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Disinformation, Please!

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 19, 2001

Military Disinformation Officer Spins A Yarn On Art Bell's Radio Program.

South Pole Mystery Expands

It was billed as a "Second Roswell". Or at least that's what "Deek Richards" wanted Art Bell and his listeners to believe during an interview on Bell's "Coast To Coast" radio program (4-25-01).

Mr. Richards - if that's his real name - asked to share his account of the supposed crash of an extraterrestrial space craft; perilously close to a NATO military base in West Germany in 1982.

He claimed that he had been forced to be part of the recovery team that retrieved the alien craft and bodies, and that he wanted to bring the whole matter to the public's attention. He also claimed that he wanted others who had participated in the action to contact him or Art Bell.

Realize first of all that Mr. Richards presented himself with all of pleasant credibility of a comedic G.I. caricature from a badly acted WWII patriotic Hollywood Grade-B war film. (i.e. too loud; too many cliches; obviously scripted presentation.) His biggest flaw came when (finally) describing the beings who had ejected from the craft. He claimed that all five of them were face-down, thus not allowing him to see facial details. (Wouldn't you think that they would have had to be right- sided to be placed in the alleged body bags?)

At the end of the interview, Deek rattled off a series of US Army company and division numbers, asking that anyone who had served in those units at that time in Germany get in touch with him. To Art's great surprise, he also mentioned that he worked for the State of Maine and could be reached at his home or work number. (Not at all the kind of information shared over the air by someone holding a pistol to the head of Military Intelligence!)

Mr. Richards also agreed to be interviewed by Linda Molten Howe, a well respected paranormal investigator and regular Coast To Coast guest. It was Ms. Howe who blew Deek's cover on Thursday night by sharing her findings regarding Mr. Richards on Art's program.

What's it all about? Well, there's the on-going saga unfolding at the South Pole. We've been hearing regular reports of evacuations of key personnel for military and scientific installations. We've been told that they are all matters of medical emergency. (All at once - all across the Antarctic continent.)

There have surfaced so many reports of what's "really" going on that they could keep the writers of The X Files busy for several seasons. Everything from an anticipated UFO landing to the discovery of Atlantis with still generating devices responsible for the frequently mentioned "magnetic anomalies" being registered around the pole.

So, who knows? Was Mr. Richards instructed to share a false story in order to shift attention from a top-secret military operation in Antarctica? Is something monumental going down at the South Pole? (As is being investigated by Richard Hoagland as an almost nightly part of Art Bell's program.)

Maybe; maybe not. We'll be hearing something (eventually) - most likely outside of the main stream media. It may sound like bad advice, but, keep your eyes on the check-out line tabloid headlines.

Where Military Disinformation is concerned, they always manage to get a partially true story in the hands of the tabloids in order to discredit any real information leaked into the main stream.

"Space Aliens Land At South Pole To Reclaim Time Travel Unit From Atlantean Doomsday Devise."

It should read something like that.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #57

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