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A Few Years Ago

Author: Star Princess    (all articles by this author)
Published on: January 23, 2003

A few years ago our youth came together and sang "We are the World." That was the Beginning of a mighty move in consciousness. It became apparent that the Microcosm of each individual is a part of the Macrocosm of the Universe.

We have used our minds to speak of higher states, but what of our individual bodies? We have been taught that the body is to be suppressed and that it is almost evil. Our bodies are the portrayal of the Universe - of Mother Earth. Our very cells duplicate the atoms and neutrons of the earth. We are made of Light as the Earth is.

So what is our individual connection? As we clear out the negative patterns and teachings from our ancestors, we change the very inward structure of our bodies. In so doing we change Mother Earth. As we take into our beings the Love of ourselves and all others, we change all structures.

Many years ago in my 82 years on the earth, I was made to understand that I was to be a Bridge from the old into the new. Just as others I had many lessons to learn. Now as I step off that Bridge, I am filled with joy and fulfillment. There are many now to take up the message. Every cell in my body now is as a myriad of little beings sing the song of freedom. The negative cells are driven out.

2000 years ago we came to the start of the Piscean Age. It was an opportunity to make a great step upward. Instead we looked to one soul to give us freedom. We went back to sleep in the arms of religion and tradition. Every age has a new opportunity. We lost it as a human family.

Today our youth are filled with anger and frustration and who can blame them. They look at the world their ancestors have created and have given up hope. Now as I and many others hand over the flag of freedom, it is the Indigo and Spirit children who are our leaders. If we do not smother them and teach the old ways, they will lead us into the New Age.

The Mayan calendar and the Native Americans have given us a time to look at. In the next 10 or 12 years we can see a change if we each do our part. It is my firm belief that the shift spoken of is the change of the individuals on Mother Earth at this time.

As my inward Being sings and celebrates, I pray this will resonate with some others as we sing the Song of Mother Earth.

Love Eternal---Star Princess

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #81

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