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Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Further investigation of The Old Ones:

Part of the Forbidden, But Not Forgotten Names are taken from the Sumerian mythology. Hebrew and Sumerian (as well as Arabic) are from the Semite family of languages, and since I understand Hebrew, I present you re-discovered meanings and translations of the Names - some of them were made/found by writer Moriarty Craig:

CTHULHU: here we find an expression "katel hu" ? He Who Destroys;

YOG-SOTHOTH: obviously "Satan", "hasathah" (instigation), or, most likely, "soteh" (pervert, deviating), that is why I preferred to spell "Yog-Sototh" in the following part of the letter. Yog spelled backward stands for "goy" ? "alien nation(s)", "gentile".

DAGON: the most obvious one, for "dag" means "fish".

NYARLATHHOTEP: this one, somehow, reminded me of a word "Heepater", which I've also dreamt of once, and it means "get rid of".

AZATHOTH: "az" is "mighty", but "ez" is "Goat" (of a Thousand Young).

SHUB-NIGURATH: "He Who Returns To Dwell".

HASTUR: "ha-soter" ? "contradictory", or, perhaps, "the one who hides / being hidden".

So far for translations, that are probably already known to the members of the Cthulhu Order. Here is something to REALLY shock you.

An ancient Judaic belief tells us, that words are much more than a bunch of letters, that a much greater information is coded in them by the Cosmic forces. Gimatria is a Jewish teaching of numerology; it gives the Hebrew ABC values from 1 to 400, sums them and finds additional words with the same sums, same "gimatric" meanings. That is how the word "Tanach" (Hebrew Bible) gives us "Itzhak Rabin", the word "Metallica" (spelled, of course, in Hebrew) gives us "Justice", etc.

When I did the same to the Names of the Old Ones, it produced a few frightful discoveries, which, I hope, will send tremors to the very core of your soul. Coded meaning showed new, terrifying sides of the ancient demons. In brackets I give you the gimatric value of the whole word, so that you can check the data later by means of the Gimatrix program given below.

Behold the concealed power of the names.

Yog-Sototh (500) (see the reason for the spelling above): terrorizing, setting on fire, soon, trap, influence, minister (in gov.), protection, light sleep, and (fasten your seat belts!) Yemen (!) (the homeland of Sumerian cults and monsters).

Dagon (63): prophet, Abbadon, filth, revivifying, grandfather (Lovecraft's pseudonym, isn't it?), measuring, rough, everyone.

Azathoth (spelled Azatoth) (492): distortion, complex, problematic, makes a bad sign, but Azatoth is also: non-intrinsic, not strong.

Cthulhu (547): reality, loyalty.

Necronomicon (618): confusion / distortion, hashish, dissection.

And the ultimate horror for the closing scene. Remember R'Lyeh, where dead Cthulhu takes his eternal nap? Well, R'Lyeh (spelled as "Rlaykh" in Hebrew) (270) gave me: awake (!!!), bad, Sahara (another!!!), the other me, the upper side, tyrannical.

If there another names and words you'd like to translate or "gimatrize", send me your e-mail. For those, who understand Hebrew, I suggest to download the Gimatrix Program (it is merely 144 Kb). Easy to maintain, just type any word or expression in Hebrew at the prompt line and expect fascinating results. I invite you all to send the results to me, perhaps later we'll conduct a contest, or open a Gimatrix Archive.

"The forbidden names... seared my brain like venomous vitriol", as Alhasred once said. Until next time... if there will be Time.

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