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TIME TRAVEL: From Now To Then And Back Again

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 6, 2001

Changing The Past By Changing The Present.

Perhaps you saw the series finale of Star Trek Voyager in which "Admiral" Janeway went back in time to meet up with her earlier self, Captain Janeway, in order to alter events, and to change the outcome of Voyager's return to the Alpha Quadrant. In doing so, she saved Seven's life and was able to prevent Tuvok from having to endure the effects of a debilitating neurological disorder. It was a very moving and thought provoking episode.

We each have those incidents in our past that we would change (or at least want to alter). We all carry some secret regrets of moments that we wish we could re-do.

I heard a most surprising theory from a very Fundamentalist Christian evangelist. While changing TV channels, I came upon his program, and was astounded to hear him say that he has come to believe that "miraculous", instantaneous cures are often the result of time-traveling angels sent by God to alter an individual's past in a way that denies the manifestation of a disorder in the present.

(Change the cause / change the effect.)

No one would deny that we are in a flexible time line when it comes to changing future events. We all re-write future history many times every day by our moment to moment decisions and actions.

We do so within the concept of a linear time line that moves ever forward at a consistent pace. We see time as moving only from present to future. We assume that time itself is in motion, and that we and our reality are its helpless captives.

In 1978, I was allowed the experience of time travel.

It would be one thing if a person were to be shown the future, or to be physically taken to a yet-to-be moment in time.

However, in this instance, the future came to me. And "I" was one of the components in this lesson-learning experience.

It wound up to be a very involved series of strange encounters, and clues given in such a way as to be understood only in the passing of time. If you would be interested in reading about it, I would be glad to send you a copy of the account as I wrote about it for Dr. Bruce Goldberg.

In (time) capsule form:

I and individuals then unknown to me - who I have since met in this time-line - came back in time (with the help of a more advanced extraterrestrial race) from around the year 2018 to interact with me and others in April and May of 1978.

The exact purpose of this time excursion remains a mystery, aside from the fact that it has been the source of great comfort and hope. It has also caused a profound re-thinking and re-ordering of my concepts of the nature of time, space, and consciousness.

As a result of the lessons learned from that (somewhat unnerving) series of events, the following points appear to be true.

1. Perceived "time" and "space" are aspects of the same dimensional reality.

Space is the solid form of time.

Time is the liquid form of space.

2. All Time and all Space are unified and inseparable.

Just as all Space exists at once, so all Time is NOW and in a flexible state of modification.

3. All of Space / Time exists in a globular state, having pure Consciousness at the center of the "Cosmic Globe".

Space / Time exists as a concept within Universal Mind, and can be accessed (at any point) by means of individual consciousness in alignment with Universal Consciousness.

Thus Space travel. / Thus Time travel.

4. The "past" can be changed as readily as the future.

It is only our limiting thoughts and concepts that prevent us from taking part in this option of our reality.

This makes possible the changing of events in time through a reverse process.

(Change the effect / change the cause.)

5. What we regard as "memory" is actually our conscious re-connection with an experience in our perceived past. Through the "vehicle of memory", we are able to draw energies from an earlier time (get younger instead of older), as well as to transmit event-altering thoughts into the subconscious of our earlier self.

"Be NOW; be THEN, and back again."

We would have little trouble agreeing with the idea that healing is a form of changing the past event of sickness. When we alleviate the symptoms of a disease, we are made to be as if the disease never existed in the first place.

The process of altering past events begins with that commonly held ideal.

When we work to (as much as possible) heal the effects of any unwanted cause, we take an active step in transforming the casual events.

One of the most basic truths of Christianity is that God not only forgives sins, but also FORGETS them. When God "speaks", the Word of God takes physical form in our reality. When God conceives, reality manifests.

In like manner: When God "forgets", past reality is altered, (non-manifest).

It never happened.

Which suggests that some alternative reality "happened" in its place. - A reality that brings forth a whole creation in our perceived present in place of the un-whole.

(Holy instead of unholy.)

It has been 23 years since I was first forced (by my future self) to redirect my concepts of our Temporal / Spacial / Conscious reality.

It has been a very extensive and uncomfortable process.

Perhaps one of the successful missions of that time trip will be this message making its way to you. And perhaps you will be able to unlock you own internal time-travel (event altering) mechanisms.

Or at least be assured that there can be a better "past" in your future.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #61

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