peace within it. Then suddenly, I screamed, "My God! I'm turning into Jesus Christ!"

I woke in sheer terror to find myself no longer in bed, but standing in front of a huge plate glass window looking out at a sky full of horizontal blue lightening. I stood there frozen in time. For 30 years the dream had been classified as a nightmare. I had no understanding of why anything in it should have terrified me so. The green light was real, alive and held a peace that transcended the fear in the dream. A few years ago, while back packing in the Rockies I dreamed I was being dragged out of our tent. I can still see the emotionless eyes of the life form that had a hold of my right leg at the thigh, pulling me out. When I finally found my voice and woke, I was too frightened to go back to sleep. The next morning my leg hurt too bad to continue our trek and we laid over a day on the mountain. A week later deep bruises began to appear on my thigh in the form of a hand print. Since that time my husband and I have both witnessed visitors in the sky and I have encountered them in the dreamtime without fear.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #27

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