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Opening Words: Cargo Ship

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 19, 2001

Ashdod, the Israeli town I live in, has a long shoreline, bordering the Mediterranean sea, the cradle of Western civilization. At the northern part of the shore, there is a power station factory, with its enormous chimneys rising into the dark of night, creating a spooky industrial vista. Last night, I suggested to Rinor we drive there, we haven't visited that spot for several months. Little did I know, that there was a certain addition to that part of the beach.

As we passed a swerve, already seeing the sea, the lit ships in it, and the factory, a huge mass appeared on the very border between the land and the water. A terror literally clutched at me, as we beheld an immense cargo ship, stranded by the beach, sitting in the shallow waters in a bit askew manner.

I recalled some bits of news I've heard several months ago, about a storm, a ship crashing next to the power station... but I forgot about that since then. And now, sitting in the car, I found that I'm too afraid to step out. It was dark, it was cold, and there was this thing, a wrecked ship, towering above all humans who might challenge it. A certain fear rose in me, something from the childhood that I didn't knew it to inhabit me. Something primal, something deeply subconscious.

We finally went out. The ship was of Russian origin, judging from the flag painted on it; it was named "Vladimir Svintsov". In months of inactivity, it became rusty, thus even more ominous. I recalled all the associated books and TV series, including "The X-Files"; Rinor also suggested the Bermuda triangle. We were talking about it all, to drive the mutual, unexplained fear away, strolling the sand within several yards from it. It was cold and windy that night; the ship was creaking at times, and the waves occasionally exploded against its horrifying carcass.

Then something happened in me, something began to pull me toward the ship, as a decision was half-consciously made. Rinor stayed behind, reluctant to come any closer to the inanimate monster ("Only by daylight," he said). I took a step after a step, I was entirely close to the ship, hearing a water whooshing inside of its hollow belly, hearing the ghost-like creaking. I reached out, and touched the ship.

And nothing.

And everything.

I felt sand, some rust, a surface devoid of either cold or heat. I stepped back, and saw that the monster was brightly lit now, by the lights of the nearby factory... and that it wasn't a monster at all.

At the moment of the contact, the fear has evaporated. I faced it, I conquered it, I defeated it. I wasn't aware of its initial origin - but I overcame it nonetheless. The experience, although it might appear simple and childish for a side viewer, was empowering nevertheless. I could now look at the ship, yes, in the dark, cold night, yes, hearing the sea and seeing the rust, but the ship did not propose any threat anymore, ever.

My friends. At times, to go through a powerful experience, we don't even need to perform a complex ritual, or go into hours of meditation or out-of-body flights. The Universe, when you least expect it, will provide you with one. The Universe will provide you with everything you need on this never-ending journey, through Time and Space. I've seen the proofs, again and the again, I've seen the Universe in action - and so have you.

I will tell more about my recent experiences in the next edition. Meanwhile - watch the skies...

Last note - in the previous edition, a letter from Sebastian was published, titled "Lost in Space?" Last week, I've received the following one:

"Hey, Alex, greetings, my friend. I haven't had any access to a PC and I'm stunned at the responses to my story. I don't have time to respond to them as I'm using someone else's PC and have only got 10 minutes! One guy couldn't understand how, if I am Love (and we all are), how come I split with my girlfriend and how could I stop loving her? I never stopped loving her, it's just that my journey with her was over. We travel side by side with everyone in our lives, teaching each other, and when the lessons are learned, we take them and journey on. I'm still learning and will forever learn and create from these teachings. To the others that wrote to me I would like to say thank you so much for letting me know that I'm not alone or going crazy!! I will try and stay in touch as much as possible. Gotta go. One Love in the Light. Seb."

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #57

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