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Opening Words - The Call

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 6, 2001

Have you ever had this happening? Has a sudden, subtle feeling of yearning, longing for something, something concealed by distances of space and depths of time, overcome you before? Like a voice calling to you, from place almost unimaginable, where a path leads, almost unmeasurable?

I have such moments, from time to time. Various factors can trigger it - a flute heard in Enigma albums, a song titled "Edge of Heaven", by Ace of Base, a phrase randomly heard on TV or read in a book, a vista of sun setting into the sea, a sound of feet walking on a sand in a nocturnal desert, a mental image of a dark tower, looming near the horizon. A quest, a journey, an inner touch, a connection stronger that a thousand storms, a whisper softer than a flutter of a butterfly's wing.

This immense feeling is personal, and hard to describe to the others - yet it can sometimes bring tears to one's eye, because it is still very tangible and real. It is like you miss something - but not something you've seen during this life period so far, at least not consciously. Yet this nostalgia, this call, is not painful, and the sadness that it might bring is sweet and soothing, even PROMISING. It is as if, for one moment, you reach through time and space - and this sensation reaches you back, and you understand more, although you can't explain what.

So, what is it? What calls me? I have a theory, that it might be my own Soul. Ancient, boundless, connected to the heart of God, it calls my consciousness back, reassuring that we're not limited by the outlines of our brains and bodies, giving hope and faith.

It calls me home.

By this, I invite all of you to a dialogue. Have you received such a call, and what do you think it means? I do not speak here about our higher callings, about our feelings of responsibility toward the world, in which we are to perform our unique works, for the benefit of the Universe. No, I'm talking about something highly personal. What is it? Who calls me, from places beyond the invisible, from times before my time?

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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #61

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