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Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Here is the "Evilution", two poems, dedicated to The Old Ones. The adorers of the Mythos, these are for you.

Choose "THEY" or "THE OLD ONES"


They shall return.

They will prevail.

Beneath the waves.

Behind the veil.

From roots of stars.

Of stones and sand.

They will arise.

Until the end.

As flying skulls.

As beast of trees.

By lethal words.

By ocean breeze.

Man cannot hide.

They feel no shame.

The ruthless death.

At soul they aim.

From walls and tombs.

From maddest dreams.

They shall return.

Then planet screams.


Mad Arab told us, Lovecraft warned us:

The ancient horrors still exist.

To their dreaded resurrection

demented cults are to assist.

Coming who?


Hear the heavy step.


The orgy goes on and on.


The world to their paws brought.


Just imagine timeless towns,

where those monsters once have reigned.

Now beneath the ocean's blanket

gods to stone beds are restrained.

Open Hell,


Strike the sense

by Lord Nodens.

Time to run,

Demon Pan.

Devil's thought,


Creep and crawl,

north and south,

people fall

to Baal's Mouth.

Necronomicon's pages

reveal the knowledge of the ages,

written by the hands of sages,

picturing the Doomsday stages.

Secret Reich

of R'Lyeh.

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