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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #57

May 19, 2001

1. Opening Words: Cargo Ship - Alexander Aldarow
2. Contact... On The Horizon - Mark Andrews
3. Education Has A Price - So Has Ignorance - Asoka Selvarajah
4. Freedom - The Right To Choose - Lady Isis
5. One Type Experience - Tween
6. Jetting Along - Doug Lewis
7. Disinformation, Please! - Mark Andrews

Opening Words: Cargo Ship    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Ashdod, the Israeli town I live in, has a long shoreline, bordering the Mediterranean sea, the cradle of Western civilization. At the northern part of the shore, there is a power station factory, with its enormous chimneys rising into the dark of night, creating a spooky industrial vista. Last night, I suggested to Rinor we drive there, we haven't visited that spot for several months. Little did I know, that there was a certain addition to that part of the beach.

As we passed a swerve, already seeing the sea, the lit ships in it, and the factory, a huge mass appeared on the very border between the land and the water. A terror literally clutched at me, as we beheld an immense cargo ship, stranded by the beach, sitting in the shallow waters in a bit askew manner.

I recalled some bits of news I've heard several months ago, about a storm, a ship crashing next to the power station... but I forgot about that since then. And now, sitting in the car, I found that I'm too afraid to step out. It was dark, it was cold, and there was this thing, a wrecked ship, towering above all humans who might challenge it. A certain fear rose in me, something from the childhood that I didn't knew it to inhabit me. Something primal, something deeply subconscious.

We finally went out. The ship was of Russian origin, judging from the flag painted on it; it was named "Vladimir Svintsov". In months of inactivity, it became rusty, thus even more ominous. I recalled all the associated books and TV series, including "The X-Files"; Rinor also suggested the Bermuda triangle. We were talking about it all, to drive the mutual, unexplained fear away, strolling the sand within several yards from it. It was cold and windy that night; the ship was creaking at times, and the waves occasionally exploded against its horrifying carcass.

Then something happened in me, something began to pull me toward the ship, as a decision was half-consciously made. Rinor stayed behind, reluctant to come any closer to the inanimate monster ("Only by daylight," he said). I took a step after a step, I was entirely close to the ship, hearing a water whooshing inside of its hollow belly, hearing the ghost-like creaking. I reached out, and touched the ship.

And nothing.

And everything.

I felt sand, some rust, a surface devoid of either cold or heat. I stepped back, and saw that the monster was brightly lit now, by the lights of the nearby factory... and that it wasn't a monster at all.

At the moment of the contact, the fear has evaporated. I faced it, I conquered it, I defeated it. I wasn't aware of its initial origin - but I overcame it nonetheless. The experience, although it might appear simple and childish for a side viewer, was empowering nevertheless. I could now look at the ship, yes, in the dark, cold night, yes, hearing the sea and seeing the rust, but the ship did not propose any threat anymore, ever.

My friends. At times, to go through a powerful experience, we don't even need to perform a complex ritual, or go into hours of meditation or out-of-body flights. The Universe, when you least expect it, will provide you with one. The Universe will provide you with everything you need on this never-ending journey, through Time and Space. I've seen the proofs, again and the again, I've seen the Universe in action - and so have you.

I will tell more about my recent experiences in the next edition. Meanwhile - watch the skies...

Last note - in the previous edition, a letter from Sebastian was published, titled "Lost in Space?" Last week, I've received the following one:

"Hey, Alex, greetings, my friend. I haven't had any access to a PC and I'm stunned at the responses to my story. I don't have time to respond to them as I'm using someone else's PC and have only got 10 minutes! One guy couldn't understand how, if I am Love (and we all are), how come I split with my girlfriend and how could I stop loving her? I never stopped loving her, it's just that my journey with her was over. We travel side by side with everyone in our lives, teaching each other, and when the lessons are learned, we take them and journey on. I'm still learning and will forever learn and create from these teachings. To the others that wrote to me I would like to say thank you so much for letting me know that I'm not alone or going crazy!! I will try and stay in touch as much as possible. Gotta go. One Love in the Light. Seb."

Contact... On The Horizon    (view on a separate page) (more articles about aliens)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

May 1, 2001

This Is It

The word going around is that there's "something in the air" about to break for the world involving formal contact with one or more extraterrestrial civilizations.
Yesterday, April 30, at about 9:30 AM, I was on my way to visit my friend at his work place to ask if he would take a couple of photos of me that I could forward on the net.
As I was passing by the small lake just down the street from my house, I was somehow compelled to pull over and shoot a picture of the horizon to the E / NE.
Although the attached J-peg photo is not as clear as the original, you can still see the very large cigar-shaped "mothership" at mid-center-left in the frame. In the original photo, you can also see a smaller saucer shaped object directly in front of the larger craft. Also visible are three glowing orb-shaped objects which appear at various points in the picture.
I have been told that we are in for some really BIG surprises this month.
- -Massive sightings as never before in places you would least expect.- -

"Gentlemen, start your warp drives!"

You might want to keep a loaded camera in your car. Because as I learned yesterday... You never know when or where they might show up!

Pax Galactica!,
Mark Andrews

Photo taken near I-465 and Madison Ave.; Indy South Side.

This Is It

Education Has A Price - So Has Ignorance    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Asoka Selvarajah    (all articles by this author)

Education is your key to success and advancement in every area of life. However, it is NOT defined by academic qualifications. In fact, all too often, these can form an excellent contrary indicator! Whilst academic qualifications do undoubtedly smooth the way in many career areas, they are by no means a guarantee of success.

The real education you need is the ongoing self-learning that will help you match your capacities to your chosen goals in life. In this fast-paced transient society, if you are not continually learning and moving forward, you are really moving backward. The sum total of human knowledge is now doubling every few years. If you are not significantly improving on your skills, then you have only yourself to blame when opportunity and good fortune pass you by.

It is said that good luck is when opportunity meets preparation. If you haven't prepared, you will be unable to take advantage of whatever opportunities may arise. Thus, your luck will remain perpetually poor, and you will continually wonder why.

The self-made wealthy and successful of society continually invest in the process of self-education in almost religious fashion. They buy and read books and have well-stocked libraries. They regularly attend seminars given by experts in their chosen field of study. Successful people are continually looking for ways to expand their knowledge and understanding.

By contrast, the vast majority of the population are completely different. They hardly read books at all; preferring instead magazines and newspapers. If they do read a book, it is the latest pulp fiction bestseller. In fact, only 10-15% of the population buy ALL the books! Do you realize the implication? It means that 85% of the population don't read books at all!

These people never go to seminars either (unless their companies pay of course), and they never buy courses to develop themselves in any way. They say they can't afford it, or what use will it do anyway? Interestingly, they can afford their cigarettes, alcohol, CDs, and home video rentals. They can often afford one, or even two, holidays a year, and a whole range of other luxuries.

However, you will never get them to part with a few dollars for a book that might really change their lives! You might as well go down to the Red Sea and raise your arms in commanding fashion! They say they cannot afford it. Times are tough. In certain rare cases, this might well be true. In most cases though, it is simply an excuse. In truth, who are these people really short-changing? Themselves! The brutal truth is that nobody else is going to care less if they don't advance in life but fall back instead. They are the ones who will suffer. Ironically, it is the very people who need to commit to self education who are the last people to do it.

Some may often point out that the wealthy have the money and thus they can afford to spend it on their own education. That is yet another interestingly devious excuse. If you follow that line of argument, you would have to admit that financially successful people have the least use for on-going education because they are already successful! Rather than point out that the education budget of a wealthy person is less in proportion to their total wealth compared to the poor person, you instead have to ask why they spend ANY money at all?

It's a very interesting fact that successful people continually self-educate and re-invest their time and money in themselves through continual learning, whilst unsuccessful people do not. It's a classic chicken-and-egg situation. Do the successful spend money on educational products and seminars because they can afford it? Or did they become wealthy and successful BECAUSE they made their own self-education a priority and paid whatever price it took to achieve it? An objective analysis would reveal the latter to be true.

The truth is it really does not cost that much to invest in a book or product that can really change your life. You can enroll in evening classes quite economically. Whether the product or seminar costs $9, $99 or even more, you have to weigh the financial cost of the product against the long-term personal cost of not obtaining the knowledge. Ignorance is NOT bliss!

Yes, there is a lot of free stuff out there, and the internet has created a freebie-seeker's paradise. But really, how much of that information do you ever act upon? How many free e-books and articles have you downloaded and never read? Knowledge may be cheap these days but the sad truth is that what you don't pay for, you never value either.

So do yourself a favor. If you still participate in the freebie mentality, QUIT IT NOW! Realize that education is valuable and comes at a price. Resolve to pay that price and move into the fast track of the self-educated and successful in our society. If you continually just seek free stuff, what sort of message are you sending your subconscious mind? Are you affirming your affluence and that you truly value yourself? If you spend money on a book or course, or take time out for training, does this not send a FAR more powerful message to your inner mind that you actually think you are worth investing in? If YOU won't even spend a cent on your own self-betterment, then why on earth would you expect anybody else to care?

Truly, there is little you cannot accomplish if you resolve to pay the price in terms of money, time and relentless commitment. However, the decision is ultimately yours.

If it's financially difficult for you, see where you can make economies elsewhere. Above all else, get that essential self-education. People are either in an expanding or contracting spiral of life. Successful people are expansive; they can afford more, because they have gained the knowledge required to create success and wealth. Often though, they had to make tremendous sacrifices and work hard for years to get to the exalted level where we now see them.

Unsuccessful people want it all now. They spend their money and time on things that don't matter in the long run. They take no risks and they never self-educate. Then they say, "I'm too poor", "I can't afford it", and so on. Yet, you often find that they do have cash for all their little transient pleasures.

Don't be like that. Break into the positive spiral. Model yourself on the successful in our society, and not the also-rans. Make no excuses. Determine to get an education and pay whatever it takes in time, energy and money to attain it. Start today!

Copyright 2001. Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.
Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is an active writer/researcher on personal development and esoteric spirituality. Asoka's work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their understanding of mystical truth, and find joy in their true soul's purpose.

Subscribe to his FREE ezine, Aspire To Wisdom, and receive his brand new E-Book "Inner Light Outer Wealth" for FREE at:
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Freedom - The Right To Choose    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)

We hear a lot about the word freedom, so I would like to talk a little about that today. Freedom is as natural to spirit, as breathing is to physicality. Freedom equals choice and choice equals security. Having the right to choose means you are free to do something or free not to do it.

Let me give you a couple of examples: Let us say you work in an office. You are free to go to work tomorrow, taking a tennis racket with you and just spend your day bouncing tennis balls off the wall of your office. Or say you're a hairdresser, and you have a client that wants a haircut, and say this client has always been one that has grated on your nerves and made your day miserable, one you could never please, yet your boss insists you are the one to do her hair. You are totally free to tell the boss you will not do her hair again. Or you are totally free to let this client walk out of the shop bald. These examples are a little extreme and I could give you many more examples, but I think you get the picture. Of course there are repercussions, reactions to your actions, but you are totally free to make that choice.

What I am trying to get you to see is freedom of choice is always yours and yours alone. Once you really feel this then you no longer feel as if you are not in control of your life. Freedom is just a matter of being aware of choices.

Freedom is not about achieving goals... goals are enslaving. Once you make the goal/choice, you are no longer free. Can you see that? The goal then becomes the driving force in your life. So until that goal is reached you are not free to do anything else.

Don't be a slave to your beliefs or opinions. Once you stand your ground in opinions or beliefs, you are no longer free to accept new ones into your life.

Most people sell their freedom to get something. They sell themselves to a job they hate because it gives them the ability to buy the things they think they want that enslaves them to these "things." Or they sell themselves to an institution that promises them a piece of paper, that in turns promises them a career/job that will once again enslave them to the "things" they want. That most of the time after they get these "things" they find they are no longer important, but they are still slaves to them paying for them and caring for them. Avoid the danger of success by keeping your freedom.

Another key to freedom is appreciation. Appreciate your life and it increases in value. Depreciate it and it decreases in value. This is what happened to the housewife/homemaker. It was not seen as a valued place in life. So the housewife/homemaker role was depreciated and now the youth of America have no "home." But watch the next 20 years the role is once again beginning to grow in appreciation. It has been discovered that they shot themselves in the foot by putting down housewives.

I think I have said it before, and will no doubt say it many times again, "Life is a game. Play it in a way that when it's over, you have a smile on your face."

Lady Isis
An Emissary of Light
Visit my web sites at:
The Circle Of Light
"I have listened to the realm of the Spirit. I have heard my own soul's voice, and I have remembered that love is the complete and unifying thread of existence." --Mary Casey

One Type Experience    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Tween    (all articles by this author)

I have decided the best way to regain some of what I have lost is to relive via sharing with you guys. Perhaps, this will bring my own understanding nearer to what it once was. This sharing isn't meant to "enlighten" anyone at this site, except for myself.
Years ago, when first I became aware of certain abilities and wanted more, I was reminded that with knowledge comes power and with power comes responsibility. Therefore, at times when I deliberately did a possibly selfish request in light of my own reality I would always preface it along the lines of "thy will be done" even though I am not religious. An example of this is one day I was in the garden and only had an hour or so to spend getting my corn planted and would not have time to get back to it for another week or so. I had everything prepared and the sky turned black, there was a storm coming. As the first drops of rain hit the ground, I thought "it can hurt no one, no matter how much they need this rain if it is delayed an hour". No more drops hit the ground and the sky lightened a bit. As I covered the last kernel, the bottom fell out and we received a good soaking downpour. Would you say coincidence, the first cloud was passing over anyway? Then how about this...
I was seeing a farmer (thousands of acres) and he had really been busy getting the spring planting in. He was exhausted and we weren't spending much time together. One morning he told me he would have some time off if we got the rain that was inevitable that afternoon. However, he really hated he would not be able to finish up in one area; if we got much rain it was really going to mess up his scheduling. Later that morning at my sister's I commented as I looked out the window in the direction my friend would be trying to finish up that he would be coming over as soon as the rain hit, and the sky was already dark, that I should go home. She replied that I should be seeing a lot of him as the rain was predicted to last a week. I reacted with a very explicit "NO!" As I turned from the window, she was staring at me. I calmly explained that he needed to finish that field before the rain. And she laughed and said, "Well, not much you can do about it." I didn't see my friend until after nine that night. He said the strangest thing happened. The sky was black and they were rushing like crazy to reach a stopping point and get out of the fields, when suddenly the clouds just seemed to lift and move on out. Two days later when they had finished up the rain started and lasted five days.
Was this coincidence? I would think so, myself, if I did not have so many other stories. As an introduction, this is a simple story and I am asking for feedback. What do you think was going on here? I believe most people would have said "luck" or whatever because they don't understand their own abilities. But by knowing, we can develop them for our own use and make life so much easier.

Jetting Along    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)

Reference: "Brain Wave Diary" (05/06/01)

Jetting along

It is a fabulous day, bright blue sky and startlingly bright sunshine and a cool breeze to make things nice. What a present, investment zero, satisfaction - off the scale. Trees triumphant in their brand new spring jackets, birds singing with the promise of nesting and early posies with bursting buds, thrusting inquisitive opening blooms into the bright eye blinking day.

Another perfect day to lint less navel gaze and WONDER at it all.

Up above I notice con trails from airliners, usually the flight path is East to West, my attention is drawn today by the West to East condensation trails... or else I would have thought about something else. I kicked back on my chair to look better, balancing on the back two legs.

This is thrill seeking when there are too many fives in your age.

As I contemplated the clean, long lines of white jet vapor scribed on the perfect sky, I wondered about the souls ensconced in the bright aluminum tube of their NOW. I wondered whether the food had been OK, and if the cart had made the party run yet and how perhaps little relationships had developed from the absolute improbability of streaking through the sky at thirty two thousand feet seated with a random assortment of travelers.

Many other idle flight thoughts crossed my relaxed mind. I wondered if I had just watched first class, ostrich-like in their disdain for crass need to go, or lesser seat class representing AWE, fright, reunion and anticipation.

I expect so!

As I watched, I thought, what if I mark a place on the contrail behind the path of flight and then measure in time how far they advanced in their future... using my stop watch.

Why, who knows? Probably my penchant for WONDERING.

As I went about this task, I realized it was an impossibility. Selecting a point behind the craft was no problem, starting and stopping elapsed time on the watch was no problem. The problem was the distance traveled... since I stopped the watch. It could never be their NOW... so the statistic could only ever be historical.

Their NOW was always a future point from where I stopped the watch.

Anything measured behind the line of travel was historical and could never include NOW. For the passenger this meant everything that could be measured was long gone in significance. Irrelevant in the scheme of destiny. Left far behind in the dissolving condensation trail of travel. Time used... never to be returned or revisited and of no value at all to NOW. Knowing what it WAS, versus knowing what it IS, is a very different thing.

"What a metaphor for life", I thought.

Why bother with a measurement of life's history? Why dwell on something that was fleetingly NOW... then, a place and time never to be no more. Why not swing the beam of focus ahead and measure only that which is from NOW to a point ahead in the future? The measurement that MATTERS.

Surely this is the only statistic that matters, is it not?

Destination... well for the traveler that is locked and decided in the past at the ticket counter... for once airborne that is where the chances are... you will arrive.

In life we do not even have to lock on to a certain destination we can wing it like a bird, going NOW to where it is favorable to be THEN. I expect if we remembered this, we could and would.

Would we not?

Your baggage? Oh I expect it goes someplace else... like it is won't too.

Love Light Laughter and WONDER

Disinformation, Please!    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

Military Disinformation Officer Spins A Yarn On Art Bell's Radio Program.

South Pole Mystery Expands
It was billed as a "Second Roswell". Or at least that's what "Deek Richards" wanted Art Bell and his listeners to believe during an interview on Bell's "Coast To Coast" radio program (4-25-01).
Mr. Richards - if that's his real name - asked to share his account of the supposed crash of an extraterrestrial space craft; perilously close to a NATO military base in West Germany in 1982.
He claimed that he had been forced to be part of the recovery team that retrieved the alien craft and bodies, and that he wanted to bring the whole matter to the public's attention. He also claimed that he wanted others who had participated in the action to contact him or Art Bell.
Realize first of all that Mr. Richards presented himself with all of pleasant credibility of a comedic G.I. caricature from a badly acted WWII patriotic Hollywood Grade-B war film. (i.e. too loud; too many cliches; obviously scripted presentation.) His biggest flaw came when (finally) describing the beings who had ejected from the craft. He claimed that all five of them were face-down, thus not allowing him to see facial details. (Wouldn't you think that they would have had to be right- sided to be placed in the alleged body bags?)
At the end of the interview, Deek rattled off a series of US Army company and division numbers, asking that anyone who had served in those units at that time in Germany get in touch with him. To Art's great surprise, he also mentioned that he worked for the State of Maine and could be reached at his home or work number. (Not at all the kind of information shared over the air by someone holding a pistol to the head of Military Intelligence!)
Mr. Richards also agreed to be interviewed by Linda Molten Howe, a well respected paranormal investigator and regular Coast To Coast guest. It was Ms. Howe who blew Deek's cover on Thursday night by sharing her findings regarding Mr. Richards on Art's program.
What's it all about? Well, there's the on-going saga unfolding at the South Pole. We've been hearing regular reports of evacuations of key personnel for military and scientific installations. We've been told that they are all matters of medical emergency. (All at once - all across the Antarctic continent.)
There have surfaced so many reports of what's "really" going on that they could keep the writers of The X Files busy for several seasons. Everything from an anticipated UFO landing to the discovery of Atlantis with still generating devices responsible for the frequently mentioned "magnetic anomalies" being registered around the pole.
So, who knows? Was Mr. Richards instructed to share a false story in order to shift attention from a top-secret military operation in Antarctica? Is something monumental going down at the South Pole? (As is being investigated by Richard Hoagland as an almost nightly part of Art Bell's program.)
Maybe; maybe not. We'll be hearing something (eventually) - most likely outside of the main stream media. It may sound like bad advice, but, keep your eyes on the check-out line tabloid headlines.
Where Military Disinformation is concerned, they always manage to get a partially true story in the hands of the tabloids in order to discredit any real information leaked into the main stream.

"Space Aliens Land At South Pole To Reclaim Time Travel Unit From Atlantean Doomsday Devise."
It should read something like that.

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