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Dreams about The Old Ones

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

The dreams about the Old Ones are linked into one continuous story, if you sense it - do tell. It all began at night, when I considered the possibility of Uriel's being not only the supposed guard of the demonic idols, but their exploiter as well. That night a had a visit, an appearance; it was not a dream, I was in the semi-dreaming state, aware of myself, not asleep, but still my subconscious was very near the surface, so I acted as it dictated. Near me, as I somehow perceived it, was Uriel himself, plus two of his ancient servants - the Old Ones! This was the proof for me, that the Necronomicon is no fiction. As usually in this kind of situations, I tried to pull free of this paralyzing-like trance, to scream to other people, but their hands were on my throat. Eventually, I think, I fell asleep again.

In another dream, a dog was about to be awoken, fifty million years old, from a frozen swamp. Also, I saw, a rider, at which face I was afraid to look, since it was Yog-Sothoth, and later turned out that I was Cthulhu! In additional dream I was brought before Them, I was about to become the slave of the Old Ones, and there was no way out at all.

The following night I had a dream about thirty cats, and they too had a full control over my soul, I was left by my friends in a house to serve the felines, I had no grip over my feelings, my free will was completely gone, I could hide nowhere from the cats, and maybe death, suicide, was my only ticket out. It was certainly implied, that the cats symbolize the Old Ones, their juggernaut into my soul. That is why three of us went into the desert, to the Dune, to communicate with them and to absorb Dune's energies.

As a result of that I had another nocturnal appearance, this time rather neutral, as I woke up to realize there was a big presence in my room, I sensed it as a sphere with a sharp long cone attached to it. It was Cthulhu.

But here is a recent one. I dreamt I wanted to go to the screen test for a horror movie about the Old Ones, but later I read in the newspaper that the cast was already chosen, and the first shots were being taken. The movie starts with a group of teenagers in a parking lot full of cars, where instead of the lot's administrator they meet "the most horned monster" - Cthulhu. Also, I saw pictures, as if from antique books, with those demons, I remember a colored one with a swimming long legged brachiosaurus. Finally, a girl takes me and some other people to an initiation - we must circle several times a small sandy playground, bordered by a black uneven rectangular, which we mustn't cross. Then the people crossed the playground diagonally, and I had to catch up with them, easily passing even a difficult part of the rectangular. When I walked the diagonal path, it became wider and blacker, and I felt a presence of a force, and as I was reaching the end of the path, I thought, "Thank you", since I was accepted as one of Cthulhu's people by Cthulhu himself. At last, I was going home by a bus with older men, who were also member of the cult; they promised to help me, gave me important telephone numbers and a multi-colored ring.

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