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The Old Ones

Author: Rinor Zidran and Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

{Please note that the following article was written long before 5.5.2000, and our views and interests have changed since. To see what truly transpired on that day, click here. Also, to respond to questions we usually receive, by Old Ones we do not refer to any benevolent ancient spirits or guides.}

What ultimate horror is concealed by this conception? The Book of Genesis and Tanach's Bereshit (6:4) tell us that: "There were the Nephilim in the land at those days - Ha-Nephilim hayu ba-aretz ba-yamim ha-hem" (forgive me for incorrect quote). 'Nephil' means 'giant', but also 'the fallen one', which probably implies to an alien, that came from the stars at ancient times. All the great authors of demonology, from Al-Hazred to Lovecraft and further, place their monsters' origin at remote dying stars. I tend to disagree; other dimensions, more likely, but not other physical planets.

HPL's grave, from

Also, the Kabbalistic book of Zohar, I think, reveals the pre-Genesis cacaphonic symphony of creation. It tells that prior to making the Earth, the Lord was creating and destroying worlds. It is also an orthodox explanation for dinosaurs' skeletons, which are much older then six thousands years: they are the remnants of those chaotic strange realities. If this is the case, then The Old Ones, those prehistoric omnipotent deities, that fascinate millions of the Mythos followers, are the spiritual remnants of primal, anti-existential dimensions.

{Check my "Uriel's Story" in case you haven't understood the primal worlds theory. If you have, check it anyway, as well as "Evilution" poems at the Prose & Poetry pages, and tell me your opinion.}

So what are they? They are the purest evil, who cares none for the human, unlike the Christianity's Satan. If they are to awake on this planet, they can sweep the humanity into tsunami of disoreder and blood orgies; their mere outlook is able to drive a man into insanity; we find their horrifying footprints throughout the history and the literature, the legends and the cults. For further data (mostly fictional) wander through the Cthulhu Webring, also I recommend you Ye Book of Ye Arab, The Necronomicon Anti-FAQ and R'Lyeh Text - the last two were direct inspirations and aid in the events that took place at the Dune. At first, I shall publish their brief description.

Three members of the group sitting in the minituare copy of a desert near our town, forming the Triangle of power; it's the Dune of [...]. Aldarow had dreams, in which he was enslaved by the mighty gods of the ruthless past. Rinor went into the trance; he sent The Old Ones a brief message: "Stop here!". Then the answer came:"We will". Surprisingly, the monsters were willing to cooperate; their place in our spiritual journey was insured. Since then, we went several times to the Dune, exploring its sometimes eerie parts. At one particular place we perfromed a symbolic ritual of burying Cthulhu. We have also sealed them with the sign of Words of Power. But by any means do not think our contact with them turned us into their worshippers, in spite of Aldarow's dreams. Visit The Desert of Beyond the Known, if you wish to perceive the atmosphere of that landscape.

Words of Power emerge from the Dragon's mouth

According to a certain recently received report, the opening of the Old Ones' prison will take place on the Alignment, May the 5th, 2000. Here is the chart of the Solar System for that date, at noon. The planets, presented by their symbols, do align, releasing whatever destractive forces dwell in the twisted Chasm.

???Alignment, 5.5.2000, 12:00 PM

For further exploration of The Old Ones, and for the science of gimatrix, click here.

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