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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #79

November 1, 2002

1. Opening Words - The Journey - Erik S.
2. Angels In The E-mail - Mark Andrews
3. Begin Your Dream Project TODAY! - Asoka Selvarajah
4. Wizards Of Wall Street - Asoka Selvarajah
5. Death's Fleeting Love - Cody Boyde

Opening Words - The Journey    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Erik S.    (all articles by this author)

Alex asked me to recap the journey from the time of my first writing [ "Prometheus Elucidation", PXN#17, June 19, 1999] to the most recent submission as of late. The road I walked in that frame of time raised many questions as to the why, who, and how, I was living out in the grass plains of southern Alberta, Canada, small little nowheresville, where things had not worked out well for me and the writing was on the wall that it was time to move on, I was needed elsewhere (felt as a silent force pushing me to go), I traveled back to the central interior; while hitchhiking I met a variety of people, the most profound person that sticks out in my mind was a portly fellow who gave me a ride south closer to the border with the States.

He basically said, "We walk the path born unto us, as we made the decision with God that the path we choose is the one we need to be on to learn, understand and know how to be of the greatest help to our fellow beings and in turn be of help to ourselves". I had to reflect upon it awhile, for it to ring true, to cause the realization that I am no different in thought or form than anyone else. When we bleed we all bleed red. Even now I look at people and I see myself within them as part of them are within me.

I eventually stopped in a quaint town about an hour's drive from the States, and unfortunately met some not so very nice people (I don't really want to elaborate, as I'm sure the reader can surmise the inclination here), subsequently I had to leave as it was evident that it was not the place for me to be. The next town I moved to I met some interesting characters, one of which was a philosopher and teacher of sorts. From him I learnt the value of being true to one's self (Inner self) and to acknowledge the necessity of harmony between the external and the internal, without which we will continue to be lost, searching for the meanings of the why's, how's and who's and have no hope to ever answering such questions if we don't stop to examine ourselves our actions and our ways of doing things (most of which cause harm in one fashion or another to others, lest we think before we speak and act as to be aware of them as we are just as aware of ourselves). Needless to say I'm proud to have met and gotten to know him. Since that time I have moved once more to central Alberta and reside in one of its major cities, I continue this quest for understanding to achieve the highest level of peace from both within and from the outside of myself, and to be of assistance to any and all that I can be of service to, I do this unconditionally as it needs to be. Forgive me if this record of my travels seems somewhat broken, most I am recapping from memory and do not wish to lose the essence of what was important for me too learn while on such a journey. It is my hope that in turn you the reader learn from me, and as such the understanding continues to grow within each of us, I do stop by the Project X site often to read what you have to say, there are many of you who, like me, see more than just the world in front of you and that which is beneath your feet. Never end your journey for the sake of someone else telling you it's foolishness or that your wasting your time, as the only fool is one who doesn't look beyond his front door to the world as a whole and neither is it stupid, as to know yourself is to know all others which in the end means the difference to living in peace and living in strife. Be well, my brothers and sisters, may we all live in peace and harmony one day soon.

Your brother,

Angels In The E-mail    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)


Strange Anonymous E-mail Warning Precedes Disastrous Tornados

Friday morning, September 20, 2002 started off with the promise of bringing a perfect day. I woke up leisurely at around 8:30 a.m. with nothing to do all day but a single load of laundry and going to get my pay check.
Bright, sunny and warm; crystal blue sky; even my neighbors' "yappy" dog was tranquil and pleasant. With so much in its favor, what could this Friday bring but many multiplied delights? What could possibly go wrong following such an idyllic morning?
Summer here in Indianapolis would usually have yielded to Autumn and its cooler morning temperatures by this time in September. But today was like a pleasant lingering of August.
I routinely check my e-mail with my second cup of coffee. There were several of the usual messages; mostly "spam". Two of the e-mails were a little odd. One was an "out of the blue" message from Webtv (my server) advising its customers to take extra care in the event of impending electrical storms, suggesting that the converter units be unplugged from both the wall and phone sockets to prevent electrical surge damage.
The other message was strangely cryptic. It was a series of prophetic warnings from a source with whom I was not familiar. I read through the very lengthy list of prophecies, trying to absorb as much as I could of this very unexpected "jolting" announcement - so early in the morning!
I wasn't really in the mood to deal with something so weighty and seemingly out of place on this "perfect" day in the making. But I read on, more from a sense of duty than because I really wanted to.
I felt a powerful, stunning, tingling sensation when I came across the sight of the phrase "160 mph winds". Repeatedly through the extent of the message was the admonition to "pray for your family and loved ones".
All of this was a bit more than I was prepared to take-in except for the wisdom of keeping my family and loved ones in prayer. At this point, it was as if someone was standing behind me, pressing down on my shoulders, making sure that I didn't get up from my seat until I had fulfilled the prayer mandate called for in this very strange "e-prophecy".
I began prayers for the safety of my family, friends, and (much to my surprise) also for the people of my city, state, country, and the world. "What was THAT all about???", I wondered once the prayers had been offered and the pressure holding me down had subsided.
Then, just as quickly, I was re-energized and ready to go about enjoying the day.
I stopped at our mobile home park's club house to drop my clothes into a washer and then on to get my pay check and stop briefly at the bank, and to pay a utility bill before returning to put my clothes in a dryer; about an hour and a half to accomplish everything.
As I drove around, I kept an instructional tape by Deepok Chopra playing inside my truck. The Civil Defense sirens in Indy are regularly tested at 11 a.m. every Friday morning. I already knew that it was Friday, so the sudden, piercing sound of the CD sirens didn't attract my attention as it might have on any other day of the week. Then I suddenly realized that it HAD to be later than 11 a.m.!
The time was about 1:30 p.m.. I stopped the tape and switched to an AM news station. The warning from the National Weather Service was already in progress. It spoke of tornados that had just struck the suburb of Martinsville and were on the ground and rapidly coming in a straight line toward the South side of Indianapolis - my home area.
I glanced in the direction of the Southwest and was startled to see the surge of a black and purple "mountainous" cloud wall moving up from the horizon. It took about 12 minutes from that time for me to pull in my drive way to grab the coins I would need to dry my laundry. In the minute that I was in my home, the crashes of lightning began with the blast-force of falling bombs. I remembered the Webtv advisory and unplugged the unit from both sockets. Then I hopped back into the truck and drove through gushing waves of rain to the club house.
Several other of the trailer park's residents had already gathered there for the better safety of that structure's brick walls. If I hadn't had to dry my clothes, I would have no doubt ridden out the storm at home; my typical response to such weather conditions.
Almost on cue, a hurricane-force blast of wind plowed through the park at the moment I stepped inside the building. There was the usual pressurization change and rumble that one expects with a tornado. And then, incredibly, it was gone. It just wasn't there any more.
The rain continued for a few minutes as we all strained to look out the large glass windows, fully expecting to see a war-like scene of devastation just outside. What had happened to our trailer park?
A stop sign had been bent and twisted. That was all. The tornado rose back up into the sky before it could do any damage to any of our homes.
A few of us stepped outside to light a cigarette to un-jangle our nerves. The air was packed with the over-lapping sounds of multiple sirens from every type of emergency vehicle; all moving past and away from our neighborhood. We knew that whatever had just touched us had done far, far, worse to the areas 'round about.

We had, in fact, just experienced the most powerful and destructive weather event in the history of the city of Indianapolis.

It was an F-3 tornado.

It left in its wake more than $40,000,000 worth of damage.

It had completely destroyed more than 600 homes and severely damaged thousands of others; shattering more than 200 apartment units.

It had completely leveled 2 strip malls and a great number of single business structures as well as a number of churches.

It had directly hit 6 schools, all with classes in session.
One of the schools hit by the tornado was Southport Middle School (a little more than a mile from my home) where my brother works as a science teacher. Many of the windows of the building had blown out, and a few of the brick walls had collapsed. No one at the school was injured. No one at any of the schools had been injured.
In a miraculous case of Divine intervention, NO ONE in the path of the tornado had been killed, and there were no serious injuries anywhere in the city.
Parked cars, however, were not so fortunate. Most of the cars in the teachers' parking lot at Southport Middle had suffered some form of damage - except for my brother's; despite the fact that every vehicle positioned around his van HAD been damaged.
My niece had just arrived home when the tornado passed just a block to the west of their house.

All of this had transpired in the face of the storm's 160 mph winds.

160 mph winds - exactly that mentioned in the mysterious e-mail warning that I received just a few hours earlier that had been so insistent that I pray for the safety of my family and loved ones.

My only personal loss was that of my cable, phone, and Webtv service for a couple of days, all of which are up and running again.
Everything in my home is again just as it was. That is, except for that mysterious e-prophecy message. It's no longer among my e-mails. I'm sure I didn't delete it.

I guess it must have just "gone with the wind".

Begin Your Dream Project TODAY!    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Asoka Selvarajah    (all articles by this author)

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book? Or starting your own business? Or enrolling in an Art course? Or whatever?.....

If the answer is yes, then why haven't you?

Recently, I finished and launched my first major book, entitled "The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self". It was a proud moment when the whole thing was finished and available. It was an even happier moment when the very first person bought a copy!

I learned many lessons from the whole process of writing and planning a book, and carrying the process to execution. Hopefully, these lessons will inspire you to commence your own dream project today.

The biggest lesson of all is: Just DO it! Cut through the excuses and get started today. Half of finishing a project is just starting it in the first place. One of the main reasons people do not break out of their comfort zone, and commence making their dream come true, is lack of self-confidence. Too often, we are waiting for someone to descend from the sky and confer "expert" status upon us. We play down our strengths, compare ourselves to the elite in the field we wish to enter, judge ourselves unworthy, and decide that it is not even worth starting. It is better to do nothing.

The truth is that you ARE an expert in something; probably quite a lot of things. Being an expert simply means that you know more about a subject than MOST people do. It does NOT mean that you have to be the last definitive word on the matter. For example, if the qualification for writing a book about Buddhism is that you have to be an enlightened Buddha, then there would have very few writings on the subject!

Likewise, you do not have to wait until you have it all perfectly figured out to begin your dream project. You can start where you are. If you lack confidence, then give yourself some boosters by creating little successes along the way to your big goal. My book did not just jump out of me fully grown one day. Before it, there was an established ezine. Before the ezine, there was a single article that I wrote and showed to only one person. When she said it was good, I tried publishing it in some other ezines and was encouraged with the resulting acceptance. It is the same with you. Start small and give yourself little stops along the way for encouraging water to drink. But above all else, start! Once you begin your project with definiteness of purpose, it gathers its own momentum and many unseen forces come to your aid.

Making a dream project come true takes work. Do not believe otherwise. Writing a book is a grinding activity that requires time (lots of it), thought, research and sheer persistence. The discipline is all you have left at times. For instance, I set myself the goal of writing two pages every day, seven days a week. Sometimes, those two pages came fairly easily. Sometimes, they were torture. However, by first setting the goal of your dream project, and then setting mini-goals towards its achievement (e.g. two pages per day in my case), you gradually make it come true, bit by bit. Persistence with a routine also creates a momentum behind your routine.

Here is a plan I heard about recently for writing a book in 90 days. I wish I had known about it when I was starting my own. It goes like this:

First, decide what your book is going to be about. Second, write down 25 chapter headings. Third, for each chapter heading, write down titles for 4 sub-headings. For each sub-heading, write down titles for two further sub-sections. Then.....

Get writing!

Having created the structure of your book before you even begin, you make it far easier to stimulate your brain into creative action. The human brain hates incompletions. Thus, by creating a structure and getting to work to fill it, you are challenging your brain to complete all the sections and sub-sections. It will definitely do so, provided you get started in the first place.

With this structure in place, it should be fairly easy to write a couple of pages a day every day, provided you make the time for it. Certainly, it is far easier to do it this way than to try and write a book with no plan at all.

An important point is that this same process can be carried out with dream projects other than books. After all, what you are really doing with this scheme is setting a goal and then creating all the mini-goals towards its completion. Then you are setting aside time every day to spend upon that goal. Hence, you can adapt the above plan to suit your own project.

What really holds you back from even beginning your project? Are you afraid of what people might say if you fall flat on your face. Might it be that you fear that nobody will want what you have to offer? Are you "too busy" with running the house, or bringing in the money? What excuse are you using to hold you back from what you would really love to do?

Imagine a different scenario for a moment. Pretend that your book (or your Art, or your interior design business, or whatever) was a stunning success. Imagine for a moment that people flocked to you, wanting to know more about what you have to offer. See the press clamoring to interview you on radio and TV. For just a moment, imagine that what you have always dreamed of doing COULD NOT FAIL. If you like, there is a genie standing in front of you, about to grant you this one wish and make it all come true. Close your eyes and imagine this for a second.

NOW.... Say to yourself:

1) "I'll get around to it once the kids have grown up" OR
2) "Well, when the mortgage is paid off, we'll see..." OR
3) "Once I'm retired....." OR
4) "Yes, but I'm too young/old/black/white/uneducated....." OR
5) "I need to do a bit more study on the subject first..." OR
6) Whatever YOUR private excuse are!

and then walk away from it!....

Are you serious? Why would you exchange that bright future for doing the dishes, or turning up at that job you hate with absolutely no plans for a change? So, what is holding you back from starting? The answer is: your own fears and self-doubt.

If you knew in advance that you could not fail, then NOTHING would hold you back from commencing RIGHT NOW. All of the above numbered points are just excuses designed to protect you from ever taking any real risks in life. Yet, without risk, there is little or no chance of gain.

It may be less a matter of "what if I fail?" than a fear of "what if I succeed?" Some people are afraid of failure and what others might think. However, others are secretly afraid of the consequences of their own success. Either way, you are the only person creating the ceiling on how far you can go in your life.

If you have a bit of self-doubt in you, then welcome to the human race. EVERYONE who has ever achieved anything worthwhile has felt the exact same way. Yet, the key is to overcome this and begin to work on your dream now.

You just have to START, and be willing to fail a few times. The greatest successes in life have also failed more times than anyone else. Many multimillionaires have actually gone bankrupt several times prior to making their big money. Edison made several thousand failed attempts before finally inventing the electric lightbulb.

If you wish to succeed fast, then double your rate of failure. Set your goals ahead of you and go for them undaunted. If you act as if you could not fail, then you will not. In fact, do not even use the word "failure", but instead call it "feedback" towards your goal.

Give some thought to these matters. If you have not taken any serious steps towards your dream, ask yourself why not. Do you REALLY want your dream, or are you content for it to remain a fantasy? If the answer is no, then try going to work on it today. Have faith and have persistence. Be brave and be willing to fail as many times as it takes to succeed. Do all of this and the universe will do the rest to bring your dream to you faster than you can imagine.

Copyright 2002, Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.

Wizards Of Wall Street    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Asoka Selvarajah    (all articles by this author)


In my former career as an Investment Banker, I was aware of a kind of "secret society" within the world of financial market traders. Indeed, I was one of them! It is a small esoteric group of people who use arcane methods such as astrology, ancient geometry, Fibonacci number sequences, and more, to successfully forecast and trade the stock, commodity and bond markets. This article blows the lid on them and gives your readers a taste of just what is going on!

By the way, this article was read out in its entirety on the Sydney radio show "Out There" by the show host. Indeed, it sparked enough interest that I later did a 25 minute interview on a later show.

The rumors are true. Esoteric techniques ARE being used to make big money. Whether it be collapsing stocks on Wall Street, or volatile Commodity Futures, the esoteric traders are out there and growing in number.

During my eleven career in Investment Banking, my role as Technical Analyst to a number of major firms gave me the opportunity to not only hear about these secret techniques, but actually use them to advise on the investment of huge quantities of money.

What sort of esoteric methods are we talking about? Specifically, Astrology, Numerology and Sacred Geometry. Why are they still secret? Because, in the extremely conservative world of Investment Banking, they are considered highly unorthodox, and hence illegitimate. The very suspicion that such methods are definitely being used by major "responsible" banks would cause a media scandal (and has done so on at least one occasion). Even within the firm, anyone using such techniques tends to keep them secret from their seniors. The fact that such techniques work extremely well, and allow you to forecast and trade the markets in a manner possible in no other way, is not of the slightest interest.

Astrological techniques are generally used to determine future turning points - i.e. tops or bottoms - in the market being studied. However, they can also be used to determine price levels where falling prices are likely to meet support, or rising prices are likely to meet resistance to their ascent. In my own work, I tended to use a clustering approach to determine future turning points in time. In other words, where several different astrological signals all line up to the same day on daily charts, or the same week on longer-term weekly charts, it would signal a high probability turning point. All of these would then be noted in a calendar, often years in advance, which could then be consulted on a regular basis to watch for critical time periods.

Astrological natal charts are also very powerful. As with human beings, every stock or commodity is considered to have a specific date of birth. In the case of stocks, for example, this is often the incorporation date. Hence it is possible to draw up a natal chart for a stock, and then analyze what is coming up for that stock in any particular time period, just as you would for a human being.

Remarkable astrological correspondences can be seen around major financial market events. For example, it has been found that the 1929 and 1987 stock market charts look remarkably similar. Actually, this is common knowledge in the financial industry. What is not commonly known is that when moon cycles and Fibonacci numbers are considered, it is possible to demonstrate that the two charts are actually IDENTICAL. Moreover, the 1929 crash and the 1987 crash are separated by an exact number of Fibonacci lunar cycles. The person who discovered this "Spiral Calendar" phenomenon, an options trader called Chris Carolyn, put this information to use in the 1989 "mini-crash" and made so much money, he never needs to work again!

Numerology and Sacred Geometry are also used in various forms in the financial markets. One of the truly great exponents of these techniques was William D. Gann; reputed to be the greatest trader who ever lived. Anyone interested in these techniques would do well to study his books and courses.

Most of his techniques center around the circle, and divisions of the circle. Hence 360, 270, 240, 180, 144, 120, 90, 72, 60, 45 are all important numbers in the financial markets, since they are all exact fractions of a circle (e.g. 270 is 3/4 of a 360 degree circle). All of these numbers are found to be very important in studying price charts. For example, you will often find that a market makes a top exactly 90 days/weeks/months after a previous top or bottom. Astrologers know 90 degrees to be the Square aspect.

Gann made use of all sorts of strange charts that would not have looked out of place in a magician's secret chamber. For instance, the "Square of 9" chart is a number spiral that commences with 1 in the center position. The numbers 2-9 then spiral around it to form a second layer, followed by all the other numbers in successive layers, working outward and getting progressively larger. This was just one of Gann's square charts. However, he also did number sequences in hexagons, triangles, and circles. With these tools, you can plot major market turning points, and then study relationships between them, using the circular angles defined above (e.g. the price of the top formed last week is "trine (120)" to some major previous top or bottom). There are also ways of combining such charts with Astrology.

Such concepts work on longer term price charts too. Often, you will find that a market top/bottom occurs 120 months after a previous top/bottom. Yet, this also illustrates another important market geometry. After all, what is 120 months equal to? The answer is, exactly 10 years. Indeed, it is also found that markets turn on anniversary dates; ten years, five years, one year, six months etc., after a previous major turning point, etc. By looking forward on a long-term price chart from a major previous top or bottom, you will often find other major turns 5, 10, 15 years and more into the future. Indeed, Gann kept charts going back decades and, in a couple of cases (such as Wheat), centuries!

In contrast to these TIME turning points, it is also possible to determine important PRICE levels where the market has a high probability of stopping and forming a top or bottom. The simplest method by far is to determine the midpoint between a previous recent major top and bottom. This midpoint will then form a support or resistance to the price action. Hence, it is possible to mark this point in advance on the chart, and watch to see when the price reaches it. If it starts to turn at this price level (especially if we have a turning point in time as well, as discussed above), then a potential trade is possible. There are many other techniques, besides the "50% retracement" method just described, for determining key price levels.

In truth, there are a huge number of powerful techniques available in both price and time. With these, it is possible to be well prepared for anything the market might do. Indeed, there are many traders who work 100% with these techniques ALONE, and have no idea what is happening in the so-called "real world". They do not watch CNN; they do not care what the economists are forecasting; it does not matter to them who the US/UK are bombing this month. All that matters is the price action, and what their esoteric indicators and signals are telling them. You may be surprised to hear that many of these traders do extremely well indeed.

The valuable lesson to draw from all of this is that esoteric technology has many practical applications that are actually measurable in a quantitative manner. The same divine symmetries enshrined in the pyramids and temples of Ancient Egypt are alive and active in the world today, in ways that still defy exact scientific explanation. Hence, the esoteric numbers and ratios, discovered and revered millennia ago, truly are present in all aspects of our world.

Copyright 2002, Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.
Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is the author of "The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self". Subscribe to his FREE ezine (and get a FREE e-book when you do!) to learn easy and powerful strategies for your spiritual and personal transformation. Discover how to achieve your life dreams. Visit his website at:

Death's Fleeting Love    (view on a separate page) (more articles about literature)
Author: Cody Boyde    (all articles by this author)

Passionate hearts, deadly minds
Hands, teeth, and eyes that hurt
Of their own kind
The passion of lovers, one dead, one alive
The night is lonesome cover, cold hands and a warm mouth
The cascade of live red wine
In each other's arms
As the moon does during midnight, his unearthly eyes shine
Lust swarms and overwhelms
Hands, cold, hands fighting, hands exploring
Searching for warmth gone for a century
Within their passion, love will end in mourning, and by morning
There is more to death than a lonesome grave in a cemetery


Death brings life, and life brings Death
Despite the essence of the gory
This is my immortal Amore

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