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Author: J.M. Merrill    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 6, 2001

As Harry Edwards, a gifted 20th century Spiritual Healer, said: "the first gift of the spirit is Healing" - I think we can see where it is the only gift if we interact with one another on this basis.


As the healing gift develops and you become a finer instrument of the spirit to heal the sick, it will be a reward that cannot be measured in material terms.

Attunement is a subtle condition, very difficult to describe in words. It has no physical symptoms by which to recognize it, as attunement is so natural. There should, however, be consciousness of a feeling different from normality, which is often more readily appreciated when returning to normal, full consciousness after emerging from the state of attunement.

Healers are more aware of the attuned condition when engaged in contact healing and a sign of this is the great joy, inwardly felt, when pain has been relieved or an affliction lessened or overcome. It is joy of the spirit self and this could not be experienced unless an attuned condition has been established.

Attunement means establishing a state of affinity with the spirit guides. It is good to seek regularly and purposefully to attain a more perfect state of affinity with spirit. Meditation is the tool used for attunement.

Before engaging in contact healing the healer sits for a few moments to attain affinity with spirit. In spite of other activities that may be going on at the time and the changing of one patient for another, the attuned condition will, with experience, remain with the healer.

Healers possess the high motives of love and compassion for the sick. Healers from spirit also have these two great qualities. Thus it is, through love and compassion from spirit, blending with the same qualities in the healer, that the attunement is achieved.

Such attunement is a natural act. It is almost like dozing but with the consciousness of inner mind awareness. From the healing point of view, we are seeking mental abandonment rather than mental concentration, in the usual sense.

In order to use this effective and powerful method of hands-on healing, the healer would have good intent: the intent to be a channel for spiritual healing energy, the intent to be of help, the intent to do only that which is in the highest interest of all.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #61

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