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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #61

September 6, 2001

1. Opening Words - The Call - Alexander Aldarow
2. Attunement - J.M. Merrill
3. TIME TRAVEL: From Now To Then And Back Again - Mark Andrews
4. Ego - To Be Or Not To Be - Doug Lewis
5. An UFO Experience - Tween
6. Cherokee Angel Of Rescue - Part II - Mark Andrews

Opening Words - The Call    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Have you ever had this happening? Has a sudden, subtle feeling of yearning, longing for something, something concealed by distances of space and depths of time, overcome you before? Like a voice calling to you, from place almost unimaginable, where a path leads, almost unmeasurable?

I have such moments, from time to time. Various factors can trigger it - a flute heard in Enigma albums, a song titled "Edge of Heaven", by Ace of Base, a phrase randomly heard on TV or read in a book, a vista of sun setting into the sea, a sound of feet walking on a sand in a nocturnal desert, a mental image of a dark tower, looming near the horizon. A quest, a journey, an inner touch, a connection stronger that a thousand storms, a whisper softer than a flutter of a butterfly's wing.

This immense feeling is personal, and hard to describe to the others - yet it can sometimes bring tears to one's eye, because it is still very tangible and real. It is like you miss something - but not something you've seen during this life period so far, at least not consciously. Yet this nostalgia, this call, is not painful, and the sadness that it might bring is sweet and soothing, even PROMISING. It is as if, for one moment, you reach through time and space - and this sensation reaches you back, and you understand more, although you can't explain what.

So, what is it? What calls me? I have a theory, that it might be my own Soul. Ancient, boundless, connected to the heart of God, it calls my consciousness back, reassuring that we're not limited by the outlines of our brains and bodies, giving hope and faith.

It calls me home.

By this, I invite all of you to a dialogue. Have you received such a call, and what do you think it means? I do not speak here about our higher callings, about our feelings of responsibility toward the world, in which we are to perform our unique works, for the benefit of the Universe. No, I'm talking about something highly personal. What is it? Who calls me, from places beyond the invisible, from times before my time?

We got a tremendous newsletter for you today, enjoy it. I'd also like to remind, if you have any article to submit to Project X Newsletter - by all means, never hesitate to e-mail me.

Attunement    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: J.M. Merrill    (all articles by this author)

As Harry Edwards, a gifted 20th century Spiritual Healer, said: "the first gift of the spirit is Healing" - I think we can see where it is the only gift if we interact with one another on this basis.


As the healing gift develops and you become a finer instrument of the spirit to heal the sick, it will be a reward that cannot be measured in material terms.

Attunement is a subtle condition, very difficult to describe in words. It has no physical symptoms by which to recognize it, as attunement is so natural. There should, however, be consciousness of a feeling different from normality, which is often more readily appreciated when returning to normal, full consciousness after emerging from the state of attunement.

Healers are more aware of the attuned condition when engaged in contact healing and a sign of this is the great joy, inwardly felt, when pain has been relieved or an affliction lessened or overcome. It is joy of the spirit self and this could not be experienced unless an attuned condition has been established.

Attunement means establishing a state of affinity with the spirit guides. It is good to seek regularly and purposefully to attain a more perfect state of affinity with spirit. Meditation is the tool used for attunement.

Before engaging in contact healing the healer sits for a few moments to attain affinity with spirit. In spite of other activities that may be going on at the time and the changing of one patient for another, the attuned condition will, with experience, remain with the healer.

Healers possess the high motives of love and compassion for the sick. Healers from spirit also have these two great qualities. Thus it is, through love and compassion from spirit, blending with the same qualities in the healer, that the attunement is achieved.

Such attunement is a natural act. It is almost like dozing but with the consciousness of inner mind awareness. From the healing point of view, we are seeking mental abandonment rather than mental concentration, in the usual sense.

In order to use this effective and powerful method of hands-on healing, the healer would have good intent: the intent to be a channel for spiritual healing energy, the intent to be of help, the intent to do only that which is in the highest interest of all.

TIME TRAVEL: From Now To Then And Back Again    (view on a separate page) (more articles about aliens)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

Changing The Past By Changing The Present.

Perhaps you saw the series finale of Star Trek Voyager in which "Admiral" Janeway went back in time to meet up with her earlier self, Captain Janeway, in order to alter events, and to change the outcome of Voyager's return to the Alpha Quadrant. In doing so, she saved Seven's life and was able to prevent Tuvok from having to endure the effects of a debilitating neurological disorder. It was a very moving and thought provoking episode.

We each have those incidents in our past that we would change (or at least want to alter). We all carry some secret regrets of moments that we wish we could re-do.
I heard a most surprising theory from a very Fundamentalist Christian evangelist. While changing TV channels, I came upon his program, and was astounded to hear him say that he has come to believe that "miraculous", instantaneous cures are often the result of time-traveling angels sent by God to alter an individual's past in a way that denies the manifestation of a disorder in the present.

(Change the cause / change the effect.)

No one would deny that we are in a flexible time line when it comes to changing future events. We all re-write future history many times every day by our moment to moment decisions and actions.
We do so within the concept of a linear time line that moves ever forward at a consistent pace. We see time as moving only from present to future. We assume that time itself is in motion, and that we and our reality are its helpless captives.
In 1978, I was allowed the experience of time travel.
It would be one thing if a person were to be shown the future, or to be physically taken to a yet-to-be moment in time.
However, in this instance, the future came to me. And "I" was one of the components in this lesson-learning experience.

It wound up to be a very involved series of strange encounters, and clues given in such a way as to be understood only in the passing of time. If you would be interested in reading about it, I would be glad to send you a copy of the account as I wrote about it for Dr. Bruce Goldberg.

In (time) capsule form:

I and individuals then unknown to me - who I have since met in this time-line - came back in time (with the help of a more advanced extraterrestrial race) from around the year 2018 to interact with me and others in April and May of 1978.

The exact purpose of this time excursion remains a mystery, aside from the fact that it has been the source of great comfort and hope. It has also caused a profound re-thinking and re-ordering of my concepts of the nature of time, space, and consciousness.

As a result of the lessons learned from that (somewhat unnerving) series of events, the following points appear to be true.

1. Perceived "time" and "space" are aspects of the same dimensional reality.

Space is the solid form of time.

Time is the liquid form of space.

2. All Time and all Space are unified and inseparable.
Just as all Space exists at once, so all Time is NOW and in a flexible state of modification.

3. All of Space / Time exists in a globular state, having pure Consciousness at the center of the "Cosmic Globe".
Space / Time exists as a concept within Universal Mind, and can be accessed (at any point) by means of individual consciousness in alignment with Universal Consciousness.

Thus Space travel. / Thus Time travel.

4. The "past" can be changed as readily as the future.
It is only our limiting thoughts and concepts that prevent us from taking part in this option of our reality.
This makes possible the changing of events in time through a reverse process.

(Change the effect / change the cause.)

5. What we regard as "memory" is actually our conscious re-connection with an experience in our perceived past. Through the "vehicle of memory", we are able to draw energies from an earlier time (get younger instead of older), as well as to transmit event-altering thoughts into the subconscious of our earlier self.

"Be NOW; be THEN, and back again."

We would have little trouble agreeing with the idea that healing is a form of changing the past event of sickness. When we alleviate the symptoms of a disease, we are made to be as if the disease never existed in the first place.
The process of altering past events begins with that commonly held ideal.
When we work to (as much as possible) heal the effects of any unwanted cause, we take an active step in transforming the casual events.
One of the most basic truths of Christianity is that God not only forgives sins, but also FORGETS them. When God "speaks", the Word of God takes physical form in our reality. When God conceives, reality manifests.
In like manner: When God "forgets", past reality is altered, (non-manifest).

It never happened.

Which suggests that some alternative reality "happened" in its place. - A reality that brings forth a whole creation in our perceived present in place of the un-whole.

(Holy instead of unholy.)

It has been 23 years since I was first forced (by my future self) to redirect my concepts of our Temporal / Spacial / Conscious reality.
It has been a very extensive and uncomfortable process.
Perhaps one of the successful missions of that time trip will be this message making its way to you. And perhaps you will be able to unlock you own internal time-travel (event altering) mechanisms.

Or at least be assured that there can be a better "past" in your future.

Ego - To Be Or Not To Be    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)

From the mail bag came another question of ego, it crops up frequently these days as the quickening seems to quicken and the awakening seems to spread. Often the question concerns an individuals feeling of becoming separated and isolated from the truth of being integral to ONE.

Over the years I have tried to come to grips with the same feelings, this works for me and perhaps it may have slight value for others so I offer it in kindred spirit.

This is how I think of EGO so... here goes, no warranty implied.

Reference: "Brain Wave Diary" (08/22/01)

Ergo, Ego - To be or not to be.

Ego is a mind mechanism providing self-realization. Ego provides the thought that has us recognize self as an individual. Ego allows us to create the illusion that we are separate and apart from all else so we may freely experience self directed choices.

When we are young, ego is not well developed. I suspect we thought of ourselves as a part of something, like a family, rather than as an independent unit. We relied on others so much for everything, I expect it was comforting to feel like part of a group rather than a strong, independent individual.

Later, we may even have thought we were the main one of the group because we had the rest scurrying around doing for us. Our needs were simple, to be clean, well fed and hugged (hopefully). So, as we felt our power, our ego probably developed stronger, giving us feelings of self worth, yet with belonging. And so a little ego is good.

In a pinch, if we found ourselves in a place of misery or abuse, ego is what probably kept us going, kept us hopeful. Belief in self and belief in righteous outcome probably combine to give us amazing resiliency in times of personal need. A fundamental specie survival trait or instinct.

In this way ego is an exceedingly good gift.

Ego is also probably associated with our capability to use another great gift, that of... "free will to choose." Even though being a part of a group is good, it is also good to evaluate what the group is doing and decide whether WE want to be a party to it or not. I expect ego assists us to know and understand "choosing" for self. Self-determination is also a good aspect of ego or recognition of self empowerment... and it is also good. In these ways, ego combined with good conscience, is a very good thing, it supports individual human sentience and caring.

If we care to look and really see around us, it is not too big of a stretch to realize EVERYTHING... every particle of existence is chained together. ALL is a single entity made up of particles of matter and energy. Each particle has absolute purpose. No matter the apparent value or worthlessness of a single particle, each is UNIQUE and has exactly the same relevance as the next.

Arrangements of particles into absolutes, like planets, space dust, trees, me and you can give the impression or perception of individual AND separate chunks. Yet, if we look carefully, we will see dependencies for every chunk and therefore every particle. All is connected within ONE.

To the furthest reaches of space, connecting ribbons and strands or influence are evident. ALL is ONE machine or circuit with many interconnected parts.

Looking with the eye can be deceiving since some of the connecting links are not easily seen because they may be very small like atomic particles, or like air, not "visible" to the naked eye. Light and radio waves pass from stellar body to stellar body and we may not see these beams of light or transmissions as connectors, just as individual twinkles or ether rather than interconnecting force beams.

Either way, all is connected either by direct association, (touching), or by less obvious means such as electro or magnetic fields, flowing streams of plasma, or gravitational influences. These invisible connectors are as tangible as cables chaining all parts of ALL together as ONE.

There are many reasons why we may not choose to associate the symbiotic nature of existence, yet it is all tied together into a single circuit of connectivity.

Ego, if unchecked would have us think in terms of unconnected islands of creation with no real physical connectors, just blobs of massed particles floating or walking unconnected, free floating individualistic parts.

An overdeveloped ego can become overpoweringly strong and if unchecked, manifest the illusion of separation, so strongly, a body may believe it "really" is an individual and that it "really" is separate and unconnected and un-reliant on the rest of ALL.

When this occurs, total belief in self overwhelms all other possibilities.

One by one other belief possibilities are canceled out until only the possibility of self remains. Faith in anything other than self can diminish. So strong can the self-centeredness become, only one belief remains, belief in self. Since for the selfish, all else other than self is separate, then it all becomes but a resource for self. This is often known as selfishness, and is seen in the self centered and selfish as disregard for all others and all things as long as self seems to benefit.

In extreme cases of ego blinded behavior, nothing has importance except satisfying the illusion of self. Like all extremes... instability becomes a risk.

Unchecked ego may have us willingly sacrifice relationships, inner satisfaction, sentient fulfillment, and use of connectivity gifts in favor of things, power and control, things without lasting merit. Things that are not transportable within ONE.

Thinking self is not connected to ONE, is a choice.

Really disconnecting from ONE however, is not achievable. At the end of the day, free choice may get us far more than we ever bargained for.

Ego enabled free choice, use it freely, wisely...

What do you think?

Love Light Laughter Wonder and AWE!

Doug ~(WW)~

An UFO Experience    (view on a separate page) (more articles about aliens)
Author: Tween    (all articles by this author)

On March 13,2001 at 6:20 PM, as I was driving home from work just before dusk and topped a hill facing west I saw a white something dropping fast from high in the sky in the west. At first I thought it dropped straight down but after consulting a map that showed my route veered slightly north I realize the craft did also. At first it was a shape like a flat bottomed cone (tall popcorn bucket/elongated thimble, maybe) with larger part at the top. It had very sharp edges visible and at times while dropping there was an indication of a fold or line the length of it from top to bottom (as if rotation presented different view to me). It was very bright white against the palest blue sky. As the highway I was on turned north, I took a side road to the west heading toward the still dropping object, in the hope of keeping it in sight and getting a better look. I wondered where it might land assuming it was very large space debris, perhaps even from Mir that might be breaking up already.
After I stopped my car, I watched it drop to just above the top of tree line about 75 feet ahead of me. At that time while I remained stationary, the object seemed to hesitate and the bottom lifted, pointing north. It moved across the sky (18" at extended arm length) to the north and appeared to stop. There was no sound, scents or other noted effects. I watched a few moments as it seemed to just stay suspended there. This discounted my idea of space debris and I assumed I would be able to check NASA sites to discover what it was. It didn't seem to be in danger of crashing. I turned and went back out to the highway heading north and when I cleared line of woods to my left I saw what I believe to be the same object that had traveled a bit further north than I had. (as it was out of my sight for a period, I can not be absolutely positive it was the same object.)
I parked my car across from cleared pasture area (less than 1/2 mile north of first stop) to take more pictures. The object was then seen as a rather vertical jelly bean (cigar) shaped bright yellow "glow" sitting barely above tree line in the west less than a quarter mile away. I took another picture and as I watched it seemed to ignite as if exploding and began to ascend. At this point I feel sure it was on fire. The top (front?) blazing was bulged out like smashed ice cream cone as it seemed to meet resistance. The back tapered only gradually. This was intense fiery orange, black, yellow, red colors. As it rose, I looked to two guys a hundred feet north on the highway working on their truck and realized they hadn't noticed it. I pulled my car up and just said look. On of these guys immediately said, "That's it! That's that space station." We watched it turn back overhead toward the east and discussed things we knew about Mir coming down for a couple of minutes before the object appeared to burn out. At that time it continued overhead east as a pattern of black debris in various geometric shapes from front to length of previous burning tail. Still all this time no sound or odor of fire. Help had come for the stalled truck and I needed to move my car so I went on toward home. I was assuming there would be an explanation all over the news. After about 3 miles I turned on a highway headed east and looked back with clear view of the burn-up area and could see nothing.
There were no images of the object in my pictures? Only the treeline! And needless to say, nothing on the news to explain it! For two weeks, at least, military planes cruised the tree tops here. They didn't ask me where to find it (I say that because the next day I wrote a full description of event with longitude and latitude, pictures showed where object should have shown up in them for approximating distance from me by angles or whatever, all to a NASA contact. I was assured by him he checked around and it was not a "space object".)

Cherokee Angel Of Rescue - Part II    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

The Mysterious "Lady In Black".
(c) 2001

(continued from Newsletter # 60)

Bob Davidson survived the lightning strike, but was comatose for several weeks. Once revived, his recovery was long and arduous. He reported to have had what he considered to be a visitation with his recently deceased father during the time he was unconscious. Bob had no memory of being struck by lightning or of the mysterious lady who came to his aid. Mr. Davidson made a miraculously full recovery form his very near death experience.

May 20, 1988

I was living on the East side of Indianapolis, in a small basement apartment near the corner of Linwood and Washington Streets. My building was about seven miles from the site where the described events surrounding the Lady in Black took place.
At the time, I had heard nothing about her or anything that I have just written about the incident. I had no knowledge of "The Lady" or of any of the history pertinent to her.
The Spring of '88 was a stressful time for me. I had just quit my job as a psychiatric attendant at Central State Hospital, and was doing part- time work for a "temp" agency. I had one friend who would spend almost all-day, every day with me. His name was Melvin. He lived just down the street and was even more unemployed than I was. So we had plenty of time to sit around and co-miserate; often getting on one another's nerves.
I had actually known Melvin for about four years. When I moved to that address, I was much more accessible to him than ever before. And like I said, we were at a point with each other where we were pushing the limits of our congenial friendship.
On that particular Friday, (5-20-88) Melvin paid one his daily visits. There was something wrong. He wasn't "Melvin". He began speaking of comfortable ways to end his life. I knew him well enough to know that he wasn't playing a joke with me. My psychiatric training (from over 15 years) cued me to be attentive to his words, and to take them seriously.
But to be perfectly honest, I just couldn't find the energy to react in any type of panic or urgency. It wasn't that I didn't care for him; there was just something "in the air" that caused me to deal with him in a very matter-of-fact "professional" way. That was quite out of character for me where Melvin was concerned. I might normally have yelled a little, joked a little, and left him with the words: "Don't worry about it, everything will be alright."
But not that day. I suppose I was unconsciously preparing myself for Melvin's suicide. As many "ups' and "downs" as we had weathered together over the years, I just didn't want to have to go too head-long into the final "down".
I drove him home about 3 PM, and then went back to my apartment. Of course, once I pulled away from his house, the weight of it all hit me.
I can so clearly remember stepping through my door, facing the Southeast; going to the middle of the dining room; lifting my hands to "Heaven" and saying, "Lord, send an angel to deal with Melvin."
And that's where I left it.

Melvin called me at around 8 PM the following evening (Saturday). He was sounding much better and even asked if I would want to take him and his cousin for a ride in the "country". He apologized for having been such a weight on my shoulders the day before, and hoped that a refreshing ride away from the city might do all of us a lot of good. It all sounded good me. I went to his house where he and his cousin were waiting. He asked if I would mind if he drove. I figured, "Anything to keep him smiling!", so away we went.
We went for fast food and then headed Southeast. We had nowhere to go and all night to get there.
Just past 10 PM, we were driving South in the 6600 block of South Franklin Road. The radio was going and sending "heavy metal" throughout the car.
The night was clear, cool, and damp. And in the 6600 Block of S. Franklin; very dark.
Melvin was driving when we all noticed the figure of a strangely dressed woman coming toward us on the right side of the road. The car's headlights were all that illuminated her. She had long black flowing hair. She had the high cheek bones of a Native American. Her eyes were oddly bright and strangely peaceful.
Her expression was both forceful and placid. She was garbed in what looked to us to have been a hand-woven, beaded serape. We passed her without any of us saying a word. Then we all said at once. "That was a woman!"
Why a woman would be taking a stroll so far away from anything stuck us as a sure sign that she was in trouble, so Melvin put the car in reverse with the hopes that the white reverse lights would show the woman's location as we backed up. We slowly drove in reverse but couldn't see her where she "should" have been. Melvin stopped the car and I hopped out to see if I could find her to offer assistance. I jogged for about 50 feet and came to the realization that she just wasn't there any more. I took note of the old brick "school house" before me to my left and walked back to the car.
I got in the car and closed the door. The car was running in "park". I said. "She's gone." You can only imagine the shouted expletives that filled the car as we all together / all at once; verbally reacted to the "ghost" who had just passed us in the night.
Melvin was very shaken by the event. And I do mean "shaken". He tried his best to stop the tremors that were shooting across his body, but even after 5 or 6 minutes of focused concentration, he was still shaking as he attempted to pull away from the spot.
"Ah Ha!", I shouted with delight, "I prayed yesterday and asked God to send an angel to you so you wouldn't hurt yourself !" I said to Melvin (with obvious satisfaction).

"Yeah?... Thanks.". he acknowledged back to me. And that was all he could say all the way back to his house.
A few days later, I learned from his cousin that Melvin had planned to take his life that same night by means of gas fumes once I had dropped them off back at his house.

The ghostly presence (who he said looked right into his eyes) made him re-think his plans.
Melvin is alive and doing very well today.
Someone had heard my prayers for Melvin's welfare and arranged to give him a glimpse of his would-be existence with a dose of "reality".

It worked.

(More to follow in the next edition of Project X Newsletter)

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