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Death's Fleeting Love

Author: Cody Boyde    (all articles by this author)
Published on: November 1, 2002

Passionate hearts, deadly minds

Hands, teeth, and eyes that hurt

Of their own kind

The passion of lovers, one dead, one alive

The night is lonesome cover, cold hands and a warm mouth

The cascade of live red wine

In each other's arms

As the moon does during midnight, his unearthly eyes shine

Lust swarms and overwhelms

Hands, cold, hands fighting, hands exploring

Searching for warmth gone for a century

Within their passion, love will end in mourning, and by morning

There is more to death than a lonesome grave in a cemetery


Death brings life, and life brings Death

Despite the essence of the gory

This is my immortal Amore

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #79

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