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You Are The Light Of Creation

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: January 23, 2003

Realizing Your Power To Create, Change, And Re-create Personal And Collective Reality

     Imagine that in the eternal darkness of space there were no stars - no quasars - no nebulae: no source of light of any kind.

     Imagine also that you were a single candle shining softly within a clear orb and afloat in the vastness of the universe. There would not be enough darkness in the entirety of the infinite  universe to over-take, subdue, or to even dim in any way the light that you sent forth.

     The bright energies that you cast forward against the darkness would completely transform the fabric and nature of all of physical reality. Your shining presence would cause a transformation that would totally and completely revolutionize all of existence.

     Right now, you are such a shining candle. With your every word and thought born of The Light, you emit a wave of creational and re-creational energy that pierces and transforms all darkness; moving eternally forward; through the unending vastness of reality, without even the slightest hint of resistance.

     It cannot be stopped - it cannot be resisted - it cannot be diminished. It can only over-take, subdue, and transform all that stands before it.

     Know with assurance that your every prayer, your every song, your every thought, your every feeling, your every smile, your every word, your every action born of The LIght is empowered with the force of the Creator in dominion over all darkness.

     Your positive energies will not fail to bring about the transformation that you intend because all of creation begins first of Light and then solidifies into physical form.

     Keep these thoughts ever close to your heart as we move through the coming new year.

     You are The LIght of creation.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #81

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