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Ego - To Be Or Not To Be

Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 6, 2001

From the mail bag came another question of ego, it crops up frequently these days as the quickening seems to quicken and the awakening seems to spread. Often the question concerns an individuals feeling of becoming separated and isolated from the truth of being integral to ONE.

Over the years I have tried to come to grips with the same feelings, this works for me and perhaps it may have slight value for others so I offer it in kindred spirit.

This is how I think of EGO so... here goes, no warranty implied.

Reference: "Brain Wave Diary" (08/22/01)

Ergo, Ego - To be or not to be.

Ego is a mind mechanism providing self-realization. Ego provides the thought that has us recognize self as an individual. Ego allows us to create the illusion that we are separate and apart from all else so we may freely experience self directed choices.

When we are young, ego is not well developed. I suspect we thought of ourselves as a part of something, like a family, rather than as an independent unit. We relied on others so much for everything, I expect it was comforting to feel like part of a group rather than a strong, independent individual.

Later, we may even have thought we were the main one of the group because we had the rest scurrying around doing for us. Our needs were simple, to be clean, well fed and hugged (hopefully). So, as we felt our power, our ego probably developed stronger, giving us feelings of self worth, yet with belonging. And so a little ego is good.

In a pinch, if we found ourselves in a place of misery or abuse, ego is what probably kept us going, kept us hopeful. Belief in self and belief in righteous outcome probably combine to give us amazing resiliency in times of personal need. A fundamental specie survival trait or instinct.

In this way ego is an exceedingly good gift.

Ego is also probably associated with our capability to use another great gift, that of... "free will to choose." Even though being a part of a group is good, it is also good to evaluate what the group is doing and decide whether WE want to be a party to it or not. I expect ego assists us to know and understand "choosing" for self. Self-determination is also a good aspect of ego or recognition of self empowerment... and it is also good. In these ways, ego combined with good conscience, is a very good thing, it supports individual human sentience and caring.

If we care to look and really see around us, it is not too big of a stretch to realize EVERYTHING... every particle of existence is chained together. ALL is a single entity made up of particles of matter and energy. Each particle has absolute purpose. No matter the apparent value or worthlessness of a single particle, each is UNIQUE and has exactly the same relevance as the next.

Arrangements of particles into absolutes, like planets, space dust, trees, me and you can give the impression or perception of individual AND separate chunks. Yet, if we look carefully, we will see dependencies for every chunk and therefore every particle. All is connected within ONE.

To the furthest reaches of space, connecting ribbons and strands or influence are evident. ALL is ONE machine or circuit with many interconnected parts.

Looking with the eye can be deceiving since some of the connecting links are not easily seen because they may be very small like atomic particles, or like air, not "visible" to the naked eye. Light and radio waves pass from stellar body to stellar body and we may not see these beams of light or transmissions as connectors, just as individual twinkles or ether rather than interconnecting force beams.

Either way, all is connected either by direct association, (touching), or by less obvious means such as electro or magnetic fields, flowing streams of plasma, or gravitational influences. These invisible connectors are as tangible as cables chaining all parts of ALL together as ONE.

There are many reasons why we may not choose to associate the symbiotic nature of existence, yet it is all tied together into a single circuit of connectivity.

Ego, if unchecked would have us think in terms of unconnected islands of creation with no real physical connectors, just blobs of massed particles floating or walking unconnected, free floating individualistic parts.

An overdeveloped ego can become overpoweringly strong and if unchecked, manifest the illusion of separation, so strongly, a body may believe it "really" is an individual and that it "really" is separate and unconnected and un-reliant on the rest of ALL.

When this occurs, total belief in self overwhelms all other possibilities.

One by one other belief possibilities are canceled out until only the possibility of self remains. Faith in anything other than self can diminish. So strong can the self-centeredness become, only one belief remains, belief in self. Since for the selfish, all else other than self is separate, then it all becomes but a resource for self. This is often known as selfishness, and is seen in the self centered and selfish as disregard for all others and all things as long as self seems to benefit.

In extreme cases of ego blinded behavior, nothing has importance except satisfying the illusion of self. Like all extremes... instability becomes a risk.

Unchecked ego may have us willingly sacrifice relationships, inner satisfaction, sentient fulfillment, and use of connectivity gifts in favor of things, power and control, things without lasting merit. Things that are not transportable within ONE.

Thinking self is not connected to ONE, is a choice.

Really disconnecting from ONE however, is not achievable. At the end of the day, free choice may get us far more than we ever bargained for.

Ego enabled free choice, use it freely, wisely...

What do you think?

Love Light Laughter Wonder and AWE!

Doug ~(WW)~

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #61

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