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Opening Words - The Journey

Author: Erik S.    (all articles by this author)
Published on: November 1, 2002

Alex asked me to recap the journey from the time of my first writing [ "Prometheus Elucidation", PXN#17, June 19, 1999] to the most recent submission as of late. The road I walked in that frame of time raised many questions as to the why, who, and how, I was living out in the grass plains of southern Alberta, Canada, small little nowheresville, where things had not worked out well for me and the writing was on the wall that it was time to move on, I was needed elsewhere (felt as a silent force pushing me to go), I traveled back to the central interior; while hitchhiking I met a variety of people, the most profound person that sticks out in my mind was a portly fellow who gave me a ride south closer to the border with the States.

He basically said, "We walk the path born unto us, as we made the decision with God that the path we choose is the one we need to be on to learn, understand and know how to be of the greatest help to our fellow beings and in turn be of help to ourselves". I had to reflect upon it awhile, for it to ring true, to cause the realization that I am no different in thought or form than anyone else. When we bleed we all bleed red. Even now I look at people and I see myself within them as part of them are within me.

I eventually stopped in a quaint town about an hour's drive from the States, and unfortunately met some not so very nice people (I don't really want to elaborate, as I'm sure the reader can surmise the inclination here), subsequently I had to leave as it was evident that it was not the place for me to be. The next town I moved to I met some interesting characters, one of which was a philosopher and teacher of sorts. From him I learnt the value of being true to one's self (Inner self) and to acknowledge the necessity of harmony between the external and the internal, without which we will continue to be lost, searching for the meanings of the why's, how's and who's and have no hope to ever answering such questions if we don't stop to examine ourselves our actions and our ways of doing things (most of which cause harm in one fashion or another to others, lest we think before we speak and act as to be aware of them as we are just as aware of ourselves). Needless to say I'm proud to have met and gotten to know him. Since that time I have moved once more to central Alberta and reside in one of its major cities, I continue this quest for understanding to achieve the highest level of peace from both within and from the outside of myself, and to be of assistance to any and all that I can be of service to, I do this unconditionally as it needs to be. Forgive me if this record of my travels seems somewhat broken, most I am recapping from memory and do not wish to lose the essence of what was important for me too learn while on such a journey. It is my hope that in turn you the reader learn from me, and as such the understanding continues to grow within each of us, I do stop by the Project X site often to read what you have to say, there are many of you who, like me, see more than just the world in front of you and that which is beneath your feet. Never end your journey for the sake of someone else telling you it's foolishness or that your wasting your time, as the only fool is one who doesn't look beyond his front door to the world as a whole and neither is it stupid, as to know yourself is to know all others which in the end means the difference to living in peace and living in strife. Be well, my brothers and sisters, may we all live in peace and harmony one day soon.

Your brother,


Originally published in Project X Newsletter #79

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