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A Message from the Soul to the Hearts of Mankind

Author: Erik S.    (all articles by this author)
Published on: January 23, 2003

In the days gone by, the days we live and the days to be we continue this struggle against our own hearts, ignoring the cries of our souls, killing each other over foolish things as to the name by which we call god, the land in which we live and who should own this or that. None of that is important, The name by which we call the light be it. He, She, It, Buddha, Shiva, Krishna, God or Jesus is inconsequential. We are all brothers and sisters, we all love, we all feel the sorrow. We allow our fears to consume us and we act in haste and vengeful manners. I am tired, so tired of the destruction we inflict upon our neighbors and ourselves as we are our neighbors, brother and sister, we are as they are human, with as much right to peace, love and equality as any of us are. “Cut me, do I not bleed red” as so do we all, strike me down do you not see the hurt within my eyes as no justice is served by harming your brother. If there is ever to be peace we must see that there is no one religion or the other, there is no one race or other, there is no one rights higher or of more value than the next. We are one in the same, we are born of the light and return to it. Let this journey be of the light's work to take hold of the path before you and walk it with a renewed commitment of being of assistance to our fellow beings. Search for methods of peace, explore the potential of helping others not for gain or status but because they simply need it. I hope and pray you, my family, my kin, make the right decision for the sake of us all.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #81

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