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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #81

January 23, 2003

1. Opening Words - The Game Of Life & Death - Asoka Selvarajah
2. A Few Years Ago - Star Princess
3. A Message From An Emissary of Light and Love - A Time-dancer - Lady Isis
4. A Message from the Soul to the Hearts of Mankind - Erik S.
5. You Are The Light Of Creation - Mark Andrews
6. Life Practices - Steve Lawler

Opening Words - The Game Of Life & Death    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Asoka Selvarajah    (all articles by this author)

It is often said in spiritual teachings that the world is an illusion, suffering is unreal, and that Good and Evil are dualistic fantasies. Doubtless, this is all well and good. Yet, how do we reconcile this with the fact that all of this seems very real indeed to the vast majority of us?

As I pondered this one day, an interesting metaphor came to my mind that might well go some way towards illustrating this...

Imagine a boy playing a computer game (I am using a boy as an example because it IS mostly boys who play these games.) This is not just any old computer game. This is one of those huge "virtual reality" fantasy role-playing environments that have been created on the Internet. In this strange virtual landscape, our hero wanders around exploring mountains and caves, fighting dragons and trolls, and meeting and talking to other players.

The latter are, of course, also all costumed up in their respective roles. Hence, although in real life, our lad may be still at school or working on a building site, in this world he can be Sir Galahad, Luke Skywalker (from Star Wars), or anyone else he chooses. Indeed, he could even take on a female persona, if he chose to do so.

As our friend plays in this virtual world, we begin to observe a change occurring. It begins to get a grip on him. He really begins to "get into it". Now, he's spending hours every night wandering around in this fantasy. It's so fascinating, and there's so much to do and see. As we watch, he begins to spend less and less time away from the computer screen. Finally, it gets to the point where he is there 24 hours a day. His mum comes by to give him food and drink, but he gulps them down without even noticing, so immersed is he in his interactive fantasy.

Now, we may imagine that he begins to develop a moral framework about this game. When he sees other fantasy characters getting "killed" in the game, he judges this as wrong and evil, and grieves over the suffering that they underwent. In a sense, they DID suffer since they are just as hooked on this fantasy world as he is. However, in reality, the other players are all just sitting alive and well in their bedrooms, also glued to their computer screens. Hence, there was no suffering in actuality; only to the fantasy character they had identified totally with.

The boy regards his own fantasy body as real, and hence when he is attacked by another player, he even "suffers" as his "body" dies in the game. However, nothing has really been destroyed: only something that never really existed in the first place outside the virtual realm. We all know he can just reincarnate right back into the game, and WILL do so, such is his desire to get back into play. Maybe he lost a few points, or some of the weapons he gained last time round have disappeared, but he can just carry right on from where he left off.

Do you see how this relates to the dilemma of the world, of suffering, and of Good and Evil? We believe in all of these things so totally because of our total identification with our physical bodies and the world which we inhabit. It is only because we identify so completely with the material world, and believe this is all there is, that we are haunted by all these notions. Yet, if we could awaken to the fact that reality is far more than this, and WE are far more than the limited beings we mistake ourselves for, then our notions will become to us as absurd as the boy trapped in the game.

A funny thing sometimes happens (extremely rarely) in this game world. Once in a while, a player "wakes up" to who he/she really is. She realizes she is NOT the role she has been playing lifetime after lifetime in the game. Rather, she is a person in a whole other universe, staring at a computer screen and wrestling frantically with a joystick.

She also realizes that she is NOT bound by the limited rules of the game at all. She can simply walk away, and those rules hold no power over her whatsoever. And she does walk away, never to return to the illusory trap of that fantasy world again. She knows now that none of it was real; the fantasy dramas, the wars, the killing, and all the mental anguish. It was just a game, although it seemed so real at the time. Although she died a million painful deaths (or so it seemed at the time), none of it touched her true essence. She didn't really kill anyone, and nobody really killed her. It just seemed that way at the time.

To those who remain, it seems as if she just "vanished". Some say she attained what they call "Nirvana", and ceased to exist. But that isn't really true: she just found out who she REALLY is, and disappeared into realms beyond the game that they, still bound to it, can never conceive or imagine.

Sometimes, such a person chooses to re-enter the game, but this time remaining fully aware, undeceived by the illusions of the fantasy world. She does so unselfishly, with the motive of rescuing others still trapped within the illusion. She tells them that this world that seems so real is nothing more than an illusion, that what they perceive as suffering is not real at all, and that what they perceive to be Good and Evil is likewise nonsensical, when viewed from a higher perspective.

Most of the players laugh at her. These ideas are so ridiculous. They ask her to describe this "Enlightenment" she claims to have. But she cannot, because THEY cannot conceive of anything outside of the game world in which their senses are totally immersed. So, because she cannot relate it to the world they know and understand, they conclude it is extinction or non-existence. Some of them ask her to give them this enlightenment, by touching them on the shoulder, or by physically taking them there. But she says she cannot do that. Each person has to realize it for him or herself. Each person must awaken from the illusion alone. She cannot do it for them, although she can show them the quickest way to do it.

Hopefully, this metaphor will have helped you to gain some insight into why spiritual teachings say the things they do about our everyday experience. It can help you to think of this world as a sort of virtual reality game. In essence, that is what it is! It would be false to say that it does not exist in ANY sense, but it IS true to say that it is nothing like the way it seems, and it is definitely not all that there is. If you can visualize the physical world as only the very tip of a vast iceberg that constitutes reality, you will be far less inclined to take it all so seriously: least of all your "bit part" in it.

Oh, by the way, in the game metaphor, we were assuming that these were all separate individuals playing the game in different locations. That is only partly true. You see, at a still higher level, there is actually only ONE player who is role-playing all THOSE people sitting at their computer screens, immersed in their own fantasy world.

But that is a whole other game!...

Copyright 2002, Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.
Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is the author of "The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self". His work helps you achieve your life dreams through learning practical, effective spiritual and personal growth strategies. You can learn more at:

A Few Years Ago    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Star Princess    (all articles by this author)

A few years ago our youth came together and sang "We are the World." That was the Beginning of a mighty move in consciousness. It became apparent that the Microcosm of each individual is a part of the Macrocosm of the Universe.

We have used our minds to speak of higher states, but what of our individual bodies? We have been taught that the body is to be suppressed and that it is almost evil. Our bodies are the portrayal of the Universe - of Mother Earth. Our very cells duplicate the atoms and neutrons of the earth. We are made of Light as the Earth is.

So what is our individual connection? As we clear out the negative patterns and teachings from our ancestors, we change the very inward structure of our bodies. In so doing we change Mother Earth. As we take into our beings the Love of ourselves and all others, we change all structures.

Many years ago in my 82 years on the earth, I was made to understand that I was to be a Bridge from the old into the new. Just as others I had many lessons to learn. Now as I step off that Bridge, I am filled with joy and fulfillment. There are many now to take up the message. Every cell in my body now is as a myriad of little beings sing the song of freedom. The negative cells are driven out.

2000 years ago we came to the start of the Piscean Age. It was an opportunity to make a great step upward. Instead we looked to one soul to give us freedom. We went back to sleep in the arms of religion and tradition. Every age has a new opportunity. We lost it as a human family.

Today our youth are filled with anger and frustration and who can blame them. They look at the world their ancestors have created and have given up hope. Now as I and many others hand over the flag of freedom, it is the Indigo and Spirit children who are our leaders. If we do not smother them and teach the old ways, they will lead us into the New Age.

The Mayan calendar and the Native Americans have given us a time to look at. In the next 10 or 12 years we can see a change if we each do our part. It is my firm belief that the shift spoken of is the change of the individuals on Mother Earth at this time.

As my inward Being sings and celebrates, I pray this will resonate with some others as we sing the Song of Mother Earth.

Love Eternal---Star Princess

A Message From An Emissary of Light and Love - A Time-dancer    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)

Long ago it was granted me the privilege and honor to be among those who volunteered to come to Earth to aid mankind during the time of the Ascension of Earth and humanity into the New Millennium, into the Fourth and Fifth Dimension.  Throughout the history of Earth when there was to be a major shift in consciousness, an evolution of humanity, Masters and Angels have walked among you... have walked the Earth. As Mother Mary anchors the Divine Feminine energy in the ethereal, I, Isis and many others, anchor the same in the Earth plane.

The union of Divine energy of the Feminine/Masculine aspect of the Godhead will bring forth an enormous energy force that will change the direction of mass consciousness, and will bring forth upon this plane the "Great Awakening" of mankind spoken of in your holy books.

First let me say, every star, every planet, has multiple parallel dimensions. And the ones you can see with your physical eyes, that to your scientists, seem barren and unable to hold life is not the dimension in which life abounds.

Imagine yourself coming from a world where everything lives in complete peace, love, and harmony. Where pain, sorrow, disease, nor death, nor want, nor imbalance of any kind is existent. Where all lives truly are One. A world of indescribable beauty. There are no words in any language upon the face of the Earth to describe this world, they all fall short. A world where all is Light in a brilliance and in shades of color beyond your imagination. Where you hear beautiful music in complete harmony that comes from the tones put forth by each and every entity's being, as well as the tones from every living thing - music that blends in such beauty even the most talented musician upon this plane could never replicate it. A world where the flowers look as if they are brilliantly colored crystal and give off tones of beauty and fragrance beyond description. A world where if you wish to sit down, you simply think chair and sit down without turning around to see if it is there. If you wish to change the color or design of your home, or your furniture, you simply imagine it and it appears. Where if you want to go to a certain place, no matter how far away it is, you think of the place and before you can say "Shazam," you are there.

In this world all are androgynous, both male and female, and self-procreate, by simply deciding they wish to have a child, the birth of which is pain-free and an event that is celebrated by all. This child then becomes the responsibility of all to nurture, not just the mother/father that bore the child. And education of this child becomes the responsibility of all from birth to what you term teen years. Education is a matter of choice and is seen as a privilege and not something that is forced upon one. This young child can then choose higher education, which is completely different than Earth, where subjects taught are on a Universal basis and takes many years to complete; or they may choose to go into training for some chosen field.

Take that world and multiply all the wonderful, beautiful, and harmonious things your imagination can think of and you still you will not come close to the world I come from; the dimension of Oneness with All That Is! Of Oneness with the Source of All Creation. The Angelic Realm.

To come to Earth I had to come down through the dimensions one at a time, lowering my vibrations with each dimension, with each level of each dimension, until I reached and entered the host body of which I am now inhabiting. If I had not done so I would not have survived to tell the story, let alone complete the mission of which I came to do. Just as each of you must raise your vibrations in order to ascend into the fifth dimension, then to the next and the next and so on. I also must re-raise mine as I return and go back through each dimension.

Upon coming through the fourth-dimension into the third I passed through the veil of forgetfulness, just as each of you have done upon entrance into the earth plane. Also, like you, I am having to re-member. On June 14, 1971 I entered into the host body of that which was born 9-9-1937, (all you astrologists and numerologists out there, what does this tell you?) Of course in all fairness to you who are astrologists I must tell you once you reach a certain level of development astrology no longer pertains to you, you have overcome the forces. For all intents and purposes I became human and received a 'crash course' in what that meant. By that I mean, I experienced more in the short time I have been here than most do in several lifetimes. This was necessary so I could relate to others in their life experiences.

I love mankind . . . ALL OF MANKIND. . . those who make choices in their lives that will cause them heartache and pain, I feel . . . I have for eons, as well as the joy those feel that make choices that will make their lives full of joy and peace. For the article I sent to the group sometime ago, concerning the geneticist that came to earth and enhanced the DNA of the apeman that helped humanity's evolution into what it is today . . . well that was me. I was ordered back to where I came from and had to leave my creation here, and I left them in the care of Mother Earth. I have returned many times since, but not as I have today. I have always been serving mankind in one capacity or another.

My re-membering is still an on-going thing and like you . . . I am always surprised by some of the revelations. I hope you stay with me as we journey together back "home."

An Emissary of Light and Love - A Time-dancer

"Light Emissaries are different from Ambassadors. They are here to assist anyone, anytime, anywhere. There are many light beings who are here to be of guidance and assistance during this time of vast change. They are here to assist all of the kingdoms, not just the human population. They are from the angelic realm . . ."

Mother Earth Speaks on:
Emissaries of Light

Emissaries of Light are from your future; the future of the Earth and of any other fifth dimensional world that you will come to know. They have moved backward in linear time in order to assist the reconstruction of a different outcome here on Earth. They are here to spare humanity many of the catastrophes that would otherwise prevail. What catastrophes? The ones the Emissaries of Light have already lived through not once but many times before. They are not catastrophe experts as much as they are healers of time lines, ascensions of planets, and other multidimensional births of consciousness. You might say that if the catastrophe were an earthquake for instance, these beings would know where all the faults lay, what to shore up and when to evacuate. These beings are teachers and their wisdom is unparalleled at this time.

They are leaders, ambassadors, counselors and directors, but not in the traditional sense. You will not find these individuals rallying those around them to participate in public displays that mock the status quo or incite further discontent. These gentle and quiet beings instill confidence in those around them. They promote wellness by living it and inspire others to listen to their own counsel before seeking that of others. If they do make a suggestion it will often be accompanied by a variety of perspectives as well as with a glimpse into the past, present and future of any given situation. These beings are educators in the grandest sense because their experience has been rich, varied and expansive compared to your own. They have nothing to teach you and you have little to learn from their current life upon earth that has more than likely been simple and uneventful (this may not be the case with their current earth relatives).

Emissaries of Light propose the impossible and envision the improbable by current earth standards. Those within earshot of their simple words often come away believing that these beings are out of step with reality and either a throwback to the distant past or an impossible and unrealistic future, but these beings are from the future so how could it be otherwise? To their credit they have seen what you have not and have lived to tell about it. Look for these gentle souls in your neighborhoods, your precincts and your parishes. They have no religion, no belief, no judgment, no political platform and only a smidgen of self-interest. Their interest lies within your heart that is one of the reasons they speak so softly. They speak at a volume that is aligned with an aspect of your future and is found only in the heart."

 What is a Time-dancer?

I have the greatest compassion for all who are willing participants during this transitional period in the earth plane. I also want you to know that you have not been forsaken by those who are watching over you. Time-dancers are guardians of past, present and future. They do not intervene into what the soul has chosen to experience in it's many forms and dimensions it travels in. But they do try and guide each individual and steer them back to the right path when they stray. It is of course, each individuals choice as to whether or not to follow that guidance.

An Emissary of Light and Love - A Time-dancer

The Isis Connection

A Message from the Soul to the Hearts of Mankind    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Erik S.    (all articles by this author)

In the days gone by, the days we live and the days to be we continue this struggle against our own hearts, ignoring the cries of our souls, killing each other over foolish things as to the name by which we call god, the land in which we live and who should own this or that. None of that is important, The name by which we call the light be it. He, She, It, Buddha, Shiva, Krishna, God or Jesus is inconsequential. We are all brothers and sisters, we all love, we all feel the sorrow. We allow our fears to consume us and we act in haste and vengeful manners. I am tired, so tired of the destruction we inflict upon our neighbors and ourselves as we are our neighbors, brother and sister, we are as they are human, with as much right to peace, love and equality as any of us are. “Cut me, do I not bleed red” as so do we all, strike me down do you not see the hurt within my eyes as no justice is served by harming your brother. If there is ever to be peace we must see that there is no one religion or the other, there is no one race or other, there is no one rights higher or of more value than the next. We are one in the same, we are born of the light and return to it. Let this journey be of the light's work to take hold of the path before you and walk it with a renewed commitment of being of assistance to our fellow beings. Search for methods of peace, explore the potential of helping others not for gain or status but because they simply need it. I hope and pray you, my family, my kin, make the right decision for the sake of us all.

You Are The Light Of Creation    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

Realizing Your Power To Create, Change, And Re-create Personal And Collective Reality

     Imagine that in the eternal darkness of space there were no stars - no quasars - no nebulae: no source of light of any kind.
     Imagine also that you were a single candle shining softly within a clear orb and afloat in the vastness of the universe. There would not be enough darkness in the entirety of the infinite  universe to over-take, subdue, or to even dim in any way the light that you sent forth.
     The bright energies that you cast forward against the darkness would completely transform the fabric and nature of all of physical reality. Your shining presence would cause a transformation that would totally and completely revolutionize all of existence.

     Right now, you are such a shining candle. With your every word and thought born of The Light, you emit a wave of creational and re-creational energy that pierces and transforms all darkness; moving eternally forward; through the unending vastness of reality, without even the slightest hint of resistance.
     It cannot be stopped - it cannot be resisted - it cannot be diminished. It can only over-take, subdue, and transform all that stands before it.

     Know with assurance that your every prayer, your every song, your every thought, your every feeling, your every smile, your every word, your every action born of The LIght is empowered with the force of the Creator in dominion over all darkness.
     Your positive energies will not fail to bring about the transformation that you intend because all of creation begins first of Light and then solidifies into physical form.

     Keep these thoughts ever close to your heart as we move through the coming new year.

     You are The LIght of creation.

Life Practices    (view on a separate page)
Author: Steve Lawler    (all articles by this author)

Dear Colleague,

I am writing to ask your help for a book I am writing about Life Practices.

I am looking for examples of those simple things that we all do that are essential to expressing and maintaining our values as we face life's ups and downs - our Life Practices.

I have very little contact with people outside of my own country and I would like to share the following request with as many people as possible as I believe now is a time for better understanding to be built among the peoples of our world. I am grateful for your attention and hope your will respond and that you will send this along to others you know who might be interested in contributing.

What I am seeking is a bit like folklore. Something with a story and an easy to remember slogan or catchphrase.  I am asking you to contribute out of your own personal experience not as an official representative of an organization. I am especially interested in those practices, which help you deal with others - in your family, at work, in your immediate community, in the larger global community, etc.

So far I have gathered practices from people all over the world. These are examples of contributions I have received so far that may help clarify what I am looking for:
" 'Water what you want to grow' is my motto. Whenever I see something being done well I acknowledge it as soon as possible and in some tangible way. The least that I do is to complement the person doing the thing well. What I try to do more often is write a note to the person or give them a small gift."

"My life changed when I went from seeing mistakes as awful to seeing them as the first chapter of a textbook on a new subject. I even had this made into a sign that hangs on the wall in my office. 'Mistakes are just chapter one in a textbook on a new subject' Now I get bothered if I don't have some sort of royal screw-up every few days. It's like I am not trying."

"I learned from my grandfather to 'use the best materials you can afford.' This has provided a model for my life's work. Even in my late 70's I am still actively building things and more to the point of your book, I am still building my life out of "the best materials I can afford."
These practices come from people from many places and with a wide variety of backgrounds. I am grateful for that. I want to show the broadest possible view of Life Practices from around the globe.  And, at a time when there is so much mistrust in the world, I hope my book does some small part in reminding us that we even though we have differences, we still have much to learn from one another.
The book will feature some of the material I gather with some commentary.
I will be grateful if you would send me a practice that you use as a foundation in your life.
Please include some brief biographical information as well. Also, if you would like to share in what I am learning, please let me know as well.
And please let me know if you have any additional questions.
Thank you for your consideration.

Steve Lawler

About me:
Steve Lawler an ethics consultant and writer based in St Louis, Missouri USA. He regularly gives workshops on issues of ethics, values and culture. He has been quoted in a number of related pieces in publications including the Wall Street Journal, The Christian Science Monitor and Cape Talk Radio - Cape Town.  Lawler has worked with companies in the US and Europe - including Monsanto, Pulitzer Publishing, and the Danforth Foundation. He has been a lecturer at Washington University and at Webster University. He has written for numerous publications.

I can be reached at:
47 Aberdeen Place, St. Louis, MO 63105 USA
Voice: +1 (314) 753 7911
Fax: +1 (314) 727 9792
Web Site:

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